A Guide to Identifying Your Home Décor Style

Many of us peruse home décor books, magazines, websites, and blogs and like much of what we see there…but when it comes to decorating our own homes, we aren’t sure which way to turn.

Home Decor Style

How to Find Your Home Décor Style

Look at your wardrobe

One quick way to get an idea of your own personal taste is to look in your closet. Take note of your most loved pieces. Find a common theme. Do you love simple black pieces?

Maybe a Contemporary vibe is right for you. Do you have a dozen cozy wool sweaters? Consider Traditional and Classic décor. Perhaps you wear a lot of floral dresses. If so, you’d probably like Country décor.

Pick through décor magazines

Grab a handful of popular home décor magazines and sit down while you go through each one. Mark the pages and pictures that stand out the most to you.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a great tool. Pour over millions of visual bits of inspiration and create digital vision boards until you’ve narrowed down your personal style. The algorithm will even start showing you more tailored items based on what you like.

Create a vision board

Get a corkboard and use clippings from those magazines to play around with a vision board. Add and remove items until you’ve got a nice, well-rounded theme.

Window shop

Take your camera and head out to home stores around your town. Take pictures of pieces and inspiration that appeal to you. Then, go home and go over all the images to see the common themes.

Vintage decor how to

It can certainly be overwhelming, figure out what you like and what works in home décor. Which is why we’ve created this guide to helping you identify your own home décor style (or the mix of styles that resonates most with you).

Once you identify your décor style, it’s much easier to go about studying what makes that style click in certain spaces.

And, as an added bonus, each style below includes a link to an in-depth Homedit article about how to create that specific style in your space.

You’re already on your way!

Different home decor styles

Bohemian (“Boho-Chic”) Style

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Bohemian, or boho-chic, style is all about meaningful individuality. It embraces free expression, unconventional displays, and colorful collections. The boho-chic space is where your own personal style and aesthetic shines. Learn more about how to achieve a bohemian style here.

Coastal Style

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Coastal style incarnates everything we love about being on vacation at the beach – the sun, the surf, the sand (although not literally). The style is comfortable and inviting and aims to put people at ease with its genuine charm and serenity. Learn more about how to achieve a coastal style here.

Contemporary Style

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Contemporary style is based on the concept of the present, the here and now. This style is neither warm and fuzzy nor cold and harsh; it simply is. Clutter is nonexistent in a contemporary space, while the design elements of neutral, clean, smooth, and subtle reign supreme.

Cottage Style

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Cottage style is cozy and charming, like something out of a fairy tale. The quaint style hinges on the simplicity of treasured pieces, whether they are innumerable, tattered, mismatched, or all of those at once. Life feels fuller yet simpler amid a cottage styled space.

Eclectic Style

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Eclectic style embraces freedom of expression, breaking rules, and mixing and matching. The eclectic look, more than any other type of home décor style, combines bits and pieces of many other styles and stirs them together into a space that simply, yet ultimately, aims to please the owner.

French Country Style

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French country style effortlessly blends elegance with simplicity. The style has an almost old-world aesthetic that is made beautiful and comfortably familiar by the rustic finishes amid refined details. Learn more about how to achieve a French country style here.

Industrial Style

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Industrial style embraces rawness, a bit of the edgy hardness that one associates with primitive surroundings. It’s textural, it’s grey, and it’s worn down…yet it’s also full of repurposed and recycled vitality.

Mid-Century Modern Style

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Mid-century modern style was borne of a time of geometric shapes, contemporary patterns, and unique accents. Pieces in this style tend to be fairly straight-forward and uncomplicated, and large parallels are drawn between nature and man-made functionality. Learn more about how to achieve a mid-century modern style here.

Minimalist Style

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Minimalist style most closely resonates with what is uber modern. That is, it’s a style that embraces the aesthetic of essential simplicity. A minimalist space is well edited and contains only those pieces that will assist in achieving the maximum décor effect.

Moroccan Style

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Moroccan style is rich in history, color, and texture. The patterns and architectural components on display in a Moroccan space evoke the life well traveled and a global appreciation for good design. Learn more about how to achieve a Moroccan style here.

Rustic Style

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Rustic style embraces the organic, straight-from-the-earth way of life. Pieces in a rustic styled space have lived a good life – they are, or at least seem to be, repurposed, hand-built, used and reused (heaven knows how many times), and perfectly imperfectly rough and worn. Learn more about how to achieve a rustic style here.

Spanish Style

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Spanish style strives to bridge the gap between man and nature. Combining the richest color hues with the humblest of natural materials creates a total effect that is much more than the sum of its parts. A Spanish styled space is simultaneously grand and grounded.

Swedish (Scandinavian) Style

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Swedish style, also commonly known as Scandinavian style, is at its simple core warm and cheerful. Casual and worn (even downright chippy) elements blend effortlessly and seamlessly with pieces that are delightfully light, clean, and refined. Learn more about how to achieve a Swedish/Scandinavian style here.

Traditional Style

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Traditional style was born in the colonial era and takes its décor cues from such a time. However, although structure and predictable order play a part, the traditional style is ultimately about comfort, warmth, and familiarity. Learn more about how to achieve a traditional style here.

Tropical Style

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Tropical style is evocative of the feeling of the islands – a lifestyle whose essential elements are relaxation, comfort, ease, and genuine hospitality. Learn more about how to achieve a tropical style here.

Tuscan Style

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Tuscan style is based on the old-world decorating style, full of rich colors and textiles and substantial and historical elements. The style merges elegance and drama with a sense of rustic comfortability.

Vintage Style

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Vintage style is as broad a style as the term “vintage” itself. The style is typically associated with pieces from a particular era that have withstood the test of time. Ultimately, a vintage styled space incorporates collected pieces and items that bring individual pleasure.