Charming Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas That Everyone Will Love

Thanksgiving Day is such a wholesome event. Granted, we shouldn’t need a special event to be nice and thankful to each other, but it’s definitely nice to take advantage of this opportunity and spend time with the loved ones. Make this gathering as special and as pleasant as possible and be sure to check out some of our favorite Thanksgiving table decor ideas to get some inspiration from them.

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Make each guest feel special with a custom place setting design. A really cute idea is to turn leaves into place cards. Go outside and gather a bunch of fallen leaves with nice shapes and colors, clean them up a bit and then paint initials on each one. You can use a paint pen or a thin brush. We got this idea from 1905farmhouse.

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Use metallic paints to spice up your Thanksgiving table decor. There’s a lot you can use it for. For example, you can spray paint a few pumpkins and gourds and use them to create a custom centerpiece. You can check out mycreativehappy in case you need for inspiration for your setup.

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Selecting a particular theme for your Thanksgiving table decor. A nice example is this coastal table setting featured on sandandsisal. If you’d like to do something similar you can use basic items such as pumpkins, pinecones and other similar things and add a few coastal-themed details among them (seashells, starfish, driftwood pieces, etc.)

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The Thanksgiving table decor doesn’t have to be complex or to cost a lot. Let autumn and its infinite beauty inspire you. Decorate the table with things like seasonal fruits and veggies, branches, leaves and whatever else you can find in your own yard or garden or at your local grocery store. Check out ellaclaireinspired for more inspiring ideas.

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A few gold details can really change a decor. Of course, you can take this to the next level and use gold spray paint to make everything stand out. A good example is this case is offered by apumpkinandaprincess. To avoid overdecorating, keep the rest of the colors involves as simple and as neutral as possible.

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Here’s another cool idea: use Kraft paper to make a table runner. Cut it just a bit longer than the table on each side and then position all the plates the way you want them. Lightly trace their shape onto the paper just to use as a guide, then write the name of each guest above the plate using a black marker. This idea comes from bydawnnicole.

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Create a warm and cozy ambiance by decorating the Thanksgiving table with natural materials, textures and colors. For example, you can turn wood slices into little trays or coasters. Also, decorate the table with pumpkins, greenery and other nature-inspired items. This setup featured on hollymathisinteriors is a nice source of inspiration. We also really like the plaid table runner and the rattan chairs in this case.

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Fall colors are actually very vibrant if you know where to look. You can find them in nature but you can also recreate them artificially. For instance, you can cut out leaves out of colored cardstock to make place cards for the Thanksgiving table. Add these to your table setting along with seasonal greenery and flowers. A cool tip is to use these elements in combination with white and other neutrals so they stand out more. The inspiration here comes from craftaholicsanonymous.

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We also like the vibrant look of this fall tablescape featured on craftaholicsanonymous. The wooden table is a perfect backdrop for the turquoise placemats. The white details highlight all the other colors beautifully. Each guest has a tiny orange pumpkin with a cute little cranberry wreath around it.

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Create the perfect Thanksgiving table decor in several steps, adding more items and details each time until it looks complete. Start with the table runner and some of bigger items, then gradually add the rest. Every once in a while, take a step back to look at the big picture. Check out theletteredcottage for more inspiration.

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You should also check out homeyohmy because they have some great ideas you can use in your Thanksgiving projects, like this glamorous tablescape created using tiny copper striped pumpkins. The candle votives are very elegant as well. You can easily make something similar with copper tape or metallic paint.

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Simplicity is also a great strategy. Fill your Thanksgiving table with delicious goodies and skip the complicated centerpieces. Instead you could have bowls filled with seasonal fruits and a few flowers in a vase. Add candles to set a cozy mood and you’re done. For more inspiration and ideas you can check out dimplesandtangles.

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Use trays to cluster the Thanksgiving table decorations together and also to make it easier to relocate them when you want to make room for the food at the center of the table. You can fill a simple wooden tray with things like small pumpkins, candles and a small vase with flowers. We got this idea from ellaclaireinspired and that’s also where you can find out all about these printable placemats.

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A rustic table decor seems like the perfect approach for Thanksgiving Day. Of course, that doesn’t mean in any way that you have to strictly follow the lines of this particular style and nothing else. You can create an eclectic setup with a few rustic influences and an overall modern appeal. You can find inspiration for that on cityfarmhouse.

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Combine natural elements with metallic accents for a balanced and glamorous look. It’s an idea that we got from homestoriesatoz. You might enjoy opting for a simple burlap table runner and complementing it with a few accent details such as golden decorations, metal candle holders and whatever you can find around the house.

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You can also find a bunch of really cute ideas on onsuttonplace. We really like the place cards which are tags attached to pears and also the rosemary branches on each napkin. They’re tied with twine and it looks very charming.

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White pumpkins look very beautiful and they’re a great resource when it comes to Thanksgiving decor in general. You can display some at the center of the table, turn a few into little vases and just scatter some around the home to create a fresh vibe. You can find more ideas on onsuttonplace.

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If the weather allows it, it would be amazing to be able to spend some time outdoor on Thanksgiving Day. Maybe you could also all enjoy an al fresco lunch or even dinner, sort of like a picnic but more refined. You should check out thelilypadcottage for more inspiration regarding this cool idea.

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This project from thegoldensycamore shows exactly why it’s a good idea to start preparing for Thanksgiving a few days in advance. This way you have plenty of time to complete some simple DIY projects that you find along the way, like these adorable embroidered napkins for example.

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A simple way to add a fun twist to your typical Thanksgiving table decor is to mix and match different types of plates for each guest. This way everyone will feel special and your table setting will look less boring. Find out more about that on apartment34.

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Inspiration can come from anywhere. Even if you don’t really have an idea right now for how to decorate the Thanksgiving table you can surely find inspiration all around you. For example, check out this beautiful setup featured on sophiasdecor. It was all inspired by that initial green pumpkin at the center of the table.

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If you prefer a rustic style with a hint of glamour you should definitely check out unskinnyboppy. This fall tablescape is really great and only uses a few key elements. We really like the attention to detail and especially the menus and place cards.

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You can use wood in your projects in a lot of cool and interesting ways. When setting up the Thanksgiving table for instance you could have these lovely wood slice trays and you can turn some tree stumps into candle holders. Leave the bark on for added texture and beauty. Check out thewhitebuffalostylingco for even more great ideas.