A Guide For Choosing The Right Kitchen Faucet

When choosing a faucet for your kitchen, there’s more to take into consideration than looks and price. There are all sorts of details that you don’t even know of and only come to mind once you’re faced with a problem or when you come in contact with that certain feature. Use our guide to make sure you know everything you need to know about kitchen faucets before going shopping for one.

How you use it matters

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It’s important to think how you plan on using your kitchen faucet. This helps you determine whether you need a two-handled, a one-handled or a hands free faucet.

Pick the right height

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Kitchen faucets can feature all sorts of different heights and it;s important to choose the right one. For example, if you have large pots, you want them to fit in the sink comfortably. Also, if you have a window in front of the sink, you don’t want the faucet to obstruct the view or if you have low-hanging cabinets you’ll need a faucet that fits underneath.

Pick the right sprayer

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Kitchen faucets with sprayers are really practical, whether you’re washing fresh vegetables or dishes. But there’s more than one type of sprayer. There’s the pulldown sprayer, the pullout sprayer which allows you to save space and the side sprayer which requires an extra sink hole.

Know your sink and counter

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Before you buy a faucet, take a good look at your kitchen sink and counter. This helps you determine the number of holes you need or can use which vary from 1 to 4. so if your sink only has one hole, you’ll need a one-handled faucet but if it has four you can also opt for a side sprayer as well as a two-handled faucet.

How the faucet is mounted

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All faucets are mounted but there are differences to take into consideration. Decide whether you want the faucet to be a desk mount or a wall mount.

The finish options

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There are lots of different finish options to choose from when picking a faucet for your kitchen. They include chrome, brushed chrome, polished nickel, bronze, wrought iron and several others.

Extra features

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You can choose to add a few extra features to your kitchen faucet if you want. For example, you can also get a pot filler or a filter or maybe you’d also like a soap dispenser. Some of them require holes in the sink so think about it in advance.

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