Antique Tiled Square Wall Mirror

I love movies and I have always liked watching all the details in the classic movies, for example those big and shiny mirrors the actors have backstage in their make-up rooms. They are huge and surrounded by smaller mirrors that present every single detail in your face and they shine all around making everything look glittering and sparkling, out of this world. This Antique Tiled Square Wall Mirror reminded me of them and made me feel like a famous actress preparing for the show.

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This mirror is square and has a nice wood molding that is covered with foxed-mirror tiles that make it look vintage. The solid wood frame of the mirror has a very nice antiqued bronze finish that reflects your face in a dozen smaller mirrors. It is original and nice, making you feel special. The mirror is made in India and it is more like a work of art than a home accessory and will surely be the centerpiece of your living room. you can purchase it now from West Elm for $99. Any way, you should also know the price does not include the hardware that you need to mount the mirror on the wall, so you will have to do this by yourself if you want to hang it in your home and admire it every day.