How To Design A Mirror That Perfectly Suits Your Entryway

Every space inside a home has a set of classic accessories which have to be there regardless of what style you choose. In the case of the entryway, that accessory is the wall mirror. Every home has one, whether it’s a rustic cottage or a contemporary mansion. But how do you decide which type of mirror would look best in your entryway? Sometimes you get lucky and you find the right design in the first store you enter. Other times you have to take matters into your own hands and build the mirror yourself.




Actually, cutting the mirror to the right size and shape is the easy part. What’s more challenging is figuring out where to place it and how to display it. If you’re good at building things, you could make a frame with an attached shelf for the mirror. You’ll have to come up with a design firms and then to take care of the little details.

Entryway mirror makeover

Finding the right mirror for your entryway is sometimes quite a challenge. In some cases you won’t find it in a big store but rather in a small antique shop or at a garage sale. This strategy can be used if you want a mirror with a rustic or vintage look. After you find what you were looking for, in this case an organizer mirror, you sand it down and then you paint or stain it. We found this chic makeover on tattooedmartha.

secret compartment jewelry case

Some designs are more complex. For example, the mirror featured on sawdust2stitches also offers a secret storage compartment for jewelry. This is actually a very interesting and inspiring idea. You could add such a feature to your mirror as well. You could also include other useful features customize to suit your particular needs.

Gold mirror makeover

But what if you don’t need any shelves or storage compartments on your mirror? The easiest thing to do would be to just incorporate it in a frame and mount it on the wall. In case you’re worried that would be too simple and boring, check out thehomesteady to see how you can customize the frame with gold leaf.

Leaning mirror diy

The mirror doesn’t necessarily have to be mounted to the wall. You can also choose to let it lean on the wall casually and, this way, to allow yourself more flexibility, being able to change the mirror’s placement if and when desired. If you want to see how such a design would look like, you can have a look at the colorful mirror frame featured on plasteranddisaster.

Triangle DIY mirror

Not everyone wants a big mirror for their entryway. Some prefer a small one like the chic one featured on almostmakesperfect. Its triangular shape makes it stand out and the thin frame offers it an elegant look. You could make something similar yourself using some wood pieces, a saw, a mirror, glue and clamps. After you decide on a size, you can put together the frame and cut the mirror.

DIY round mirror frame

The shape of the mirror is an important detail to take into consideration. It can be dictated by external factors such as the décor surrounding the mirror or the size and shape of the space you want to place it in. A circular mirror can look great just about anywhere. You can have a round frame built for it, similar to the one on build-basic.

sisal rope circle rope

Here’s a simple and fun way to make a frame for a round mirror. You have to cut out a cardboard circle larger than the mirror. Glue the mirror to it at the center. Then start wrapping sisal rope around the mirror, securing it with hot glue all the way around. We found this inspiring idea on makinghomebase.

Woodn rectangular mirror

Rectangular mirrors are the most common. They suit a lot of styles and they’re also easy to find in stores. If you can find a framed one, you can customize it to make it suit your entryway. It can be a simple cosmetic makeover only focusing on the color and finish of the frame or it can a more complex transformation.{found on beckhamandbelle}