Ladders, an unexpected interior décor element with lots of versatility

When decorating a room or home, everyone wants it to be unique. But it’s difficult to achieve that if you’re not creative. Sometimes the key to creating a one-of-a-kind interior décor is to use elements in unexpected ways and to think out of the box. For example, have a ladder in your home. Don’t use it as a tool, as a functional piece but as a decorative element. Here are a few examples to use as inspiration.

A ladder can be a great addition to the bathroom. Simply lean it against the wall and use it as a towel rack. It would be an unexpected detail but it would also serve you. Opt for a brightly-colored ladder if you want it to stand out. A tall ladder would make the bathroom look bigger and you can also use a mirror for the same purpose.

In the bathroom, a ladder could also help you reach high cabinets. It’s a way of saving space of storing all sorts of things in there and, in addition, the ladder can also serve as a towel rack when not used. Opt for a simple ladder featuring a neutral color if you prefer it to blend in.

A ladder could also be useful in the kitchen. It can help reach the higher cabinets and they’re a common element in almost any kitchen. It can also be used as a towel rack just like in the bathroom and it can also be used as an uncommon décor detail. It should match the rest of the décor but it can also stand out.

Here’s a different way of using the ladder in the kitchen. Instead of leaning against the wall or cabinet, it’s used as a storage shelf. Hanging from chains, the short ladder provides additional and useful storage space for baskets and boxes. Also, it takes no floor or counter space and allows you to have an airy kitchen décor.

Another place where a ladder would be very useful is a home office or library. If you have tall bookcases just like the ones you see in public libraries then you’ll need a ladder to reach the upper shelves. Don’t waste any space and get creative. A ladder is a perfect solution in this case.

Here’s another home office featuring ladders. In this case, however, the strategy adopted is very different. These are two double ladders and they have been used to create a wall unit with a series of shelves for storage. It’s an unusual but also original design and it’s easy to make. A great way of personalizing your home office.

You might not think it’s a very elegant idea, but a ladder can also be included in the living room décor. Here it can be used as an accessory for a tall bookcase, just like in the case of the library or home office. You can opt for a ladder with casters for more flexibility but make sure it’s safe and secure on the wall or cabinet first.

If the dining room shares an open floor plan with the living room, then the decors will interfere. So you want to have a ladder in the living room, be prepared to also make it integrate into the dining room’s décor. For example, a simple, sleek metal ladder would work nicely with some industrial pendant lights.

In the dining room, the ladder can be used as an improvised collection of shelves. It can be useful in some cases and, the rest of the time, it can simply be an original decoration. Pair it with an antique chair or some rustic decorations and accessories for a more authentic look.

Of course, there’s one more place where the ladder can be both functional and great as a display piece. It’s the hallway or mudroom. Here you can take advantage of all the space you have available and you can have high cabinets or shelves. Use the ladder to reach them and take advantage of all the storage space created.

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