Clever Furniture Combinations: Bookcase Headboards

The desire to increase functionality, to save space or to gain character has led designers to create all sorts of interesting and unexpected combinations. For example, we’ve seen loft beds that had desks underneath and staircases that also served as shelving units, storage units or desks. Now it’s time to take a look at another innovative and clever combo: between a bookcase and a headboard.

Bedroom and bookshelves perfect balanceView in gallery

It’s hard to achieve perfect balance and to allow each element to keep its individuality and defining characteristics. So the combination can either be a bookcase that somehow has a portion which doubles as a headboard, like in this case, or a headboard with built-in bookshelves.

Headboard bookshelves built in bedView in gallery

This is how the second option could look like. The back of the headboard includes a few storage shelves. This type of design suits the type of beds that aren’t placed against the wall because then the bookshelves would become useless.{found on smithandvansant}.

Headboard to have built in bookshelvesView in gallery

It’s also possible for the headboard to have built-in bookshelves and to also double as a room divider. This would be possible if the bedroom had access to a private and enclosed balcony.{found on michaellauren}.

Large room bookshelves freestanding unit like headboardView in gallery

However, such a design could be useful in other situations. For example, the bookcase headboard could hide the wardrobe, in this case a hanging clothes rack. It’s a way to maximize floor space by eliminating the closet.{found on carouselmedia}.

Bedroom headboard shelves for booksView in gallery

Another way to make the most of the bedroom walls is to design a large wall unit that incorporates the headboard and a bookcase around it. The nightstands would also be built into the unit.

Symmetrical bedroom design bookcase headboardView in gallery

There’s a variety of designs and configurations to choose from. Symmetrical designs are a clever way of creating an organized look. The headboard sits at the center, surrounded by bookshelves on two sides and additional shelves above it.{found on ragsdale}.

Modern bedroom design bookcase furnitureView in gallery

Symmetry is usually a characteristic of traditional designs. However, it can also be applied for modern decors. This is a very elegant example of a bookcase and headboard combination. The accent lighting offers it a particularly distinguished look.{found on honky}.

Bedroom featuring twin bedsView in gallery

This is an interesting way of designing a bookcase around two single beds. The bookshelves frame the beds and eliminate the need for nightstands. This way, the rooms stays spacious and airy.{found on lesliestephensdesign}.

Ecletic interior design headboard bookcaseView in gallery

Such quirky combinations can be beautifully applied in the case of eclectic interior designs such as this one. The bookcase extends all the way to the ceiling and the library ladder gives the bedroom an industrial feel.{found on denizen}.

Blue bedroom cohesive unit in this caseView in gallery

Although technically the headboard and the bookcases are separate features, they do form a cohesive unit in this case. The design is very practical for attic spaces, allowing the walls to be used in a really practical way.{found on historicalconcepts}.

Large book collection above headView in gallery

If your book collection is extensive, then an entire wall could be transformed into a bookcase, with a special partition that accommodates the headboard and the nightstands.{found on platemark}.