How to Decorate Slanted Ceilings

Slanted ceilings, like those in an attic or bungalow, can be tricky to decorate. You can’t really treat them like walls because hanging artwork and other decorations isn’t as simple. But you don’t necessarily just want to treat them like normal ceilings because they take up more visual space and can be interesting if done correctly. So here are a few ways you can make your slanted ceilings stand out and work for your home.


Fabric Canopies.


Fabric is a great material for slanted ceilings because it creates a cozy canopy effect when draped from the top of the ceiling to the wall. Since slanted ceilings are most often found in top floor bedrooms, this method is perfect for the space right over a bed, but it can also work for a cozy sitting area as well.

Complement a Statement Wall.

statement wall

Making use of a slanted ceiling doesn’t necessarily have to mean adding decorations to the ceiling itself. You can simply use the walls in the room to really emphasize the unique architectural detail. By adding a distinct paint color or a lot of art to the wall where both ceilings come to a point, it can really draw attention to the slanted ceiling without actually decorating the ceiling itself.

Two-Tone Paint.


Plain white paint is often used for regular ceilings, but it can seem a little too plain when your ceiling takes up so much more of the wall space in your room. Instead, consider a different color of paint that complements your walls, like a lighter shade of the wall color or even a slightly darker one for a more dramatic effect.

Wood Planks or Panels.

wood ceiling
Slanted ceilings living room
Slanted ceilings living room

Exposed wood ceilings are pretty common in attics and other rooms with slanted ceilings. And they’re great for showing off the historic or unique details of your home. But even if your ceilings don’t already feature these details, you can add them to emulate the effect.

Cover With Art.

Slanted ceilings living room

The obvious option you have for your slanted ceilings is to decorate them how you would a wall. Secure both ends of a frame to display art or create a gallery wall, or even cover with wallpaper or subtle pieces like book pages for an all-over effect.

Slanted ceilings living room

Slanted ceilings can make decorating a room either more fun or much more difficult. The tips above should make the experience of decorating your attic or top floor bedroom a little easier and hopefully will result in a more unique and stylish finished product.

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