Pallet Patio Furniture You Could Easily Build Yourself This Summer

There’s something really casual and attractive about pallet furniture. It’s perfect for a variety of styles and interiors and it’s just as functional outdoors. The best thing about it, however, is its accessibility. You can find wooden pallets for free at your local stores or you can buy them at a cheap price. Either way, they’re a bargain. Take them home and transform them into furniture for your patio. Pallet patio furniture doesn’t require much skill or time so you could consider this a light week-end project which you’ll be able to enjoy for a long time.

Pallet patio summer sign

Welcome summer with a lovely pallet sign that has this very message written on it. It would make a beautiful decoration for your patio. You only need a single pallet for the project and you won’t even be using all the wood. Use a circular saw to cut the wood pieces. Then take some sandpaper and make the boards smooth and ready to be painted. You can give the whole sign a coat of white paint and then put a stencil on top to write the actual message. You can use paint in different colors for this part. As you can see, it’s a very simple project. Check out the full tutorial on Ishouldbemoppingthefloor if you need more details.

Colorful pallet planters storage

Next, let’s try something a bit different and a bit more complicated. It’s still a very simple project and you can find out all about it on Hellocreativefamily. There’s no need to even disassemble the pallet. Just leave it like that and give it a light sanding. Then get acrylic paint in different colors (as many as there are boards on the pallet). Paint each board a different color and create a rainbow effect. Then attach clamps and rings so you can later hang terracotta pots and turn the pallet into a vertical garden.

How to make a pallet herb planter

A pallet herb planter would be really easy to make out of a pallet. You’d only need to make a few transformations in order to repurpose it as a planter. The requires materials include landscaping or weed control fabric, a staple gun and scissors. Cut some fabric into a rectangle large enough to make a pocket for one section of the pallet. Once you’re happy with how it fits, repeat the process for the other sections. Then staple the fabric in place around the edges. You can then put soil in and add the plants and herbs. {found on Floralandfeather}.

Outdoor pallet table

Now let’s check some actual patio furniture which you can make out of a pallet. The table featured on Inspirationsbyd would be a suitable starting project. To make it, you need a pallet, four legs, sandpaper, paint, nails or screws, a drill and wood stain. Attach four legs to the pallet and paint them white. The part of the table which serves as a table top is stained here and the rest is painted white to match the legs. Obviously, you can create your own look and make adjustments to the project.

Succulent table from pallets

The table featured on Homestory is also made from a pallet but its design is a little bit more complex. All you need for such a project is the pallet, a saw, screws and a screwdriver. Cut the pallet along the central beam to make two halves. Remove the boards and then cut the support beams to make four legs for the table and a frame for the top. If you want to also add the planter at the center, you’ll have to cut a few of the boards smaller and make a hole which you can fill with a container.

Large pallets l shapped sofa for outdoor

With enough pallets, you can make a whole sectional sofa for the patio. The first thing you need to do is measure one of the pallets to figure out how large the sections need to be. It should be enough to just cut the pallets in half. If you tack three pallet sections you should get the right height for a comfortable seating unit. 15 pallets were used in total for the unit featured on Thesassysparrowblog. Once you have them all cut and stacked, you can secure them with nails or screws. You can also make a backrest out of pallet pieces. From here, you can start improvising. Stain or paint the sectional and add pillows to make it more comfortable.

Outdoor pallet setting with cushion

This stylish outdoor sectional featured on Stylemepretty is also made of pallets. It has a three tier base and a partial backrest. Mattress pillows were put on top and accent pillows rest against the backrest, creating a really classy look. You could definitely make something similar for your patio, backyard or garden.

Pallet table top

There are many different methods you can use when building a pallet table. For example, you can simply take the pallet as it is and repurpose it into a table top. A different strategy involves removing the boards from the pallet and using them as shown on Lanaredstudio. An old door was also used for this project. All the pallet boards were cut to size to match the width of the door and then they were screwed in place, sanded and finished with a coat of varnish.

Colorful umbrella stand on wheels from pallets

A beautiful example of pallet patio furniture can also be found on Placeofmytaste. The bench and coffee table were both made of pallets. The bench has small legs that elevate it off the floor and two stacked pallet rows are then topped with comfortable foam and accent pillows. The bench is stained a beautiful dark shade and the table which is made of two pallets with casters is painted green to match the bench seat.

small outdoor couch on wheels

A pallet daybed wouldn’t look bad on the patio either. Two pallets are enough to build the frame if you want the design to be similar to the one on stylish daybed for your patio.

White outdoot coffee table from pallets

Pallet coffee tables are great for outdoor spaces, although they’re also suitable for the indoors if you like the style that comes with them. You can build one by just stacking two pallets and adding four casters but there are many variations you can try so feel free to experiment. Once you have the table, you can start giving it a unique look by covering the top with wooden tiles for example. It’s then time to paint or stain the table and to take care of the finishing touches. Have a look at the design on Southernrevivals for some inspiration.

Modern painted pallet table

There’s also some inspiration to be found on Inspiraciok. The pallet table featured here has a nice rough appearance which actually makes it stand out. it’s made out of two pallets and its top is decorated with white chevron stripes. As you can see, interior storage compartments were created when stacking the two pallets and this makes the table even more functional.

Hanging swing bed

A fun project you could do for your patio or garden is a pallet swing. Depending on how big you want it to be, you can figure out how many pallets you need. You’ll also need some lumber, a drill, screws, a saw, rope, a mattress and cushions. The tutorial on Themerrythought should be just what you’re looking for. Measure the mattress and then build the frame out of pallets and lumber. Drill holes in the four corners of the frame and thread rope through them. You can hang the swing from a tree in the garden.

Sofa on wheels from pallets

A stylish furniture piece with a frame made of pallets was also featured on Skonahem. It’s a really chic sofa with casters which let the user move it around as needed. The pallets were not painted and this exposes their uniqueness. There’s no need for a backrest if you place the sofa against a wall.