Know in Details About Kitchen Faucets

Today, the must upgrade of every kitchen is the kitchen faucet. Faucets have undergone a revolution and evolved as more versatile and stylish than ever. At one time the kitchen faucet was nothing but just a medium to get the water in a sink. However, today you will find that there is a plethora of styles and designs available to the consumer and is based on functionality, material and color.

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1.Single handle kitchen faucet – Single handle kitchen faucets are center sets and allow for easy and quick water flow and temperature adjustments with single hand. The design may require one or more holes depending upon the style and layout range from typical to contemporary.

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2.Two handle kitchen faucet – Two handle kitchen faucet offer precise water flow temperature adjustment. There are separate controls for cold and hot, and they require three or more holes on the countertop or a sink.

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3.Wall Mount faucets – Wall Mount faucets do not require any holes as they are mounted on the wall above the sink. However, they require water supply above the sink in the mounted wall.

It is recommended to select a kitchen faucet through proper consideration of durability, practicability, and the quality of the product as well as how it fits into the layout and the new décor of the kitchen. Kitchen faucets that are made of superior high quality material such as solid brass are known to proffer a premium performance, look, and durability. The fact cannot be denied that these faucets cost more than the other varieties, but they provide value for money and trouble free service.

You should also consider whether it is easy or not to get the parts or repair the faucet as there are certain faucets that once broken cannot be repaired at all. Though all kitchen faucets fit perfect in all sinks but exceptions are always there. So it is a good idea to ascertain the sizes first. You need to check whether the spout length is not too long in order to prevent it from clashing with the interior wall of the sink.

Most of the kitchen faucets are sold with warranties. The best faucets are those that proffer life time protection against drips and leaks and thereby insuring that the faucet will definitely provide trouble free service for years.

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