A house duo in Mauritius by Rethink Studio

A private client turned to Rethink Studio when he wanted to make some changes to his current home. The client was the owner of an old stone stables located in Pereybere, Mauritius. He wanted to make some alterations and additions to that structure. There was also an adjacent concrete house that the client wanted to completely demolish. The plan was to make room for two separate structures.

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This project was completed in 2011 and the result was the creation of two houses. One covers an area of approximately 250 square meters while the other one is slightly smaller and covers an area of only 200 square meters. The client wanted two houses. He would use one for living and the other one would become a rental. Even though they serve different purposes, the houses are still a duo. A connection has been created between them. They feature similar facades and they were built using the same materials.

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The architects used some of the materials from the old house they demolished. Hey recycled the materials and repurposed them. The two houses feature sustainable designs. They have an open plan layout and large openings that allow for cross-ventilation to occur in the main spaces. The property also includes a large swimming pool. Beautiful vegetation surrounds the houses creating a beautiful image. The interior designs of both structures are modern but simple and modest.{found on archdaily}.