Terraced Gardens – How To Take Beauty To The Next Level

A garden or yard, as beautiful as it may be, will eventually start to look boring and old. That’s the perfect opportunity for you to try something new and completely different. For example, levels. Terraced gardens are the answer. And to get the best results, take a look at these tips.

Small backyard steps green designView in gallery

If you want something simple, then forget about all sorts of fancy plants and flowers and just use grass. Make several levels or steps on which you can sit and decorate them with a few interesting-looking rocks.

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If you want a nice view from upstairs, you can alternate the types of plants and create interesting designs. It will still be simple but also beautiful to look at from the upstairs bedrooms.{found on remickassociates}.

Use natural stone for backyardView in gallery

Use natural stone and similar materials if you want your garden to get that sculptural look you like so much. And mix different types of plants, of different heights and colors on each level to make it look natural.

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For your vacation retreat, opt for drought-resistant plants. They’ll look great no matter what, require very little maintenance and they’ll be there waiting for you year after year.{found on site}.

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A terraced garden gives you the opportunity to create a symmetrical décor. It also becomes easy to incorporate a staircase in there. A wonderful idea for modern homes.

Garden levels can serve as stepsView in gallery

The levels can serve as steps and, if you only plant grass on them, they’ll also be comfy and you can sit on them. A great idea if you’re trying to create a casual outdoor entertainment area.{found on marthaangus}.

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If you prefer a more organic look, then forget about all those clean lines and sharp angles. Be fluid with your design. Squeeze in a seat so you can relax and admire your beautiful garden.{found on kellybaron}.

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Or try an even simpler approach for your sloping garden. Use it to create a cozy nook with a stone retaining wall.{found on cathyschwabearchitecture}.