Boo! Mirror with Coat Rack

I knew mirrors were made of glass, with some silver backing that allows you to see your own reflection there. But apparently modern people have learned a lot from the ancient ones and learned you can use different materials in order to obtain the same thing. So they used stainless steel instead and got a beautiful mirror. If you polish stainless steel properly it will shine and reflect any image, making a nice and resistant mirror for the hallway or bathroom. This Boo! Mirror with Coat Rack is amazing because it combines a wall mirror with a coat hook.

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This mirror is perfect for bathrooms or hallways and you can grab your coat that hangs there in the two hooks and take a last look in the mirror before getting out of the house. The mirror has a double sided adhesive tape, screws and rawplugs and then it adds the two hooks that are used for hanging coats. They are also made of stainless steel and make the mirror even more useful. The hooks are pretty wide so as to be resistant enough for holding the coats or jackets and the mirror is high quality. Boo! Mirror is probably the ghost of Christmas present that you see unexpectedly above the coat if you do not know there is also a mirror there. The item can be bought for 18.75 € from Black Blum.