14 Ideas for Dressing Your Thanksgiving Table on a Budget

You’ve already spent a fortune at the grocery buying enough turkey and stuffing and cranberries to feed an army, so your first thoughts about decorating your Thanksgiving table may seem too much to ask. But I promise you, your centerpiece frills and fancies don’t have to break your budget. Thanksgiving may be one of the best holidays when it comes to affordable decorating because nature still has so many of her lovely warm tones out there, waiting for you to decorate with! Check out these 14 ideas for dressing your Thanksgiving table on a budget that will convince you to go for that centerpiece.

Backyard greenery centerpieceView in gallery

Gather up all your glass vases or a set of glasses and use some clippings from the backyard to create a centerpiece that stretches the length of the table. You can get fancy with grocery store flowers or keep things green. (via Flickr)

Gilded leaves centerpieceView in gallery

Leaves and fallen sticks are found aplenty whenever you step out your door at this time of year. Grab a few the night before Thanksgiving, give them a glided look with a coat of gold spray paint and strew them among some tealights on your table for a lovely warm yet sparkly effect. (via Interiors Online)

DIY wedding blanket runnerView in gallery

Moroccan wedding blankets are so lovely and cozy looking. Bring the same effect to your table with this DIY wedding blanket runner. Here is the excuse you’ve been looking for to buy that sparkly sequin trim! (via A Bubbly Life)

Wheat bouquet centerpieceView in gallery

Forget bouquets of flowers for Thanksgiving. Use wheat instead. You probably already have the empty bottles which will make it the easiest instant centerpiece you could hope for. (via Mountain Modern Life)

Simple candle centerpieceView in gallery

Since you’re already at the grocery, pick up some citrus fruit and spread them down the table with some white candles. You can add pinecones and greenery like the picture above or sticks and leaves or even just let the rest of the food do the work. (via Julie Blanner)

Veggie wrapped candlesView in gallery

While green bean casserole is delicious, set aside some of those veggies for your table decor. Use twine to secure the greens around some candles and you’ll have a centerpiece to get their mouths watering. (via Lilyshop)

DIY painted acornsView in gallery

Time for a nature walk with the kids! Have them gather up as many acorns as they can find and when you get home, they can help you paint them in your theme colors. Fill a bowl in the center of the table with the final product or strew them among your Thanksgiving dishes. (via Home Stories A to Z)

Faux pumpkin vaseView in gallery

Now is the time to grab up those discount Halloween decorations. Find yourself a faux pumpkin, cut a hole in it and use it as a vase for your flowery centerpiece. Use real flowers for a luxe look or fake ones that you can bring out year after year. (via Creative Green Living)

Floating fruit centerpieceView in gallery

There’s nothing like a bit of floating fruit. My advice would be to use bright red apples instead of green to make the colors more Thanksgiving worthy. (via Real Simple)

Fresh cotton centerpieceView in gallery

Southerners check this out. Wheat and flowers are all very good but look what a bit of freshly picked ripe cotton will do for your Thanksgiving bouquets. If you have a turkey gravy boat, you win. (via Talk of the House)

Vintage globe bowlView in gallery

Got an antique globe you’ve been wanting to use for a DIY? Cut it in half and fill it with all the Fall bits of nature you can find. Pinecones, dried leaves, sticks, wheat, it’s all fair game. (via Happiness)

Printable coloring placematsView in gallery

Cater to the kids at your Thanksgiving table with printable placemats like these. I will bet that the kids won’t be the only ones that enjoy coloring away while they wait for the turkey to be served. (via Hither and Thither)

Veggie thanksgiving centerpieceView in gallery

How beautiful is that? Seriously. Just use the food you’re cooking with to make a one of the kind centerpiece. With white tapers to light it up, you’ll be the talk of Instagram this Thanksgiving. (via The Kitchn)

Outdoor thanksgiving dinnerView in gallery

Do you live in a place that has a warm Thanksgiving? Take your Thanksgiving table outdoors and let nature be your decor. Your guests will enjoy dining on turkey alfresco. (via The Pretty Blog)