Get Inspired to Style Your Home with These Darby Furniture Ideas

Tired of your current furniture and feel like you need a home makeover? Darby Furniture is just the brand for you! It comes with so many different categories. So you can easily fill your entire home with the luxury of Darby.

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If you want a timeless but classic style, then look no further! Darby Furniture is great to use within your entire home because they have so many great style options and so many categories. To help you get started down this Darby path, we’ve narrowed down some of the best Darby furniture pieces to help inspire you and you’ll quickly realize just how great Darby Furniture is.

Who Makes Darby Home Furniture?

Darby home furniture is trademarked by Wayfair LLC. All products are made within the USA and the range of furniture. But also a huge selection of accessories such as lamps, rugs, and wall art.

Wayfair in itself is an amazing site because it has so many different kinds of high-quality brands to help you make your home feel extra cozy. Darby home furniture is a brand underneath the Wayfair hub. And as Wayfair is known for its high-quality products, you can rest assured that Darby home furniture will follow this type of standard.

Is Darby Home Furniture a Good Brand?

Yes, it’s a great brand. Because Darby Home Furniture is underneath the Wayfair hub, you can expect the finest quality of products for your home. Some of the top home furnishings include:

  • living room furniture
  • kitchen & dining room furniture
  • bedroom furniture, outdoor furniture
  • decorative accents, office furniture
  • lighting
  • bedding
  • rugs

All pieces come to you perfectly packaged and, as a result, your items do not get damaged in transit. You will be able to tell as soon as your item is delivered just how high the quality is, as Darby home furniture pieces are built to last.

What Style is Darby Home Furniture Classified As?

The whole Darby brand is classified as American Traditional or American Classic due to the types of prints and makes the furniture comes in. A lot of their furniture includes classic patterns and expertly crafted woodwork, which gives the nostalgia of classic American or traditional flair.

Some favorite patterns include the allure of deep dark wood and earth-toned floral patterns. This combination of styles will give your home a classic and timeless look that will never go out of style. Darby home furniture is great at creating style combos that are built to last, so your décor will never seem outdated.

Darby’s great at accents, too, with perfectly sculpted topiaries for your front porch, to electric fireplaces to make your family’s living room be its coziest possible. Their curtain stylings are unsurpassed in style and luxury, and their wooden furniture will last you a lifetime due to their stunning and durable craftsmanship.

Can I Mix My Darby Furniture with Other Styles?

Of course, you can! Darby home furniture will work great with styles such as country, contemporary and rustic. Since the brand is already a timeless-based collection, it would be very easy to interchange these styles of furnishings since they all have the same idea in mind. The darker woods, the floral patterns, and the rustic accents make this collection an easily interchangeable brand into your pre-existing home décor.

For example, if you have a country-themed kitchen, Darby makes plenty of rustic kitchen accessories such as wooden shelving and classic dining sets that will easily work with your rustic kitchen. If anything, mixing in some stylish classic pieces with a rustic accent will make your kitchen look that much more intriguing.

You can easily play around with all these styles to get your home to look exactly as you want it. While each style is a bit different, these styles also work well combined as they all have a classic, stylish finish to them. You simply cannot go wrong by mixing your Darby furniture with country and contemporary collections.

The Best Darby Furniture Ideas for Your Home

We’ve picked out some of the best furniture concepts to try out in your home. All of these Darby pieces are perfectly stylish and will add some classic traditional feel to your home, either on their own or by combining them with some of your other furniture pieces.

Most Popular Darby Furniture Pieces

Hartman Standard Bookcase

Hartman Standard BookcaseView in gallery

This gorgeous bookcase features adjustable shelves, a tip-over restraint device, and quick and easy assembly – what more could you ask for? It’s a bookshelf that would look perfect in a living room area or even within a foyer or hallway toward the entrance.

You can easily display all of your favorite books within this bookshelf, but you can also add in accented décor pieces such as vases or baskets. A piece crafted from wood and contains three shelves so you can easily stash away all of your favorite items within your eye line.

Each shelf is easy to adjust, so you can make a shelf taller or shorter with a simple move of the baseboard. This bookshelf comes in a neutral finish so it will fit in easily to many different types of décor themes. It also comes with a five-year warranty, so if anything happens to your piece for whatever reason, you can return it for a full refund.

Things to Note

  • Material: Manufactured wood
  • Assembly required: Yes
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Weight: 59 pounds

Tyner Damask Gray Area Rug

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This damask gray area rug comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes to easily be placed into your home. The rug is a perfect balance of contemporary flair with an understated style. It features interesting geometric trellises in neutral silver tones to make it inviting and pleasant to look at. To get this rug to contrast the best, set it up on a wooden floor or dark flooring to see just how intricate the woven work is.

The Tyner rug is highly durable so it’s a great addition to any high traffic area such as hallways, bedrooms, or living room spaces. You can easily incorporate light or dark furnishings around the rug to truly appreciate the depth of color within it.

It’s a rug made to last, so you won’t have to worry about it fraying or wearing away over time. Since this rug is already intricate in patterns, you might want to incorporate more subdued furnishings around it so that the space dost not become too noisy.

Things to Note

  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Assembly required: No
  • Warranty: No warranty
  • Weight: Up to 29 pounds

Best Darby Home Rugs

Asheville Oriental Taupe Area Rug

Asheville Oriental Taupe Area RugView in gallery

This Asheville Oriental area rug comes in taupe, red, blue, and gray hues. It comes in a variety of different sizes so you can easily incorporate it into any area of your home. The Ashville is made of high-quality materials and has been power loomed to withstand high traffic areas.

It would look fantastic with subdued accent pieces, as the pattern within this rug is already intricate and fun to look at. You wouldn’t want to mix this rug into a space that has many conflicting patterns, as that could make the room look too noisy and unpleasant.

This rug would look great in an entrance hallway, a bedroom, or a living room area where it can be admired. Depending on the color chosen, it would pair well with light to darker wooden furniture pieces including rustic woven planters and stylish wooden end tables. It is an easy rug to place into a room that already has classic to contemporary furniture as it will fit in seamlessly with that kind of style motif.

Tings to Note

  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Assembly required: No
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty
  • Weight: Up to 48 pounds

Louisa Floral Brown Area Rug

Louisa Floral Brown Area RugView in gallery

The Louisa floral rug has a high-to-low pile and is even stain-resistant, which makes it an ideal piece to place in a room with high traffic such as a living room or dining room space. It is made of chenille and viscose which gives this rug an interesting hypertextured pattern that is sure to be the center of attention in any room it’s placed in.

This rug was manufactured by a power loom, and this means that innovative weaving technology was used to create this timeless surface rug. The raised viscose pattern within this rug is unsurpassed in beauty and this rug would look fantastic with other high-end pieces or furniture.

Louisa is sure to be used to pull the entire room together and it will become a nonphysical room divider due to its ornate detail. It’s a rug that also creates a natural source of sound absorption, so it would be great for dining rooms during a dinner party or a formal area for cocktails. However, you want to utilize this rug, you just can’t go wrong by choosing it to accent your home due to its overall beauty and style.

Tings to Note

  • Material: Chenille, viscose
  • Assembly required: No
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty
  • Weight: Up to 30 pounds

Best Darby Coffee Tables

Lewisburg Coffee Table

Lewisburg Coffee TableView in gallery

Lewisburg is a gorgeous dark brown coffee table. It brings in plenty of classic style in a timeless setting. This coffee table features a lower storage shelf with rustic wire brush details. Also, it comes with a stained finish to it and has a bit of a distressed wood outer layer. Made of solid wood and manufactured wood with a little assembly required, but it will be well worth it once your table is all put together amongst your other fine furnishings.

This table would look great paired with more subdued couches and decorative pieces, such as large tapered taupe vases or candle holders in pewter or powder blue to accent the table so much more. An intricate carpet with some dark and light tones will also go well with this table as the dark wood will only bring out these accents to a higher degree.

Things to Note

  • Material: Solid and manufactured wood
  • Assembly required: Yes
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty
  • Weight: 106 pounds

Janene Lift Top Floor Shelf Coffee Table with Storage

Rummond Library BookcaseView in gallery

This Janene lift top table is incredible because it features the luxury of a high-quality traditional coffee table with so many extra bells and whistles. This table has lift options, so you can easily use it as a tv tray if you prefer to eat your meals in the living room or as a reading tray.

The lift-top accents to this table make this one of Darby’s best furniture pieces on the market. Janene has plenty of drawer storage with easy-to-move casters that make this table easy to use, and easy to set up. It’s also made with solid and manufactured wood with little assemble required.

Due to its deep brown color, it would look great with accenting colors in green, purple, or orange. You can get as creative as you like with this table, as it is not only gorgeous to have in your living room but it’s highly functional for a busy family.

Things to Note

  • Material: Solid and manufactured wood
  • Assembly required: Yes
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty
  • Weight: 113.6 pounds

Best Darby Accent Chairs

Brougham Wingback Chair and Ottoman

Brougham Wingback Chair and OttomanView in gallery

If anything beckons to take a break and sit a spell, it will be this cozy wingback chair and ottoman combo. This set is sure to help you take a load off after a long day with its ultra-plush stuffing and high-quality design.

You can’t go wrong with this style, either, as the pinstripe pattern to this chair makes the room just pop with some color and brings in the traditional flair to any space. This chair set comes in crimson red stripes, cream, and sand or blue, and yellows -so you can easily choose a pattern that will work best for your area.

This chair set is made with solid wood and has a standard seat depth for ultra-relaxing moments. It comes with a weight capacity of 300 pounds and features sturdy, thick wooden legs that act as an accent to the piece.

Things to Note

  • Material: Cotton, polyester, and solid wood
  • Assembly required: Yes
  • Warranty: 60-day warranty
  • Weight: 66 pounds

Colyer Genuine Leather Armchair

Colyer Genuine Leather ArmchairView in gallery

You just can’t beat the allure of a cozy leather armchair, and this armchair is no different. This chair features a removable seat cushion and a shallow seat depth so you can sit more comfortably straight. It has reversible cushions for an added decorative effect and comes with sturdy foam construction. The Colyer would look fantastic in a bedroom or within a living room setting as it is both comfortable and highly fashionable.

You can pair this chair with an interesting side table of wrought iron or solid wood to keep decorative planters and keepsakes on. Whichever room this chair is placed in; it is sure to become that much cozier due to the warm effect this chair has.

Things to Note

  • Material: Leather, foam, manufactured and solid wood
  • Assembly required: No
  • Warranty: 90-day warranty
  • Weight: 54.68 pounds

Best Darby Dining Table Set

Nadine 6 – Person Dining Set

Nadine 6 - Person Dining SetView in gallery

This Nadine dining set is perfect for a family of six to sit and relax while eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This set comes in brown/black, brown, or brown/cream so you can easily make it fit into an existing color scheme that you already have in your dining room area.

It features long tapered legs and vinyl upholstery for an updated touch on this classic X-shaped backed chair. Made from solid and manufactured wood with some assembly, but it will immediately become a focal piece to your home.

This dining set is shipped to you with all the necessary assembly tools requires, so that’s just one less thing to worry about upon setting this up. Setup is very easy since everything you need is included in the price. This set includes the dining table and six chairs.

Things to Note

  • Material: Solid and manufactured wood, vinyl, rubberwood
  • Assembly required: Yes
  • Warranty: One year warranty
  • Weight: 56 pounds

Sison 4 – Person Counter Height Dining Set

Sison 4 - Person Counter Height Dining SetView in gallery

The Sison four-person high counter dining set features so much style with a modern twist. It comes in black, dark brown or espresso, and would look fantastic in a contemporary or classic dining room complete with rustic accents.

This dining set comes with a table with a marble tabletop with four chairs that are made with upholstered seats for extreme comfort. Wouldn’t it look fantastic surrounded by ornate curtains and interesting wall décor in brass or silver?

The chairs feature sleek faux black leather upholstery with a button tufting and long tapered wood legs. The tabletop is a marble laminate, so it won’t be too heavy when having to assemble.

Things to Note

  • Material: Solid and manufactured wood, vinyl, laminate
  • Assembly required: Yes
  • Warranty: One year warranty
  • Weight: 70.5 pounds

Best Darby Furniture Bookshelves

Clintonville Standard Bookcase

Clintonville Standard BookcaseView in gallery

This Clintonville bookcase features adjustable shelves and a tip-over restraint device so you will be as protected as possible from this bookshelf tipping over for whatever reason. A sleek and tapered design features tacked shelving that can hold up to 50 pounds on the bottom shelf, 40 pounds on the second to the bottom shelf, and up to 25 pounds on the above shelves.

It’s a bookshelf that would look great in an office or within a bedroom where you’d like to store your books and other knickknacks in a safe and visually appealing way.

Made from manufactured wood and does require some assembly. But the step-by-step process booklet is easy to read and understand so you will have this shelf up in a flash. It’s so impressive that the setup may seem like it’d be impossible, but it’s really easy to set up and you will have it done so fast – it will be well worth it! Trust us!

Things to Note

  • Material: manufactured wood
  • Assembly required: Yes
  • Warranty: Five-year warranty
  • Weight: 79 pounds

Rummond Library Bookcase

Rummond Library BookcaseView in gallery

The Rummond bookcase comes with so much storage space. This bookcase comes in either cherry, espresso, or dry oak, and would look fantastic in an office or within a study or a library setting. You could even place this in a living room space to show off your collection of books to all of your friends.

It comes with adjustable shelves and each shelf can hold up to 70 pounds. This is great if you’d like to use this bookshelf for more than just books. You could also display some of your favorite souvenirs from trips or priceless antique items. Easily display whatever you’d like with this impressive bookshelf.

Things to Note

  • Material: manufactured wood and solid wood
  • Assembly required: Yes
  • Warranty: Five-year warranty
  • Weight: 312 pounds

The Final Verdict on Darby Furniture

So, there you have it – some of the very best that Darby furniture has to offer. Which piece is your favorite? We like the amazing bookshelves. Especially the Rummond bookshelf because it is heavy enough for commercial use but elegant enough to keep within your study or library.

Do you have any experience with this brand? We’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to share your stories, comments, or thoughts in the comments section below. And check out our guide for must have furniture for your home for more inspiration!