Make a Great First Impression in Your Entryway With These 12 Decorating Ideas

First impressions count and when it comes to your home’s interior, the entryway sets the stage. It gives visitors a glimpse of the style and mood that they will encounter in the rest of the house. By incorporating certain elements, you can add color, flair and and functionality to the foyer and make it a beautiful and welcoming space. Whether it’s time to redecorate or you just want to add a fresh element, try one of these pieces.

Bold Florals

Bold florals on any medium can make an impact.View in gallery
Bold florals on any medium can make an impact.

Nothing says drama like a dark and moody floral print and the entryway is a great place to add this trendy pattern. It can be used as wallpaper for an accent wall, upholstery choice for a chair or bench, or even for a motif for lampshades. It makes an impact whether it’s used in small doses or large one, so go with your gut and use as much as feels comfortable.

Sunny Yellow Hues

Bold florals on any medium can make an impact.View in gallery
Yellow makes a brave, bold statement.

Yellow is such a sunny, happy color, it easily livens up a space, even in small doses. It is ideal for adding a bright pop to a neutral palette. Or, it can be a bold choice in a larger piece. If you have room for a chair in the entryway, picking one that is yellow will brighten the entire area. The hue is a fresh option because it is trending in home décor right now, and there’s no better place to include it than where guests enter.


Foliage adds a welcoming element to the entryway.View in gallery
Foliage adds a welcoming element to the entryway.

Adding a green element to the entryway makes it feel like you’ve brought something in from the outdoors. Faux foliage and green walls have come such a long way they really aren’t like grandma’s old plastic or silk flowers.  If you don’t have a green thumb or if the space doesn’t get enough light, it’s possible to find artificial pieces that have enough of a natural feeling to do the job.

Large Artwork

Large scale art is a focal point in any space.View in gallery
Large scale art is a focal point in any space.

If you have the room, the entryway is an ideal place to hang a large, oversized piece of art. It’s a strong initial statement that adds a lot of drama to the space. The art could be a painting, multimedia piece, or wall sculpture. Anything that attracts attention and makes a big impact. If the area doesn’t lend itself to one large piece, try a grouping or gallery wall.

A Painted Cupboard

Painted cupboards can be chic or shabby chic.View in gallery
Painted cupboards can be chic or shabby chic.

Painted furniture has been trending and is a fantastic way to add a pop of color to a space. While these pieces are most common in decorating styles like rustic, industrial, shabby chic or farmhouse, the concept works with absolutely any style. It is the shape and lines of the cabinet that dictate the style, not the color. This is also a great DIY project for a piece from elsewhere in the house that might have become a little tired or needs something to make it fresh.

An Artful Console

Artful consoles are ideal for an entryway.View in gallery
Artful consoles are ideal for an entryway.

A console is a standard piece for an entryway, but that doesn’t mean it has to be plain. The foyer area is perfect place for a standout console, no matter the style of the space. The piece could be heavily gilded or mirrored, embellished with intricate detailing, made from an unexpected material or simply sleek and modern. Every entryway needs a space to set items down when entering and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be a beautiful console.

A Bench

A bench can add style as well as function to an entryway.View in gallery
A bench can add style as well as function to an entryway.

Another super functional piece for an entry is a bench. Often these can have a pretty utilitarian look, but that’s certainly not a requirement. The entryway bench is be more interesting and comfortable when it has a distinctive design or a plush, upholstered seat. Opting for an upholstered bench is also a great way to add texture to the space.

Beige Palette

Beige palettes can be very sophisticated.View in gallery
Beige palettes can be very sophisticated.

Neutral palettes will likely never totally fall out of favor, and the entryway is a great place to highlight beige. So many interesting pieces are available with sheen, texture and detailing that beige definitely does not have to be boring. By sticking to a neutral look in the entryway, it creates a sophisticated look that is almost like the appetizer before a meal: It entices guests and doesn’t spoil of compete with the rest of the house.

Chic and Colorful Rug

A colorful rug adds a lot of pizzazz.View in gallery
A colorful rug adds a lot of pizzazz.

Bold rugs are a natural choice for an entryway because they can add color or a graphic pattern to a space that often doesn’t have many other opportunities for these types of details. Try a rug that will make guests take notice because often, the entryway rug is more about containing the dirt and moisture from those who come inside. There’s no reason it can’t make a statement as well. Just make sure to choose something large enough so that it feels generous in the space.

Standout Chandelier

chandeliers large and small are a good entryway choice.View in gallery
Chandeliers large and small are a good entryway choice.

A high ceiling in the entryway is a natural spot for a chandelier. You want to have ample light in this space and an eye-catching light fixture will draw the eye upward and make it feel larger as well. This element gives you another chance to make a statement, but just make sure that it won’t compete with any of the other elements that you already have in place. If the ceiling is of regular height, you can opt for a artful flush-mount fixture or something that doesn’t hang very low.

A Curated Console Top

Be sure to edit the accessories included on the console.View in gallery
Be sure to edit the accessories included on the console.

Even the most stylish console needs a little curating on top to look right.  In the entryway, it should be more than a place to plop belongings when you come in the door. Choose and arrange your selected accessories for the most pleasing setting. Take into consideration the size and scale of the items and try out a number of combinations.

Magnificent Mirror

Bold florals on any medium can make an impact.View in gallery

A mirror of any size is a natural choice for this area of the home.In any shape or size, a mirror in the entryway is certainly functional, but by choosing one that has a magnificent frame it practically becomes a piece of art. A large mirror can be a focal point and reflect natural light, while a small one can serve as an accent. Either way, a mirror near the front door is a handy feature. Make sure to choose a style that complements the general style of the home.