13 Modern Shower Designs to Transform Your Bathroom

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom and add a modern shower design? That would be a perfect time to add a walk-in shower to the space. After all, all the modern bathrooms have one.

modern shower

Walk-in showers are sleek, stylish, space-efficient, and on top of that, they’re convenient and user-friendly too. Not convinced it’s the right choice for you? Perhaps these beautiful modern shower designs can convince you.

Modern Shower Designs

Modern Shower Designs

Want to upgrade your shower without remodeling? It’s the little things that make a difference.

Here are some little things you can change in your shower to make a big difference.

Modern Shower Curtains

Modern Shower Curtains

Replacing your old shower curtain with a new one will make your shower feel brand new.

Use durable fabrics and choose a color or style that you love.

mid century shower curtain

Mid century modern shower curtains like this one, are bright and add a splash of color and design to your bathroom. Shower curtains are one of the few places you can add personality to the bathroom. And it’s one of the cheapest ways to totally change the bathroom’s look and feel. 

Modern Shower With a Bench

shower with a black bench

Adding a bench to your shower can enhance the look and increase the functionality of your shower. A shower bench is great for storing items like shampoos and sponges. Seating in your shower can provide a foot rest for shaving, easier washing, and can expand your showers purpose.

Modern Shower Heads

Modern Shower Heads

Another way to slightly change the look of your shower is to change the shower head. New shower heads are not only more efficient, but they’re also more stylish. They’re also budget friendly, provide better water pressure, and include a wide range of features. A new shower head can add a splash to your existing bathroom decor.

Modern Shower Doors

Modern Shower Doors

Now, if you’re planning to redesign your shower completely, transform it with a new shower door.

Types of Shower Doors

  • Frameless doors
  • Trackless doors
  • Pivot doors
  • Hinged doors
  • Neo-Angle door
  • Bi-Fold door
  • Curved shower door
  • Glass doors
    • Frosted
    • Tinted

Modern Shower Ideas

Take a walk into these luxury shower inspirations. 

White Marble Shower

glass modern shower

There are many cool ways to make a modern shower look stylish. For example, this one has a marble wall that matches the vanity.

Minimalist Walk-In Shower

walk in shower

Or what about this minimalist walk-in shower that is white from top to bottom? Its walls and floor are white, and the enclosure is transparent, giving it a very sleek look.

Elegant Brown

How to tile a bathroom surround

Since modern showers usually have glass enclosures and minimalist designs, they look great in any color. Check out this dark bathroom interior. Isn’t it elegant?

Modern Shower Bench

modern shower with a bench

Sure, a walk-in shower can be very space-efficient if you want it to be, but you also have the option of a large and spacious shower, like this one. It has a bench, accent lighting and a sophisticated design overall.

Modern Bathroom Shower

shower with black trim

We love walk-in glass showers. The transparent ones allow the bathroom to look spacious and open, even if they’re small. They also look beautiful in any context.

Tinted Shower

tinted modern shower

If you prefer at least a little bit of privacy in your bathroom when you’re taking a shower, opt for colored or opaque glass. You could pick a color that matches the rest of your color palette.

Contemporary Shower

How to tile a bathroom surround

Don’t forget to personalize and to accessorize your modern walk-in shower. You can do that with some custom wallpaper and paint its walls. You can install tiles on them and the floor. And add shelves, a bench, and other features.

Add a Waterfall

How to tile a bathroom surround

Speaking of custom showers and cool designs, check out this horizontal shower. That’s right, it’s horizontal. You don’t stand up while taking a shower; you lie down.

Walk-In Shower With No Door

shower with no doors

Another exciting concept is an open walk-in shower. This one only has a separator between it and the toilet. It maintains a very open and airy look throughout the bathroom.

Shower Shelves

How to tile a bathroom surround

Customization can also come in the form of a shelving unit outside of the shower. It can be handy to keep a few towels there plus some toiletries and other necessities.

Modern Walk-In Shower

How to tile a bathroom surround

Of course, a cool shower head can work too. You can use it to give your shower a particularly modern look. Combined with other features, it can stand out incredibly.

Single Panel Shower

How to tile a bathroom surround

Maybe you could enclose your modern shower with a single panel and leave it open on one side or even two. It all depends on the layout of your bathroom and, of course, on your own preferences.

Large Modern Shower

large modern walk in shower

A modern shower might even look like this one with benches, small tables, and cool accent lighting. Isn’t it exquisite? Of course, it’s pretty big so it won’t fit in any regular bathroom. You might have to give up a few things.

Modern Shower Tile Ideas

shower tile design

If you’re installing a shower, changing the tile design can modernize your entire bathroom. 

Whether you’re going for symmetry or abstract, there’s tile ideas for every shower. 

How to Tile a Bathroom Shower

How to Tile a Bathroom Shower

Tiling your shower is no easy job, but if done right, you can finish it in just a few days!

Tile Your Bathroom Shower Step-by-Step

  1. Prep your work area by removing shower hardware and begin removing the wall.
  2. Use a shop vac to clean up the dust and broken tile.
  3. Then mask up to prep the wall with panels of cement backer board.
  4. Cut holes where the shower fixtures will be and attach the board to the studs.
  5. Once it’s secure, go ahead and seal the edges with tile caulk.
  6. Then, align your starting point and mix up the mortar.
  7. Spread the mortar across your first row and press the tile firmly but gently into the mortar.
  8. Cut tiles as needed to fit in place.
  9. And finally, grout the tile. 

And that’s how to remodel a bathroom shower.

Modern Shower FAQ

How to Clean Shower Doors

Hard water stains and soap scum can make your whole bathroom look unclean.

Over time, these things build up, making your once beautiful see-through shower doors cloudy and foggy.

Clean up your showers doors by:

  1. Pour one part warmed distilled vinegar with four parts in a spray bottle.
  2. Then, mist your shower doors and let the solution sit for five minutes.
  3. After that, scrub the doors with a soft bristle brush or sponge to remove the scum.
  4. Rinse with warm water.
  5. And repeat for problematic areas. 

A few additional tips for cleaning shower doors:

  • Never use an abrasive scouring pad or sponge. It will scratch and damage your doors.
  • Chemically cleaning products will work too. Vinegar is more Eco-friendly.
  • Sticking to a consistent cleaning shower will prevent hard stains and buildup.
  • Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from chemicals.

How to Clean Shower Door Tracks

Once you’ve washed your shower doors, you’ll want to clean the door tracks.

The process for this is similar to the door but goes as follows:

  1. First, pour vinegar and water into a spray bottle. 
  2. Next, spray the tracks and let the solution sit for three to five minutes.
  3. Scrub the tracks with a toothbrush or grout brush.
  4. Then, thoroughly rinse the tracks.
  5. And finally, dry with a microfiber towel.

Can You Add a Shower To a Half Bathroom

A half bathroom, by definition, is a bathroom with a toilet and a sink.

Therefore, adding a shower or bathtub to the bathroom is no longer considered a half bathroom.

However, you can add a shower to your half bathroom to turn it into a full bathroom.

Transform Your Bathroom with There Modern Shower Ideas

Walk-in showers are an excellent choice for bathrooms of all sizes. Add a little luxury to your every day with these inspiring shower designs.