Exquisite Upper East Side Townhouse in NewYork

Normally people buy a house and then they decorate it the way they want to. But if you do not own a place and just want to rent one, it is better if you can find some apartment or house that is already arranged and you only need to move in. And if the place looks great and has an amazing interior design like this Exquisite Upper East Side Townhouse in NewYork, then it is all excellent. This townhouse is not very small, but not very large either, perfect for the city. It has 15 rooms and it has recently been redecorated. It is elegant and classy , so I guess the perfect words for describing it are comfort, elegance, and light.

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Upper East SideView in gallery

In my opinion the house shows certain strength that is specific mainly to man , so it has a rather masculine feature, but it is also suited for a strong business woman. The place has six stories and everything you could possibly need: 5 master bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 4 patios or balconies with flowers and even a therapeutic pool and gym, spa and a media room. It is perfect for the busy life of a business family. It offers comfort and class and is rich with details and stylish decorations.

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The interior design reminds you of the opulence of the French court and also of the modern combination of black and white. The colour and glamour is given by the gold that appears everywhere and also by the combination of wood, concrete and glass. Fireplaces are not necessary but they do appear in order to make the place more home-like and the mantlepieces are used to display beautiful pictures.