45 Wonderful DIY Garden Ideas You Should Try This Season

Having a garden is pretty fun and rewarding and before you jump to conclusions we should mention that we’re not specifically referring to outdoor gardens where you grow vegetables and other such things but to pretty much any other type which includes vertical gardens, plant beds, window boxes and all sorts of other things, all of which let you bring a bit of greenery inside your home or take advantage of the space outside in a nature-friendly manner. That being said, it’s time to check out some awesome DIY garden ideas that we love and hope you find just as great.

Sweet DIY Ideas to Upgrade Your Garden

1. Build Raised Garden Beds

Wonderful DIY Garden Ideas

If you have the space, build some raised garden beds so you can plant vegetables, herbs, and beautiful flowers out in the yard or in your garden and so you can keep the area looking fresh, clean, and organized. You don’t need much for this project but you should definitely make a plan.

2. Create A Raised Planter Box

Ground floor raised beds DIY

If you want mobility, consider a raised planter box. You could build it yourself out of wood and it could stay out in the yard. It would be easy to move it around in case you change the landscape or you want to bring it closer to the house. You can basically make it as big or as small as you want to and you can plant just about anything in it.

3. Use Rocks to Create Cool Designs

Ground floor raised beds DIY

Rocks and stones can be useful too. You can use them to delineate specific areas in your garden and even build a raised garden bed. Arrange the stones in the shape of a spiral and create a small vegetable garden similar to the one featured on ohmy-creative. Obviously, you can create other shapes and designs as well so be creative.

4. Install Window Boxes for Plants

Ground floor raised beds DIY

Another idea is to build a window box so you can have some pretty to see when you look out the window. Building the actual box is easy and then comes the fun part: choosing the plants. You could go with colorful, flowering plants, cascading plants, or even with grass.

5. Construct a Pallet Planter

Ground floor raised beds DIY

Did you know you can build a planter box from pallets? It’s not even that difficult, provided you have the necessary tools and supplies. You could use the boards from a wooden pallet or some leftover wood from previous projects. The design we’re proposing is simple and modern and has plenty of customization potential.

6. Design Your Own Planter Boxes

Ground floor raised beds DIY

Spruce up your porch with a modern planter box which you can build by yourself from scratch. You can give it any proportions you want to be based on the type of plants and planters that you prefer. We suggest checking out kleinworthco for details and inspiration.

7. Hang Your Planters

Ground floor raised beds DIY

Hanging planters are also great for patios and porches. You can build something nice out of pallet wood and you can hang it with metal chains. Paint the planter so it stands out or leave it all natural and put an emphasis on the patina of the wood and the beauty of reclaimed materials in general.

8. Make Your Herbs Their Own Space

Ground floor raised beds DIY

This is a pallet herb garden, another easy DIY project that you could occupy your weekend with. You can keep your new herb garden indoors, casually leaning against one of the walls in the kitchen, out on the balcony or on the terrace, or even on the patio, when it’s nice and sunny outside.


Ground floor raised beds DIY

You can also make a cool-looking arrangement using regular plant pots of different sizes. You can stack them or arrange them vertically using a thin pole, as suggested on weheartthis. This is what you’re going to need for this project: a large clay pot for the base, 4 or 5 medium size ones for the middle, and a small pot for the top as well as some rebar, potting soil, and a variety of flowers. You can also plant herbs.

10. Repurpose an Old Barrel into a Planter

Ground floor raised beds DIY

If you happen to have an old wooden barrel somewhere, you could turn it into a cool-looking planter with tiers and different sections for different plants. This idea comes from centsationalstyle. Check out the details of the project and if you like the idea find your own barrel and give it a complete makeover.

11. Turn Furniture into Unique Planters

Ground floor raised beds DIY

Speaking of makeovers, check out this chair that’s been turned into a planter. That’s actually a wonderful way to upcycle an old, broken chair. As long as the frame is still in good shape you can remove the seat or cut out a hole and make a cool custom planter. You can find out everything you need to know on theredpaintedcottage.

12. Paint a Tire and Use it as a Planter

Ground floor raised beds DIY

An old tire can also be turned into a cool planter and we’re not talking about placing a tire on the ground and filling it with soil but about a hanging tire planter like the one featured on diyshowoff. The tire is painted and looks really cool, sort of like a wreath.

13. Add a Grape Arbor

Ground floor raised beds DIY

A grape arbor is pretty similar to a pergola and building it isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Still, it’s not impossible to do either and there are plenty of tutorials that can help you. Check out our own version and let this project inspire you. It’s a great idea if you have a garden or a big backyard.

14. Make a Grid Trellis

Ground floor raised beds DIY

There are a lot of little projects that you can do to improve your already existing garden or to add a bit of green to your life. This DIY project is a  lovely grid trellis. It is perfect for climbing plants and you can easily put something like this together using supplies like cedar garden stakes, some screws, a saw, and a drill. Find more details on francoisetmoi.

15. Build a Garden Hose Hangar

Ground floor raised beds DIY

Another little thing that you can do to make your life easier and your garden happier is to build a garden hose hanger. This one was built using a redwood post, boards cut into squares, a wooden finial, a hose holder, screws, and paint. You can give yours a cement base if you want to but that’s completely optional.

16. Lay a Flagstone Pathway

Ground floor raised beds DIY

Laying a flagstone pathway can also help improve a garden or backyard. You can do it yourself and although it would be a pretty demanding project, it might also be fun. This is what you’re going to need: flagstone slabs, sand, and shovels plus a few other things, depending on the look and style you prefer.

17. Place Pallet Pieces as a Walkway

Ground floor raised beds DIY

Another cool idea could be to make a garden walkway out of pallet boards. You could actually use any old boards or reclaimed wood you can find around the house. You can cut them too to the same length or you can mix and match them to get a more authentic and organic look. Check out funkyjunkinteriors to find out more about this super easy project.

18. Construct Funky Garden Furniture

Ground floor raised beds DIY

Pallet wood can also be used to build cool furniture for your garden or patio. This colorful garden bench is an awesome example. The bench rests against a fence so it doesn’t need a backrest and the painted boards give it a fresh and funky look. Pick your own palette of colors and have fun customizing your new bench.

19. Set Up Cinder Block Furniture

Ground floor raised beds DIY

Speaking of garden benches and funky designs, check out this great project featured on akailochiclife. That’s a really cool bench made out of cinderblocks and wood boards. It even has built-in planters which give it a lot of character and helps it blend into the landscape even better.

20. Consider Building an Outdoor Couch

Ground floor raised beds DIY

If you want to take things one step further you could build an outdoor sofa. It would be pretty similar to a bench, with a few important differences of course. If you’re using pallet wood, make sure you have plenty and get some varnish to make the sofa waterproof and outdoor-ready. Find instructions and details on grillo-designs.

21. Surround Your Tree With a Bench

Ground floor raised beds DIY

Of course, a garden bench can take a variety of different forms. A cool idea for example is to build the bench around the trunk of a tree. It’s not the easiest project you could do but it looks great and is also very practical. There are many different ways to do this but if you like this hexagon-shaped design, you can check out addicted2diy to find out more about it.

22. Keep Outdoor Furniture Simple

Ground floor raised beds DIY

There’s really no need to overcomplicate a project when something super simple would do just fine. This bench featured on linapalandet is a really good example. It’s basically just a wooden slab placed over a bunch of stacked concrete blocks. As you can imagine, it’s pretty sturdy and very heavy so be sure to choose the right spot for your bench so you don’t have to move it afterward.

23. Create a Pallet Bed Swing

Ground floor raised beds DIY

A swing bed would be another great addition to a beautiful garden, perfect for those nice sunny days when you can go outside and read a good book under the canopy of a large tree and just relax and enjoy the tranquility. You can build a swing bed out of reclaimed pallets. The project is described in detail on themerrythought.

24. Treat Yourself to a Nice Workstation

Ground floor raised beds DIY

If you’re the type who enjoys doing work in the garden, constantly plantings and caring for the plants, you could probably use a potting bench. This could be your workstation where you could keep some gardening tools, potting mix, planters, and other things. You could even add a sink to your garden bench. Check out thehandymansdaughter to find out how it’s done.

25. Enclose Your Garden With a Gate

Ground floor raised beds DIY

Your garden could probably also use a gate. The design featured on funkyjunkinteriors looks really nice, especially in combination with that lovely garden shed. The gate is made of pallet wood and is super easy to build. In fact, you could just take a pallet and attach it to a post or the side of a shed, with no need for any modifications (as long as the size is right).

26. Craft Watering Can Decor

Ground floor raised beds DIY

You can always count on a water feature to make your garden stand out and look amazing. We’re not just talking about fountains and ponds but also about simpler, small-scale water features like this one. This is a lovely combo created using a large galvanized tub and some watering cans. If you want to put together something similar you’re also going to need water tubing, hanging brackets, and a small water pump. Check out dawnmarie100 for more details.

27. Fill a Canoe With Water to Make a Pond

Ground floor raised beds DIY

A pond is actually not out of the question either, even if you don’t want to dig up your garden. You can turn a canoe into a pond and it would actually look awesome and very interesting. This cool idea comes from hometalk. Check out all the different types of plants and how great they all look together.

28. Install a Fire Pit

Ground floor raised beds DIY

You know what else could potentially transform your entire backyard or garden? A fire pit. You could build one on a free weekend and it would be a fairly simple and enjoyable project. The hardest part would probably be buying and then carrying all the supplies. You’re going to need a lot of pavers. If you want to follow the design from keepingitsimple you’ll need 36 gray pavers, 24 square ones, and 8 triangle ones.

29. Drape String Lights

Ground floor raised beds DIY

Hang some string lights out in the yard or the garden to create a lovely ambiance at night. You can use the string lights to frame the sitting area. You’ll probably need some poles so go check out cityfarmhouse to find out everything you need to know about poles and hanging outdoor lights.

30. Set Up a Playhouse for Kids

Ground floor raised beds DIY

Building a playhouse could be a really fun project and you can even get the kids involved at some level. It doesn’t have to be a full mansion or anything too complex. Just start with a base and then add a frame and a roof. You can customize the design in all sorts of ways and even add more features with time. The tutorial from loveandrenovations should be a good starting point.

31. Make a Bird Feeder

Ground floor raised beds DIY

Want to make birds feel welcomed into your garden. Try hanging a bird feeder somewhere. You can build it yourself and there are many different techniques that you can use. One option is to fill a glass bottle with seeds and to hang it upside down in a house-shaped box, as suggested on elizabethjoandesigns. You could hang this on a wall, a tree, or just rest it on a table or on a bench.

32. Consider Adding a Pergola

Ground floor raised beds DIY

We should also mention some of the more basic structures often found in gardens and backyards. The pergola is one of them. You can build a modern pergola like the one you see here and it can become the new focal point of your yard. It’s not the easiest project in the world but it’s simple enough for a beginner DIYer so why not try it.

33. Build a Deck

Ground floor raised beds DIY

And of course there’s also the deck which you can also build by yourself provided you have some spare time and you’re ready to put in the effort. This is a redwood deck and it’s fairly easy to put together. You do however have to build a frame first and that requires some planning.

34. Craft a Flag

Craft a Flag DIY Garden Ideas

No garden is complete without cute décor! A flag is a great idea for decorating a garden, but a cloth one can easily be damaged by weather or animals, so you should make one out of wood instead. This may sound a bit weird, but the results are super cute. You can find the instructions on My Life Abundant, but don’t feel as if you have to make an American flag, as you can use this idea to make any flag that you would like!

35. Design a Bird Bath Planter

Design a Bird Bath Planter DIY Garden Ideas

Do you love birds? Besides using the aforementioned DIY feeder to attract them to your yard, you can also build this bird bath. The idea is from Mami Talks and it is very simple to make. You will need a couple urns of different sizes, as well as a terra cotta saucer. The cool thing about this project is that you can use spray paint to make the bird bath any color you want! Then just plant flowers in the lower portion, and enjoy all the beautiful birds that will surely come to visit this cute bird bath.

36. Decorate Your Garden With These DIY Concrete Orbs

Decorate Your Garden With These DIY Concrete Orbs

Orbs have become a popular way to decorate a garden. But when you live in an area with harsh weather or lots of wind, you may worry about an expensive glass orb breaking or being damaged by the weather. This is why you should make concrete orbs like they did on Made By Barb instead. Although this project does involve mixing cement, it is otherwise quite easy to complete, and you can make any size orbs you want.  

37. Make a Cover for Your Fire Pit

DIY Garden Ideas Make a Cover for Your Fire Pit

Fire pits are great at night and on chilly afternoons, but sometimes you may find yourself wishing that you had a place to set your morning coffee while you enjoy the sunrise in your garden. If you followed the above suggestion and built a fire pit for your garden (or maybe you already have one) you should consider making this cover featured in The Handmade Home to get more use out of it. This cover is made out of durable wood that will withstand the weather as well as make a great outdoor table when you need it!

38. Take Your Garden Vertical

Take Your Garden Vertical

Have you always wanted a flower wall? They’re actually quite easy to make, especially if you have a wall near your garden that you’ve been itching to decorate! You can find the instructions on Design Wine Dine, and you can have this project done in as little as a few hours. This project was designed with metal pails for aesthetic reasons, but you can choose any sort of pot you want—just be sure that they allow for proper water drainage!

39. Turn a Broken Pot Into a DIY Mini Fairy Garden

Turn a Broken Pot Into a Mini Fairy Garden

Accidents happen, and if you have been gardening for a while, it’s likely that you have broken a few pots along the way. Rather than throwing them out, follow this cute idea on Daily Dose of Style to transform it into a mini garden! This project is super simple and a great one to include the kids on. You can even have the mini-garden become your child’s personal garden as they learn about taking care of plants and the responsibilities that gardening entails!

40. Install a Water Feature

Install a Water Feature DIY garden ideas

Do you wish that your garden could have an awesome water feature? With this project from Central Texas Gardener, it most certainly can! Now this will take some plumbing skills, as well as a glass table that you are okay with dismantling, so it isn’t for everyone. But, for those that do manage to accomplish it, the final result will look so neat that your neighbors won’t believe that this was a DIY project!

41. Place Cute Craft Butterflies

Place Cute Craft Butterflies DIY garden ideas

Butterflies are beautiful creatures and it’s always fun to see them when they visit your garden! But when you want to incorporate the beauty a butterfly brings to a garden all the time, rather than just when they occasionally visit, then make these cute spoon butterfly decorations from Nikki Lynn Design. This is a DIY project, but it does involve some welding, so don’t embark on this project unless you have welding materials or know someone that does.

42. Upcycle Bottle Caps Into a Flower Decoration

Upcycle Bottle Caps Into a Flower Decoration DIY garden ideas

Do you have lots of bottle caps lying around that you aren’t sure what to do with? It’s time to turn them into an awesome decoration for your garden! This idea comes from Crafts by Amanda and will look great no matter what type of garden you have! Although this project is safe to leave outside, bottle caps will rust over time. This means that if you don’t want your bottle cap flower to rust, that you should place it somewhere in your garden where it won’t be exposed to water.

43. Plant Flowers in a Rock Bucket

Plant Flowers in a Rock Bucket DIY garden ideas

Rock buckets are classy and bring a whole new look to your garden. The problem? They can be very expensive. Instead of spending money to purchase a rock bucket for your garden, use this DIY idea from Centsational Style to make your own! This project will take some time, especially the part where you place the rocks artfully on the bucket, but the final product is so amazing that it is well worth it!

44. Decorate Your Garden With Old Golf Balls

Decorate With Old Golf Balls DIY garden ideas

For those that live near a golf course, it can be frustrating when old golf balls end up in your yard. Rather than toss them out, you should take the time to paint them and make cute decorations out of them like they did on Artdrops. The instructions are specifically for a ladybug, but there is no reason you couldn’t paint golf balls to look like bees, beetles, or any type of bug that you want!

45. Create a Unique Path

Create a Unique Path DIY garden ideas

Already on this list, you have seen ideas to lay a wooden, and a flagstone stepping path. These are both great ideas, but when you want something a little more glamorous, they simply won’t cut it. Follow these directions on Intimate Weddings to make your very own customized stepping stones with colorful rocks and broken pieces of china. Not only do they look absolutely beautiful, but they will bring a unique and personal touch to your garden!

Whether you use one of the DIY garden ideas from this list or try to incorporate multiple of these ideas into your garden, you will absolutely love the results. So grab your gardening gloves, and your DIY tool kit and head out into your garden for some fun decorating and planting! Just don’t be surprised if when you are done you find that you would rather spend time in your garden over anywhere else!