Décor Projects that Make Use of Household Items

Updating your home doesn’t have to result in a lot of expense. Here are some great things you can do with items that are lying around the house.

Hang Children’s Art.

Suitcase coffee table
Children’s Clothing Becomes Creative Décor

They make you pretty drawings and paintings out of love – who knows, they could be the next Picasso. Place your children’s artwork on the walls for a quick splash of color. You could also frame an item of your children’s clothing that has special meaning attached to it. In this way, you create a unique piece of art and safeguard special memories.

Use Items from the Garden.

Suitcase coffee table
Garden Items, such as Sticks, Can Be Trendy Indoors

Things like sticks might look unexciting when you see them in the garden, but they can be spray painted and used as instant décor indoors! Place branches on a dining room table or in a vase for an injection of rustic glamour.

New Ideas for Old Wood.

Suitcase coffee table
Who Thought Wooden Shutters Could be Stylish Décor?

Re-use those window shutters or doors that you have recently taken down. Instead of leaving them in the storeroom, find creative uses for them. Wooden shutters can be placed on the wall as décor.

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Creative Items in the Bedroom

An old door, on the other hand, could be used as a headboard. Paint it with a bit of color to match the rest of the décor in the room.

Shoes with Creative Purpose.

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Old Boots are Charming Vases

If you don’t like that old pair of boots anymore, why not turn it into a vase for flowers? Simply line the inside of the boots with wax paper and fill three-quarters of them with potting soil. Plant a flower and then fill the rest of the boots with more potting soil. Remember to add a dash of water!

Step Up to Easy Décor.

Suitcase coffee table
Ladder is an Instant Towel Rack

Ladders can be used around the house as décor items. Use one as a towel rack in the bathroom, for example. This is a great tip if your bathroom is small because it offers a place to hang towels without taking much space.

Bring out the Suitcases!

Suitcase coffee table
Stack Suitcases to Create a Vintage Look

Suitcases are usually packed away when you’re not in need of them, but you can use them around the house as décor items. They could be piled up and used as the perfect spot for a vase or tray. You could even store them under the coffee table to fill the space: they look fun, especially if they’re a vintage style or come in a vibrant color, while being a sneaky place to store your magazines and books.

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