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Our Most Recommended BBQ Shelters – A Cover Story For Grilling In Any Weather Conditions

Nothing is better than hanging out around a fire during the summer. Of course, it gets even better when talking about a barbecue fire. Don’t let the weather rain on your parade (or barbecue). Take a look at our list of barbecue shelters and consider such an addition to your backyard. Explore cover replacement options if you already have a BBQ shelter but you would like to give it a fresh look. Choose something that looks great and also keeps you safe and dry while cooking. Keep the heat of the sun or the excess moisture of a summer shower away from your grilled delicacies.

BBQ Shelters

If you are not sure what makes a great barbecue shelter, we got your back. You’ll also find a list of the characteristics you need to keep in mind when choosing a gazebo. We break them down for you, so you won’t be raking over the coals at your next barbeque.

Quick Guide for BBQ Shelters

To enjoy more your time around the BBQ, you want to make sure you have a proper cover over your grill. Here is a list of the aspects you need to keep in mind before making a purchase decision.

  • Structure 

Safety is a priority when doing a barbecue. This also applies to the construction providing shelter from sun, rain or wind. To avoid getting trapped under your BBQ shelter, you want to choose a sturdy structure. Metal or treated wood will be strong enough to face the wind.

  • Ventilation

A good ventilation prevents you from choking with smoke and ruining the whole BBQ. Most gazebos have open sides that permit fresh air to flow in and out with ease. Also, you can check for roof vents that also improve ventilation.

  • Size 

You know your backyard best, so you have to make sure you use the space in the best way possible. Choose a BBQ shelter that can accomodate your grill without taking all the space in your garden. Or opt for a wider gazebo, to enjoy extra-space for you and your guests to move around or huddle under in case of rain.

  • Protection 

Most gazebos provide UV protection and are also treated to be fire retardant. Tent style shelters usually feature a waterproof canopy top. Some wooden gazebos may require special treatments. Opt for a heavier structure, that has a solid foundation, in case the area where you live is very windy.

  • Assembly 

If you are not a jack-of-all-trades kind of person, then an easy to assembly shelter is for you. Most BBQ shelters will involve assembly, as they come in a flat package and with a set of instructions. The tent style shelters take a few snaps to erect, so you only need a few minutes to get under the roof.

  • Design

If details usually concern you, then take time to see what comes alongside your BBQ shelter. Most of them feature shelves or hooks for your grill utensils. Check the color of the canopy or the frame finish, to know if your gazebo will blend in or stand out in your backyard.

How to choose BBQ Shelters

Overwhelmed and confused by the numerous types of BBQ shelters on display at your local hardware store? Don’t fret, this happens to a lot of people due to the options. You might be wondering how to determine what type of BBQ shelter is better than its competitor when you can’t see any noticeable differences. That is why you need to keep the following in mind while shopping:

  • How big is the BBQ you are trying to cover?
  • How often do you plan to use your BBQ during the on and off seasons?
  • Are you looking for a BBQ shelter that allows multiple people to stand under the canopy out of the elements?
  • Are you interested more in functionality or design?

Types of BBQ Shelters

Interested in learning about the different types of BBQ shelters? Then keep reading to find out the most common ones that are found in various hardware and department stores in your area!

  1. A gazebo shaped shelter. These shelters are typically made from wood and offers a peaked roof to allow rainfall, snow, and more to slip down the sides.
  2. A metal and fabric BBQ shelter. This type will feature a fabric roof that is treated to become fire resistant and waterproof. Metal supports hold the structure in place.
  3. BBQ shelters with privacy screens. These shelters will not have open walls on all sides but instead feature a sheer or mesh panel that still allows for air circulate but distorts the view of someone looking into the shelter.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Can you clean the BBQ shelter?
  2. Does it need to be strapped down in the event of severe weather?
  3. Can it be used in the off season, for example: during the winter months?
  4. Can you replace the roof of the structure or do you have to purchase an entirely new one?
  5. Are they able to be used on the patio or on the ground only?
  6. Can you combine multiple shelters to create an open area for guests?

Our Top 6 Recommended BBQ Shelters

Ventura BBQ 8 Ft. W x 6 Ft. D Aluminum Grill Gazebo

Original Replacement Canopy for Grill Gazebo

The Sojag Ventura BBQ Grill Gazebo transforms any outdoor space into a haven. Enjoy cooking outside under a well-anchored gazebo. With a galvanized steel roof and an aluminum frame, this BBQ shelter will be worth the investment. Designed to face the weather’s changes all year round, it will survive rust, UV, mildew and even fire. Feel comfortable in your barbecue area, as this shelter also includes two shelves. This way, you get to enjoy a working area right next to your grill.

The dark gray finish of the frame gives an elegant touch to space and will for sure stand out in your backyard. This BBQ shelter covers an area of 352.16 square feet, enough space for you and your friends to gather around. In terms of dimensions, the gazebo measurements are 8 Ft. W x 6 Ft. D. The item includes 1 Year warranty for the product and 2 years against any rust perforation of the roof. Installation and foundation will be necessary for this barbecue shelter.


  • Galvanized steel roof with aluminum frame
  • Rust, UV, mildew, and fire resistant
  • 1-year warranty on the product
  • 2-year warranty on the roof (rust)


  • A foundation is necessary
  • Installation is required with assembly

Kent 8 Ft. W x 5 Ft. D Steel Grill Gazebo

Original Replacement Canopy for Grill Gazebo

The Sunjoy Kent Steel Grill Gazebo lets you enjoy grilling in a more comfortable, cool area. From structure to accessories, this shelter has all you need to indulge yourself when cooking outside. This Sunjoy grill gazebo will keep you protected from the sun and rain while you flip your burgers. Its 8ft. W x 5 ft. D structure comes protected with a layer of rust-resistant powder-coated steel. Leave behind the days when smoke took over your BBQ area.

The 2-tier roof ensures better ventilation of the smoke. All sizes and shapes of grills will find a new home under the roof of this barbeque shelter. Get ready to be more enchanted by the little details of this gazebo. It even includes hooks so you can keep your grill utensils within reach. The built-in shelves will make your working area even more practical and attractive. This beautiful brown steel shelter will blend in perfectly in any outdoor landscape. And it comes with easy-to-follow instructions, so the assembly won’t give you a hard time. Wearing the signature of the largest provider of gazebos in North America, this product comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Two tier roof for better air circulation
  • Hooks and built-in shelves for storage
  • Larger size for more options


  • A more permanent structure than most on the list

Dakota 6 Ft. W x 8 Ft. D Metal Grill Gazebo

Original Replacement Canopy for Grill Gazebo

The Sojag Dakota Metal Grill Gazebo helps you make summer last longer. With the protection offered by its aluminum roof, you can enjoy your grilling days more. Get comfortable cooking outside, with a working area easy to set on the two built-in shelves. Dimensions of this BBQ shelter are 6 Ft. W x 8 Ft. D. The roof provides shade and good ventilation during the hot months. Maintenance is easy, as you only have to ensure snow doesn’t put excessive pressure on the roof. The full-frame features protection against any weather conditions. The product comes with a one-year warranty. You will need to handle the full installation, according to the instructions.


  • UV protection
  • Two built-in shelves for storage
  • Full-frame design


  • Excess weight can buckle the roof
  • Installation is required from scratch

COBANA Grill Gazebo 8’by 4.6’ Outdoor Patio BBQ Canopy

Original Replacement Canopy for Grill Gazebo

The Cobana Grill Gazebo Outdoor Patio BBQ Canopy combines simple design with practicality. Add more comfort to your BBQ experience. Keep the excessive sun or unexpected rain away, as you find refuge under a durable polyester top. Find the perfect color match for your backyard, choosing one of the three fabric options for the roof. The sturdy frame will also help keep your grill area protected.

No more water pooling, thanks to the buckles ensuring a well-fastened top. Also, the waterproof, weather-resistant materials will keep your grilled delicacies safe from rain. Easy to install and clean, stable and resistant, this gazebo will be a great addition to your outdoors. The extra features will delight you, as you have 4 pothooks and 2 shelves on the sides, so you can feel at ease cooking. Keep all your grill utensils and tableware nearby. When it comes to size, details matter, so you should know this shelter measures 8′ L X 4.6′ W. Add some light decorations on top of the poles for a more personalized look.


  • Durable polyester roof
  • Easy to clean
  • 2 shelves and 4 pothooks


  • Smaller in terms of overall size

ABCCANOPY 8’x 5′ Grill Gazebo

Original Replacement Canopy for Grill Gazebo

The ABCCANOPY Double Tiered Outdoor BBQ Gazebo Canopy with LED Light puts the BBQ season in a new light. With a large 8′ x 5′ footprint, this grill shelter will provide plenty of shade and comfort for all the grilling fans. Designed to resist rust, corrosion, chipping, you know this BBQ gazebo is here to stay. For windy or hot days, the top canopy has two soft tiers that ensure great air ventilation and stability.

Extend your grilling hours even after sunset, using the energy-efficient LED lights included. And make the most of your working area, using the two lateral shelves and hooks to store your BBQ utensils. Keep the rain and UV rays away while you cook your specialties in the great outdoors. Let your passion for grilling grow under the cover of this sturdy yet nifty barbecue shelter. Blend in with the nature, as the canopy comes in a beautiful shade of Forest Green. Get ready to grill with style, from dusk till dawn.


  • LED lights included for nighttime grilling
  • Roof is two-tiered for air circulation
  • Rust, corrosion, and chip resistant


  • Expensive on most budgets

MASTERCANOPY Pop-up Canopy Tent

Original Replacement Canopy for Grill Gazebo

The MASTERCANOPY Pop-up Canopy Tent is the kind of instant BBQ shelter you need for an adventure. Take this easy-to-install tent to festivals, camping, backyard events. The full package is a pleasant surprise for grill lovers. It becomes as easy as “pop” to bring some shade wherever you decide to do a barbecue. The wheeled bag saves a lot of trouble in transporting the elements of this portable tent. You also get four canopy sandbags and four tent stakes (10’x10′), next to the pop-up canopy frame.

The canopy roof features a vent to ensure proper ventilation and cooling. The steel frame blends with the strong plastic components for a long-lasting structure. This pop-up canopy tent will adjust to your height and needs. Keep your fingers safe from pinches with the help of the improved toggle leg adjustment. Select from the three different height options: High 81′ , Medium 77′, Low 73.2 ‘. No need for fire alarms, the top cover material is fire resistant, compliant with CPAI-84. You are one minute away from comfort and shade, with this practical, durable BBQ shelter.


  • Instant set-up and take-down
  • Wheeled storage/carrying bag
  • Adjustable Height


  • Will need storage space when not in use

More cool BBQ Shelters you can take in consideration

Garden Winds Replacement Canopy

Original Replacement Canopy for Grill Gazebo

The Garden Winds Replacement Canopy – Standard 350 are a perfect match for the Sheridan Grill Gazebo. Stylish and resistant, this canopy proves beauty is in the details. This product features reliable ultra stitches and durable pockets. So, no matter how strong the wind or rain may be, you will be safe. Your grill gazebo will keep you protected from rain and sun, for a long time. Made from waterproof polyester, this grill gazebo replacement top fits only a specific model. Its dimensions are 107 x 67 inches. Ain’t no sunshine and no rain coming through this beautiful beige canopy. It can protect you from UPF 50+, it is water-resistant, and complies with the CPAI-84 fire retardant.

Garden Winds Replacement Canopy

Original Replacement Canopy for Grill Gazebo

The Garden Winds Replacement Canopy for L-GZ238PST-11 suits the structure of a Bamboo-Look BBQ Gazebo. Water resistant and CPAI-84 fire retardant compliant, this canopy is durable and stylish. To ensure its utility, compare all measurements to determine the type of gazebo you have. This product measures 97.5” x 60” on the bottom tier and 29” x 18.5” for the top tier. Add some color to your barbecue shelter, as this long-lasting canopy has a design inspired by the USA flag.

8 x 5 Bamboo Look BBQ Gazebo

Original Replacement Canopy for Grill Gazebo

This Garden Winds Replacement Canopy Top Cover made of Riplock fabric is a match for the 8 x 5 Bamboo Look BBQ Gazebo. Measuring 16 x 12 x 3 inches, this top cover weighs 2.64 pounds. With a pleasant shade of beige, the canopy is UV treated, water-resistant and fire retardant. Give a fresh look to your BBQ shelter with this long-lasting canopy.

Sunjoy 110109132 Original Replacement Canopy for Grill Gazebo

Original Replacement Canopy for Grill Gazebo

The Sunjoy 110109132 Original Replacement Canopy for L-GZ651PST is compatible with the 5 x 7 Grill Gazebo. The fabric used for this canopy is 100%  premium Polyester. It has a polymer coating so UV-protection, water and fire resistance are also included. This top cover is compatible only with the grill gazebo (5×7 ft) sold in Bigots US in 2013 spring (store SKU: 30535375). A great plus of this product is the 12-month warranty. Also, the low maintenance translates as a very easy to clean material.

Tips on best backyard placement

Now that you’ve made your final decision when it comes to your BBQ shelter – there is still one step to take before setting it up in your backyard! That is where you are going to place it as that can make the difference between comfort during grilling and irritating grilling.

For the best backyard placement, consider the following:

  • Finalize the location of the BBQ shelter. You want an area that is not overly exposed to the elements and a place where natural protection can be found. For example, near a treeline to buffer the wind is always a good bet. Consider the path you will follow to get to your shelter. Are there obstacles in the way? Do you need to weave around flower beds?
  • The size of the BBQ shelter. You don’t want to install your shelter only to find that the roof is brushing the tree branches or colliding against the overhang roof of your patio.
  • Do your BBQ shelter require a foundation to complete installation? Can it just be secured into the ground or will you need to pour a concrete foundation off the patio?


There you have it, our top list of good-looking, practical and long-lasting BBQ shelters. Let us know in the comments which one do you think will look best in your backyard. This barbecue season, have a smokin’ time under a new grill gazebo!