Hall Decoration Ideas To Spruce Up Your Entryway

Whether your hallway is an entryway or is connecting bedrooms, it deserves the same treatment you give the rest of your house. Hallways are important rooms in your house, especially if it’s the first room that people see.

There are dozens of ways you can spruce up your hallway with hall decorations. But these are likely the most effective and none of them require any remodeling or construction at all. So you can do it all yourself!

Add Some Color

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Via Michelle Bitter Designs

Adding some color to your hallway is one of the first things you should consider. Color can make someone feel welcome and add an easy personality to any room. You can use home decor to make your hall pop with little pieces of you.

Or, even better, you can paint one, or both walls. To make your hall feel longer, leave the top half white and paint the bottom a solid color. This can add faux length to your hallway and make it feel less cramped. In larger hallways, add multiple full-sized rugs. 

Fancify Your Mirrors

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Via Pegasus Builders Inc.

All hallways should have mirrors. Whether they are entryways or other hallways, a mirror is important. They can make one feel more comfortable as they can let you freshen up every time you walk through.

Mirrors also have the ability to make an area look bigger. They reflect light and open a space up. Glass of any kind can do that, but mirrors are exceptional because they also reflect the other wall, giving the illusion of extra space.  

Patterned Walls

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Patterned walls may not help with extra space, but they can add a lot of personality to a room. The walls don’t have to be loud either, they can be mild and sweet. A little wallpaper or decals can take a hall from 0 to 100 in no time.

The best part is that there are so many options available. You can DIY or choose a wallpaper that is easy to put up. Wallpaper isn’t expensive in small amounts and you can get any pattern that you want. You can even choose a solid color. 

Sitting Area

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A sitting area can give a hallway purpose. All you need are two chairs or a small bench. Make sure the chairs are fairly comfortable and that there is entertainment available. This is especially important if you leave guests waiting.

Even if the sitting area is just for the homeowners, it can be useful. Who doesn’t want an extra sitting area? It always comes in handy when you have a large family, with people always looking for privacy. 

Shoe Seat

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Image found on Jenny Keenan Design.

A shoe seat can be very important. If you have an entryway, it’s important to have somewhere for guests, and family members, to take their shoes off. They need to sit comfortably, especially older guests.

Along with a seat, a designated shelf for shoes is important. It will encourage guests to take their shoes off if that’s something that’s important to you. Leave a quirky sign to invite them to leave their shoes. 

Paint The Doors

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Via Caldwell & Johnson Custom Builders & Remodelers

If you want to leave the walls a neutral color, you can always paint the doors a different color. Either paint the front door interior a nice, bright color or paint the bedroom doors a bright color. Depending on the type of hall you have. 

You can also just paint the doorframes a different color for a smaller pop. Doors are a great way to spruce up any room. You can even replace original doors with ones that are fancier or more intricate. 

Coffee Cart

Image found on Jill Dinkel.

If you have children running around, this isn’t ideal. But if you don’t, a coffee cart can add a lot to any room. A coffee cart always stocked can be very welcoming. It’s a good idea to have a coffee area way from the main kitchen area anyway.

There’s no better place to have one than in the hallway. Guests can serve themselves. Add a mini-fridge for milk and creamers for an even better experience. Keurigs are also the way to go for single-serve instant coffee. 

Play With Lighting

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Via MacMillan Pace

Lighting is important. I mean that in two ways. It’s important to have good lighting to make a room bright and balanced. But it’s also important to have lighting that speaks to you. Boring lights are fine, but why not make it even better?

Get standing lights, ceiling lights, or even table lights for a great upgrade. Or, get wall sconces in a style that suits you for a truly remarkable light show as you walk through the hall. Play around and find what works.

Coat Rack

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Via Menendez Architects PC

Every entryway needs a coat rack. Guests feel awkward when they walk into a house and there’s nowhere to hang their coat or hat. So have a corner one or one that’s attached to the wall for the best usage of space.

You can even get fancy with it by building your own or buying one with a little personality. Remember, DIY doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be easy and fun. A DIY coat rack is a great idea, and it’s easy to make.


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Image from Jenny Keenan Design.

Bookshelves can go in any room, and we do mean any! But there’s something special about having one in the hallway. You can add a chair for reading and add a throw blanket on it for the perfect reading nook.

You can also simply use the bookshelf for the appearance and sophistication it gives a room. Make sure if it is for practical use, that there is a sign letting guests know that they should feel free to grab a book when they wait. 

Family Photos

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Via Hayasa Flooring Design

Adding family photos can keep a hallway from looking drab and boring. They can make a home look like it’s actually lived in. That’s what we all really want. A warm home that’s inviting and makes people want to visit more often. 

Make sure the frames are high-end or at least look high-end. This way, the warmth of the family photos are met with the sophistication of nice frames. This balance can tie together your hallway perfectly. 

Harry Potter Cubby

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Via Stebnitz Builders

If your hallway has a stairwell, you can’t resist adding a cubby underneath the stairs. You can add a reading nook, a playroom, or just a storage space. An extra “room” can add a lot to a hallway, and under a stairway is wasted space if not utilized. 

Make sure to dress it up with attractive colors and even wallpaper. It should be a cozy spot no matter what you do with it. Add throw blankets. Even if it’s used as an adorable doggy house. Which is a fantastic idea! 

Durable, Attractive Flooring

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Via Divine Custom Homes

Having pretty flooring is a must no matter which room you are decorating. But when adding flooring to your hallway, you should make sure that it’s also durable. Any type of flooring can be durable if finished out correctly. 

The reason that hallway flooring is extra important is that halls get a lot of traffic. You walk through them multiple times a day and the entire hallway is walked on, not just the center. So make sure the floor will last. 

Plants To Add Life

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Image from Tom Roberston Architects

Plants should be added to every room in your house. A hallway is no exception. Plants add so much life to a room that it’s tempting to add them wherever you can. There are a lot of plants to choose from, so this guide might help you.

Choosing green plants will give a natural look while colorful plants will add vibrancy. Green is a safe choice, so if you’re unsure, pick a nice green plant that’s easy to care for. If you have a green thumb, add as many as you please. 

Add A Runner

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Iamge from here.

Although carpet isn’t ideal for a hallway, a runner can be. Add one down the middle in a neutral color. You can pick a soft pattern or a solid color that matches the other decor. Try not to over do it though.

Neutural colors don’t have to be black, white, or grey. Navy, soft burgundy, and other colors like them can be neutral. The point is that the color itself doesn’t draw attention. People will notice the runner without it being a bright color.