First eco podhotel with 3 podhouses in Switzerland

I find it really interesting to notice that, the more people advance in technology and industry, the more aware they become that they have affected the environment in a negative way, so they try to come back to nature and the old ways, turn their face to finding more ecological products and go some places where they can find some fresh air that is not polluted by all the car gas and smoke.

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They live in big cities, but try to run away as often as possible to remote areas where they can have a healthy rest. That is why the ECO tourism is now flourishing. That is the reason why they made the First Eco PODhotel in Switzerland in the first place.

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So the best way to do this and be successful is to locate a remote area some place in the mountains in Switzerland and try to build some accommodation places there. The Pods are the perfect solution because they are made of wood and they are easily assembled on the spot.They are big enough to house two tourists and offer enough comfort and peace. It has the basic amenities and can be compared to a modern and comfortable wooden tent.

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The pod hotels are available in two sizes and are spread all over the alpine area in Flims,Switzerland. It is simple and effective and even if it is not a five star hotel it is great in wilderness and also totally eco. Believe it or not, this project is very successful and when it’s snowing mountain lovers and ski lovers book all the pods.

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Actually the design of these pods was inspired by the huts built by some native people living in Southern India and it proved quite effective. The pods are built by a Swiss company called ROB (Robust Outdoor Brands) and you can find out more about them here.And found on designboom.