17 Creative Ideas For Repurposing An Old Piano

The piano, just like most musical instruments, is a work of art. Everything needs to be perfect if you want the sound to be beautiful. This requires great precision and skill. But when a piano is old and no can no longer be used for playing, what can you do with it? You can’t just throw it away. It would be a shame to do that considering how beautiful the piece is.

Turn an old piano into a bar


A nice idea would be to repurpose the piano. This way you get to keep it in your home and you can also make it useful again. There are many great ideas you can try. For example, turn it into a cocktail bar and surround it with fresh green plants for a nice effect.


You would have to make a few small adjustments and you can also give it a fresh coat of paint if you want to. Then the piano will become a beautiful accent piece for the living room. You can add a bottom shelf for storage as well as a rack for glasses above the shelf. Cover the keys with a glass top so you can use this as a prep surface.


There are many other great ways in which you can customize an old piano if you want to turn it into a bar. You can choose to keep most of it intact in order to preserve the character and charm but you can also take the piano apart and give it a more radical makeover.

Use it in the office


Another great idea can be to repurpose an old piano into a desk for your home office. The transformation can be as complex as you want it to be. You can add storage drawers and shelves to the new desk and have it customized to serve as a computer desk.

This is a simpler transformation which practically coverts the piano into a table with a sinuous and irregular shape. You can remove the keys or keep them for display. Apart from that, you’d be able to use the piano as you would any other table.

Or in the garage


If there’s no place or an old piano in your living room or home office, then perhaps you could use it in the garage. You could have the piano customized to serve as a storage unit for your tools. Have a pegboard installed on the back panel and add some hooks for your screwdrivers and other things.

Make a piano wall shelf


An old piano can also make a wonderful wall shelf. One of the options in this case is to flip it vertically so it stays flush with the wall. You’ll have to hollow it out and make room for the shelves. The keys can stay. Just make sure it’s secure on the wall. Being so heavy, it would make a mess if it falls down.


An alternative, if you prefer something smaller and simpler, is to cut the piano and only use the front piece. Turn it into a wall-mounted shelf or even into a console table. You could have framed photos or collectibles displayed on it.

Repurpose an old piano into a garden planter


If you absolutely want to get this thing out of your home, perhaps you could find a place for it in the garden. It could be repurposed into a planter and it would look really beautiful, artistic even. There’s really no need to make any modifications to it.


Have your new piano planter placed somewhere beautiful, like beneath a large tree or by a pond. It would make a unique accent piece and focal point for the garden and you can take a chair there and sit down, relax and meditate from time to time.


Obviously, it’s possible to customize the piano in a lot of ways if you plan to take it outside. One idea is to paint it to make it match the surroundings. You should also seal it to protect it against humidity and rain. You can also fill it with succulent plants and decorate it with a colorful mosaic.


A piano planter would also look nice without the top cover. Sure, it would be missing something but this way you could make better use of the interior and have taller plants in there. You can also raise the piano on a platform to make it stand out more.


It’s up to you to decide where and how to organize the plants inside a repurposed piano. A cute idea is to have fresh grass grow between the keys. Of course, this also depends on the type of piano you have, its condition, size, etc.

Have the piano surrounded by other plants and flowers and make it look natural in your garden or yard. The plants that grow inside it can either match those around or can be different, featuring a contrasting color or standing out in other ways.

Or make a piano waterfall


In addition to having the old piano turned into a planter for your garden, you can also turn it into a beautiful water feature. Water can fall down between the keys into a pond and flowers and plants can grow on top. Assuming the piano is old and in bad shape, you can have fun with it and stop worrying about water damage and other such things.


This sort of combo is wonderful if you already have a pool, pond or some other water feature in your garden or on your property. The piano can become an accent feature meant to enhance the beauty of the landscape around it or highlight a certain element present there.


If you think the plants can’t handle that much water, you can have them placed in pots. There’s also another idea you can try: turning the piano into a fountain in addition to serving as a waterfall. Add a poetic quote to make things even better.