Convex Clock Mirror

The past is a powerful example for all of us and it gives us a source of inspiration for what or what not to do. We should learn from the past and take only the good things from it, never repeating the mistakes. So some designers thought it would be a good idea to revive some things that were made a long time ago and start manufacturing them in an improved manner, with modern accents. That is the case of this Convex Clock Mirror that is a reproduction of a mirror with clock that was made some time in the 1930s. It belonged to the Art Deco that came from France and is a combination between a convex mirror in the middle and a clock on the edges.

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The exterior of the mirror has Roman numerals on, showing the hours from I to XII. What is unusual about this item is the fact that it only looks like a clock, as it has no arms to show us the time. It is made of iron and mirror, with an aged bronze frame. As you can see it can only be used for decorative purposes or as a mirror. However, it does look nice and it brings a special feature of Art deco to any modern living room. You can have it now for $1,235.