Old Country House Remodeled Into A Contemporary Home

It’s always interesting to see a house that celebrates old and new equally well. It’s usually the case with remodeled spaces that stay true to their history but also embrace the present. This house in Lucca, Italy, is one of those.

Renovated country house in Lucca brick walls

Originally an old country house, the structure was renovated and updated by MIDE architetti, a studio that shows a particular interest in the simplicity of lines and pays a lot of attention to the little details and the choice of materials.

Renovated country house in Lucca exterior walls
Renovated country house in Lucca arched windows

The team has great experience in reinterpreting the traditional architecture and translating it into a new design all while making the project environmentally friendly and sustainable. Every house they build or remodel is designed in relation to the site, the surroundings and the location in general.

Renovated country house in Lucca pool and deck
Renovated country house in Lucca large pool

This Italian country house was originally built in 1887. It was well integrated into the countryside and even after the renovation it manages to retain a lot of the original features and typical characteristics of all the houses in the area and from that period.

Renovated country house in Lucca view of the pool from inside

The site on which the house was built is nested between gentle slopes. The hilly landscape is sprinkled with oak trees and chestnuts and those present on the site were preserved and integrated into the new design. That’s how the poolside deck got to be built around the existing trees.

Renovated country house in Lucca dining area
Renovated country house in Lucca dining area decor

The trees are a pleasant view and also offer shade for the poolside loungers. They also maintain a fresh and green décor and ambiance around the house. They look lovely in combination with the house’s exposed brick walls and stone.

Renovated country house in Lucca leather sectional

The architects focused on preserving and enhancing the elements that are original to the site and typical to the local architecture, hence the choice of materials which includes brick, stone and wood for the most part.

Renovated country house in Lucca walls and hallway
Renovated country house in Lucca plaster walls and staircase

Everything was revised in a contemporary way and although some of the elements were kept intact they now integrate well into the new design and décor. The construction techniques and solutions were also adapted to suit the history of the house and the location.

Renovated country house in Lucca kitchen black decor

The exterior of the house was intentionally kept mostly intact in order to preserve and enhance the history and charm of the building. The interior, on the other hand, suffered a bunch of changes, all within the set boundaries.

Renovated country house in Lucca bedroom decor

Natural plaster was manually applied in order to give the walls this unique irregular surface. The ceilings were bleached for a more bright and fresh look. The rooms were decorated with leather furniture, modern lighting fixtures and lots of wood. This allowed the designers to create a warm and comfortable ambiance throughout the house.

Renovated country house in Lucca bathroom black decor

The atmosphere is refined and sophisticated even though the decorations and furnishings were kept simple. Their classical charm and beauty and the wonderful combination of materials and textures contribute to the lovely ambiance and décor.

Renovated country house in Lucca bathroom patterns

The color palette is muted and based on neutral colors. The designers mostly tried to put an emphasis on the materials and their natural beauty rather than create focal points through artificial colors and unusual forms.

Renovated country house in Lucca bathroom wood decor

The house also has an adjacent cottage which was also renovated using contemporary materials and simple and timeless colors. It has a space with a large tub and a wooden sauna.

Renovated country house in Lucca sauna interior

One of the most notable features is the pool which occupies most of the backyard. It’s large and simple, with a wooden deck built around the old olive trees. It integrates well into the surroundings, just like everything else about the house.

Renovated country house in Lucca sauna walls

This is a home that celebrates the old and the new without necessarily emphasizing either one of them. Harmony and balance define the space and this makes everything about this house really charming.