The Inspiration You Need For Building Your Own Wine Rack

Unlike other home accessories, wine racks don’t offer a lot of diversity in terms of designs and styles, although there are plenty of options to choose from. Nevertheless, it turns out that DIY wine racks are often the most interesting and appreciated ones. They’re easily customizable and pretty easy to make. In addition, you can come up with lots of interesting and unique designs which specifically match your home’s décor and your personal preferences.

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If you prefer simple and clean designs with just the right amount of charm, have a look at the wine rack featured on camillestyles. It’s made out of a wooden plank and it’s really beautiful. If you want to make something similar you’ll require a drill press that drills at an angle and a 1.25” bit plus some sandpaper. Cut the plank to the desired length and then mark where the holes will be drilled. Drill the holes for the bottles and sand the piece to make it smooth. You can then paint or stain the plank and mount it on a wall with brackets.

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Another easy-to-make wine rack design can be found on cambriawines. This time the design is a little bit rustic. To make a similar wine rack you’ll need a wood board, some manila rope, a power drill with a ½” spade bit, sandpaper, wood stain and a brush or sponge, a hot glue gun and brad nails. After you cut the board, sand down the edges and then drill 10holes on each side of the board. Sand the holes. Then stain the board and add the rope. Insert it through the holes, glue the edges to prevent fraying and then secure the ends to the board with nails.

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If you’re not exactly a wine connoisseur but you still enjoy an occasional glass of wine now and then, you could use a small wine rack like the one featured on themerrythought. The materials needed for the project include birch plywood, a scroll saw, a drill, three dowels, wood glue, four thin strip of leather and a sewing machine. Cut the plywood in two sections to make the frame. Drill six holes in the plywood and then insert the dowels and glue them in place. Fold the leather strips and sew along the edges, making the loops for the dowels to fit through.

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On abubblylife you’ll find a tutorial showing you how to make a copper and leather wine rack with a nice industrial look. It was made using ½” copper tubing, copper tees, copper elbows and faux leather. Cutting the copper tubing was the hardest part. Once all the pieces were cut and prepared you can start putting the frame together using the tees and elbows. You can spray paint it if you want. After that, cut the leather and secure it to the frame with snaps. If they don’t match the frame, spray paint them.

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Another copper wine rack is featured on lovecreatecelebrate. This one is designed to be attached to the underside of a cabinet. As always, the first step of the project involves cutting the copper pipes. Then you build the actual wine rack using the usual copper tees and elbows. You should measure the space under the cabinet and decide how long you want the rack to be. This will help you figure out how many bottles it can hold.

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PVC pipes are also an option and they can be successfully used to build an industrial wine rack. The 4” pipes should be just right, being big enough for regular wine bottles to fit in. cut a few sections and sand the edges. Then just glue them all together. You can experiment with a few combinations before you find the right look. Once you’re done with this part, you can spray paint the wine rack and customize it however you want. You’ll find more details about the project on uncookiecutter.

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If you prefer to work with wood, you can choose a design that’s simple and a little bit rustic, just like the one on shanty-2-chic. This one is made out of a wood plank that serves as the back support and few smaller wood pieces used as shelves. They can be labeled if desired. Hex bolts were used to help keep the bottles on the shelves. To get that distressed look, stain the wood and then lightly sand the edges.

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The project featured on blog.kj is very simple and only requires a few things like a wood board, large framing nails, a drill and a hammer. First a bunch of small holes are drilled in the board. Then the long nails are hammered in place, piercing through the front. If you want, you can add a back support or you can just let the rack lean against a wall.

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On the other hand, what better way to upcycle a used wine box than into a simple wine rack? The transformation is really simple. Take the box and paint it or stain it. You’ll also need to paint or stain two pieces of wood that will be placed inside the box to divide it into four sections. That’s the whole project. Find out more about it on myanythingandeverything.