How To Decorate Your Kitchen Using Victorian Elements

Instead of seeing the kitchen as a purely utilitarian space full off appliances and big furniture, think of it as more than that and take the time to come up with a unique design, one that has character. Perhaps a few Victorian details would be to your liking. A Victorian kitchen is austere and functional but it’s also the space that always stands out.

A kitchen table and island in one design.

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In a Victorian kitchen, the kitchen table was the equivalent of the kitchen island in modern times. It sat at the center of the room and was the main work area. Today, you could opt for a design that combines the functionality of the kitchen island with the elegance of the dining table.

Practical wall finishes.

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Wall finishes would have to be durable if you wish the décor to look authentic. Choose simple and practical designs and a backsplash that can take the wear and tear. Subway tiles would make a lovely choice.

An efficient layout.

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For an authentic look, the kitchen should have a central workspace. That is most often the kitchen table. The base level can feature simple cupboards and the upper area is the perfect place for open shelving. A layout like this one would be efficient and functional.

The sink and its accessories.

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The sink is Victorian kitchens back in the day was located in the scullery which no longer exists today. However, you can still preserve some of the original elements. For example, the sink usually had an open plate rack above it which could also be a useful feature today.

Good lighting.

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Lighting was very important in Victorian kitchen as it is today in modern kitchens. Of course, back then most kitchens were in the basement. Task lighting should be simple and practical, located over the central workspaces. Adjustable light fixtures would be a very nice detail.