Hill side three storied house

Located on the beautiful hillside in Marin Country, San Francisco the 3 storied house designed by Berkeley based McGlashan, the architecture look splendid. The landscape and the color of the house blend very well as it give a great view of the scenic beauty, which is breathtaking. The house has 3 floors with roof top garden which are native and draught resistant.


It’s a very beautiful house. The location is great and the views are also amazing. The design of this mansion is at the limit between traditional and modern. In terms of exterior design, it’s more modern than traditional but there’s than deck that makes it even. And as for the interior design, there are some very beautiful features that have a vintage touch like the bathroom mirror or the dining room.

But these pieces are complemented by other features like the glass shower cabin, the traditional fireplace built into the wall or other furniture pieces. So it’s a nice balance between these two styles that makes them both look good and complement each other.  It’s not easy to manage to do that.

three-level-house-for-a-three-family-generations-14-554x802View in gallery

three-level-house-for-a-three-family-generations-13-554x810View in gallery

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Another interesting detail is the green roof. There’s a very beautiful garden up there and the plants and drought resistant and native so the weather is not a problem for them. I really like this place, It’s very beautiful.