8 DIY Kid-Friendly Table Decorations for Your Thanksgiving Feast

It’s definitely a time of year where large gatherings happen. Are you hosting the family feast this year? Or are you having friends over for the holiday? So many exciting things are happening; sometimes it’s difficult for the children in your life to feel involved…and to keep out of trouble un-doing what you’re trying to get done. Here are some fantastic ideas for helping your kids pass the time until “the event” (whatever it might be) happens…and your Thanksgiving feast will be all the more merry because of their efforts.

Turkey Utensil Holder.


Isn’t this adorable? It’s pretty simple so that even younger children could be involved in customizing the table settings for grandma and grandpa, aunt and uncle. Shorten a paper towel roll, insert pipe cleaners for the turkey feathers, and glue on some googly eyes and a foam beak. Viola! The cutest napkin and fork holder you’ll ever see.

Edible Pinecone Turkey.


Okay, so the pinecone itself isn’t edible, but this turkey’s orange body is. Although he’s much too cute to eat anytime soon. Send the kids outside to gather some small pincones and pretty leaves, then let them glue on the googly eyes and construction paper beak and wattle. Stick everything onto an orange, and you’ve got yourself a fun turkey accent. Easy for all ages, and absolutely adorable.

Handprint Turkey on Burlap.


Using paints and some creativity, your children can create this fantastic handprint turkey that has a variety of possible uses. Cover them with plastic for a placemat, use them as place settings, or simply prop the turkeys around the dinner table. The best part of this decoration is that it’s a keepsake that will last for years.

Easy Turkey Cup.


Although I doubt you’ll want to drink out of this cup (what with the raffia popping out the top and all), you and your guests will certainly get a kick out of looking at it. This is such a simple idea, great for a young children’s Thanksgiving table where glass goblets may be a little too much stress. You could have the children glue colorful feathers onto the side of the cup for a drinkable alternative to the raffia.

Indian Corn Place Cards.


Aren’t these pretty? If you’re looking for décor that’s not so turkey-themed, this might be the thing for you and your kids this year. These ears of corn are decorated by painting plastic bubble wrap in a variety of Indian corn colors (brown, red, orange, gold, yellow), smashing the bubble wrap paint-side-down onto white paper, and then cutting out the shape of an ear of corn. You could also use tiny thumbprints as your corn “kernels” as a variation to the bubble wrap.

Paper Mache Fruit.


Although still something that children could help with, this is a slightly more elegant take on a kid-friendly DIY. Purchase some paper mache fruit from a craft supply store, and use acrylic paints to decorate the fruit. This example uses swirls and family members’ names as the decor. Placed on a faux gold leaf plastic charger (the plate you see), this idea is a little more subtle but still personal and festive.

Pilgrim Hat Crayon Holders.


If yours is a Thanksgiving feast where children enjoy their own meal venue, then this idea is totally for you. These cup-turned-pilgrim-hat crayon holders are a perfect way to help kids of all ages enjoy their feast, especially on a coloring-friendly brown paper “tablecloth.”

Wooden Peg Dolls.


Perhaps the Thanksgiving table isn’t a place for playthings…but, then again, perhaps it’s the perfect place to display such rustically charming playthings. These simple wooden peg dolls are clothed with bits of felt and “housed” in recycled paper tubes. Not only can you and your family enjoy looking at these during your Thanksgiving meal, but the children can then play with them afterward. That’s an absolute win-win.

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