Impart A New Look To Your Home Using Animal Print Accents

Color and pattern are two important elements to take into consideration whenever you want to add a fresh vibe to your home’s décor. But the usual prints and designs can get boring with time so perhaps you should consider something a little more wild, perhaps animal print accents.

Luxury living room that incorporate animal prints

Animal prints are highly versatile. They can be mixed and matched with basically any type of furniture, whether it’s traditional or contemporary. The most interesting thing about them is the fact that they’re actually considered neutral accents. They can be used in combination with any color.

Zebra ottoman coffee tableView in gallery

There’s actually a very large variety of animal prints to choose from, not just the typical fur and black and white stripes. They’re one of those features that never goes out of style completely.

Think on zebra stairs carpetView in gallery

One of the easier ways to introduce animal prints into a space is with a rug or carpet. A great idea for any room of the house.

Zebra armchairsView in gallery

Other accent pieces can be cushions, throw pillows, table runners and linens or chair covers and upholstery.

Zebra powder room wallView in gallery

You could also pick a wall in the room and highlight it with animal print wallpaper. But make sure you don’t overdo it. It’s easy to get carried away with these vibrant accents.