Rustic Entryway Bench For Cozy And Welcoming Homes

Although it’s not a must-have feature, a bench can play a very important role in the overall design and ambiance of an entryway. As it turns out, a rustic entryway bench is a perfect tool if you want to make this space feel welcoming, comfortable and friendly. In addition to looking cozy, a rustic bench can also be practical. It provides a place to sit on while putting the shoes on and you can decorate it with pillows for an added dose of color and pattern.

Small entryway with rustic bench and travetine floor tilesView in gallery

This wood entryway bench is the first thing guests see when they enter this home. Isn’t this a very pleasant way to welcome everyone? The bench has a lot of rustic charm and the colorful pillows complement it just right.

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A bench can be as simple as a solid slab of wood attached to a wall. This one is great because it’s a corner bench. There’s plenty of wood under it for storing and organizing shoes and the stained wood complements the walls and the overall rustic decor really well.

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This entryway is really cool not only because it features a live-edge wood bench but also because it has this cool tray for shoes under the bench. The pebbles look zen and are very practical because they allow the shoes to drain properly, pretty nice for rainy days. Of course, the star is the rustic bench.{found on haashabitats}.

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The wooden entryway bench doesn’t have to be the only rustic design element in here. If you like the style, you could also add a rustic storage cabinet which you can attach to the wall or perhaps a shoe-storage nook. Of course, if you also cover the walls in wood, that changes everything.

Wood entryway wall built in benchView in gallery

This entryway has a lot more than just a rustic wood bench. There’s this big wooden unit with built-in benches, space for shoe storage under each one and hooks for storing jackets, scarves and all sorts of other accessories.{found on yellowstonetraditions}.

Solid wood slab entryway benchView in gallery

A rustic entryway bench can also be a cool feature for a modern or a contemporary home. For example, check out this stylish cabin. It has a cool wall section designed to act as a large coat rack and the wooden bench is placed to the side, with a view of the outdoors. We find its proportions and overall simplicity charming.

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Of course, an entryway needs more than just a rustic bench in order to look and to feel cozy and welcoming. Preferably, there should also be some sort of practical storage solutions for coats and accessories as well as for shoes. You could organize some of these things in boxes which you can store under the bench.

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There’s also a bunch of other features which can be added to an entryway to make it practical and cozy such as open shelves, hooks, accent tables or even firewood storage nooks. Select them based on the style you’re trying to create as well as on your needs and preferences.

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You might be inclined to think that a rustic entryway bench has no business being in a contemporary home but that’s not entirely right. Not all wooden benches are rustic and not all rustic bench are made of reclaimed wood or have rugged designs. This live edge shelf/ bench, for instance, is a perfect example.

DIY benches

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Can’t find a wooden entryway bench that suits your requirements? Just make one yourself. It’s really easy, especially if you don’t need it to include any sort of built-in storage. You could just attach four hairpin legs to a piece of solid wood and that can be your new entryway bench. Don’t worry about the imperfections. They just make the bench more charming. {found on grillo-designs}

Live Edge benchView in gallery

A live-edge wood bench isn’t that difficult to build either. The hardest part is finding the right slab of wood. Once you have it, you can attach a set of legs that you think would look good on your bench and then you can focus on the aesthetic details such as the finish. Both stain and paint can work but they’re very different options so choose carefully. Find out more about how to build a live-edge bench from the tutorial on saltbushavenue.

DIY Industrial Entry Shoe BenchView in gallery

How would a rustic-industrial bench look in your entryway? This is an interesting and pretty common combo and there are many different ways to materialize it. Most often, a combination of reclaimed wood and metal is successful in creating the right look. That being said, check out this DIY entry bench. The built-in shoe storage solution is quite quirky.

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How about a hall tree instead of a separate bench and coat rack? This can be a very storage-efficient solution, very practical if you have a small entryway. This one has a practical storage space under the bench which can accommodate boxes and baskets and there are hooks at the top for coats and accessories. It’s all made of wood and the design is pretty simple and straight-forward.  {found on shanty-2-2hic}.

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If, however, you decide that a rustic bench is all your entryway needs, you can always make that happen. We found this nice design idea on shanty-2-2hic and we think it’s simply perfect. You can use the bench in several different ways, including as a display surface for framed pictures, planters and other things. Keep in mind that customization is very important for every DIY project so find ways to make your bench special however you can.