Easy To Make Floor Pillows And Poufs For A Cozy Home

Floor pillows are the mark of a casual and comfortable home. They offer extra seating when needed and they allow the user to lounge directly on the floor. This Japanese-inspired idea can be adapted to suit a variety of spaces and styles. You can have your floor pillows and poufs customized to match your existing décor or the vision you have in mind for that particular space.



A floor pillow shouldn’t be much different than a regular pillow you use on the sofa or bed. Crafting one is quite similar. First you’ll need to select the fabric. It should be sturdy and comfy. You’ll hen have to fold, stitch and stuff as shown on apartmenttherapy. The list of supplies required for the project also require 2 standard sized bed pillows, pins, Velcro, thread and a sewing machine.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

Colorful patchwork floor pillow

The patchwork floor pillow featured on twinkleandtwine is easy to make as well. In addition, its colorful and unique design makes it versatile and customizable. To make a similar one you’ll need assorted fabrics and coordinating thread, foam, quilt batting, cotton filler cord, buttons, an upholstery needle, heavy weight thread, an iron and a sewing machine. Cut the fabric into squares and rectangles and arrange them into grids. Sew the top and bottom two squares of each set together and press the seams open. Then sew the joined top rows to the bottom ones. Sew the short ends together to make a large loop. Then made the cording and stitch it in place. After the cover is complete, turn it inside out and insert the foam.

Modern pet floor pillow

If you’re satisfied with a single type of fabric, then pick a color and pattern and get to work. You’ll need two squares and two rectangles. You’ll have to sew the pieces together and then turn the cover inside out. Add the filler and give the pillow its shape. That’s about it. Of course, you can also choose to decorate the floor pillow with buttons and other things if desired. {found on dwellbeautiful}.

Quilted floor cushion

To make tufted floor pillows, you basically have to first make the pillow using one of the tutorials described above. Once you’ve completed that part, it’s time to make the tufts. You’ll have to poke a threaded needle from the front to the back piece through the filling of the pillow. Make at least five stitches in the same place to secure each tuft. Find out more about this technique on dobleufa.

Giant Floor Pillow

When making your floor pillows, you can use two different kinds of fabric for each cover. One is for the top and bottom and the other for the sides. The fabric can feature different colors as well as different patterns. Cut out two large squares of matching fabric and then two narrow rectangles using a different kind of fabric. This will also make it easier to sew them together and organize them. Check out mysticmandy for more details.

sketchbook pillow floor

Your floor pillow can be designed to look like an oversized bed pillow and you can use the same technique when crafting it. If you also want to give your pillow an eye-catching design, you can find some inspiration on purlsoho. This project uses wool felt in bright pink and ochre, linen and coordinating yarn. The ochre fabric is used for the decorative motif on top. It can have any design you want. The color combination can also differ so feel free to customize the pillow in any way you want so it matches your home’s décor.

Bed floor pillows

If you want, you can make a folding floor cushion which you can use just like a bed. You can find out how to do this from youandmie. The project is simple and the design is versatile. The floor pillow will offer you multiple seating possibilities. You’ll be able to fold it in a lot of different ways. The materials needed include fabric, coordinating thread, a fabric marking pen, buttons and four standard pillows.

Crocheted cushions free patterns

Another possibility is to make crocheted floor cushions/ poufs. The project is described on deliacreates. You’ll need Muslin fabric, matching thread, a sewing machine, a needle, scissors, foam shreds, super bulky yarn and a yarn needle. Cut out two circles and two rectangles of fabric and then sew them together to make a cover. Fill it with foam shreds. Then start crocheting. You can use different colors to make a striped design or you can keep the look simple and monochromatic.

Blue dog pillow diy

Floor pillows and very cozy and comfortable and not just for us. Dogs love them too. You could use what you’ve learned so far about the projects to make your dog a cozy bed. Make the pillow as big as you want, depending on how large your dog is. You’ll have to use some durable and preferably stain-resistant fabric for the cover. Check out somethingimpractical for more details.