Pallet Swing Ideas – The Perfect Summer DIY

Pallets and swings…two items that we love become one and the result is the pallet swing. It sounds and looks casual and, better yet, it’s a perfect DIY project for beginners with minimal requirements both in terms of skill and materials. Wooden pallets are easy to find and you can get them very cheap or even for free. From there, it’s up to you to figure out the details of the project. Maybe the following ideas can help.

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First, let’s see what you’d need if you were to actually build a pallet swing. The list of supplies is pretty short and simple: a pallet, some lumber, a drill, rope, some screws, a saw and a mattress. Be extra careful when hanging the swing. It has to be safe and secure. Once that’s taken care of you can focus on making it comfortable and good-looking. For more details, check out themerrythought to see how this pallet swing was built.

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It’s pretty impressive what you can do with two pallets, some paint and nylon rope. This is the perfect summer DIY…the feature that can bring joy to those lazy afternoons or weekend mornings when all you want to do is go outside and enjoy the weather. Make this an even more enjoyable experience by making the swing as comfortable as you can. Use cushions and take a blanket with you in case it gets cold. Find out more about this on thesorrygirls.

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If you’d like to build a pallet swing chair like the one on instructables, you’ll have to start by tearing down the pallet. You’ll then use some of the boards to put together the seat and then the backrest. Connect these two parts and you’re almost done. You can add some armrests as well if you want and then you can finish it off by attaching the chain to the swing using bolts.

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It’s important to take apart the pallet correctly if you want to be able to reuse all the boards. You can use some to built the back support for the swing. It doesn’t have to be too complicated. Just attach it to the seat at an angle do you can sit comfortably. It’s a suggestion that comes from pallets.sfglobe and we find it to be valuable advice. The other important part of the project is to mount eye bots for the rope. Use washers on both the inside and the outside of the swing. Of course, knowing how to tie a sturdy knot is just as important.

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As we already mentioned, building a pallet swing is easy, especially if you don’t plan on giving it a backrest or any other extra features. If you like what you see here, head over to quartoknows to find out more about it. We particularly like the fact that the pallet was painted in a bright and fun color.

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If comfort is serious business for you, then that should be the focus of your project. Maybe instead of a simple pallet swing you’d like to build a hanging daybed, something similar to what we found on grillo-designs. You’ll need more than one pallet so you’d better be prepared with three or four of them just in case. Take them apart and star by building the platform and then the back and side panels. You can either build a swing bed that matches the dimensions of an existing mattress or to cut the mattress to the size of the swing.

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In case mainstream swings are not your style, check out this one featured on styleitchic. It looks more like a lounge chair than a swing and it can be made of reclaimed wood from pallets but also from other leftover pieces. The most important tool in this case is a drill. You’ll be using it to make all those holes in the boards and then you’ll have to weave rope through to get that fluid form.

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There are lots of ways to customize a swing. If you plan on using a wooden pallet as a platform you could only cover a portion of it with a mattress or with cushions and leave a section exposed so you can use it as a sort of built-in side table. You can paint the top to add some color to the swing. These ideas were inspired by the design featured on bintihomeblog.

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Now that you know a few things about how to build a pallet swing, you can plan your own project. Start by finding a good spot for the new swing. It could be added to a deck or a covered terrace but you could also put it out in the garden and hang it from a tree.

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Based on where you want to put your new pallet swing but also the style that you prefer, you can decide on the dimensions, shape and other design details. If you plan on putting the swing outdoors in an unprotected area, it would be best to use removable mattress covers and water-resistant fabrics.

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These look more like the mainstream swing we’re all used with. They’re small and they look pretty fun for both kids and adults. They also look small enough to fit indoors or to be attached to house overhangs and pergola roofs.

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Just because we focused today on pallets doesn’t mean this is the only resource you can use if you want to build a swing. The easiest alternative would be to just use scrap wood from other projects or to go get some lumber from a local store. If you do decide to use pallets, make sure the wood is in good condition.