Fun Turquoise House in WaterColor, Florida

Today we would like to present you a gorgeous house designed by Geoff Chick & Associates. The Williams Residence is a warm and welcoming place to land and, also, ready for its final curtain call.This amazing house will surely catch your eye due to its fun color palette. The colors used were turquoise, white and some earthy tones. Not only does this make the house have a beach-like decor, but it also brightens up the interior. Moreover, the house presents huge windows that flood the rooms with natural light, making it a wonderful place to sit back and relax.

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The stunning residence has an eclectic feel, due to the use of traditional and modern elements together. Everything about this house is amazing, starting with the shimmery tile in the kitchen and ending with the niche in the stairway, where the owner displays his wonderful collection of beach sand from all over the world.

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The Williams Residence is an awesome home located in WaterColor, Florida. It presents beautiful traditional and modern furnishings, a high style, comfortable living and, most important, a fun and colorful environment. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and an incredible place to call home. What do you think?