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Nice Cosmo Rug

There is something about dandelions that makes you behave like a child, that makes you feel you are young again and enjoy life. So every time you see one you want to blow it and watch the small little umbrellas float around in a joyful dance. No wonder then that this beautiful Nice Cosmo Rug is so popular and all the people love it. But there is something even more interesting about this rug that made me stop for a while and take a good look at it: its design. The design is so cleverly and skillfully made that you see different things when looking from different angles.


Rugs & Kids in the Dining Room: To Be or Not To Be?

I’ve always loved the look of rugs in a dining room. Something about the graphic on the floor set against (or to distract from?) the legginess of the table and chairs just makes me happy. However, as the mother of four young kids, I’ve come to view dining room rugs with a pretty critical eye. Can they gracefully handle spilled grape juice? Will you see this morning’s (or, let’s be honest, yesterday’s) smashed cheerios? Will the stain of an errant strawberry live with us forever?

After a bit of study, I think it’s not entirely impossible to have kids AND a stylish dining room rug, if the latter is chosen wisely.

A traditional patterned rug can help define a space, give it pizzazz and create a vivid color scheme.

A Persian rug like this one is an excellent choice for a kid-friendly yet non-juvenile rug in the dining room. Often, Persian rugs have the most concentrated patterns at the center and edges of the rug, which (depending on the size of rug and its proportion to table) is helpful in masking eating zone mishaps. The colors in this rug are bright but not overbearing; they add character without being a diva. And, really, Persian rugs plus Louis chairs? A match made in heaven.


Cowhide rugs and a few ways of using them in your interior décor

Cowhides are elegant and stylish accent pieces and they often contribute to a more inviting and casual atmosphere without compromising on elegance. A beautiful cowhide rug can be a very beautiful focal point in a living room and also a very chic detail for the décor. Let’s take a look at a few interiors that feature such accents.

This is a lovely living room with an overall very light and bright interior. The black and white cowhide rug placed underneath the coffee table is the only piece that creates such a strong contrast of colors. Its texture also contrasts with the wooden floor and furniture but it integrates beautifully into the whole décor.


Nice Baroque Rug with Paisley Design

The Baroque style is long gone, but it still remains one of the most famous styles in architecture and also in many other fields. Most of all it is well known for its minutely designed details and all the richness of embroidery. It is rich and uses expensive materials, as it appeared in the home of the royalty and should surprise and totally overwhelm you. This Nice Baroque Rug with Paisley Design is a beautiful and exquisite piece of work and, even if it is now in the speed century, it still keeps and shows something from the old days of baroque flourishing time.

The rug is hand woven and made of cotton and it looks absolutely fantastic. The pattern is traditional and is rich with details. It is beautifully bordered and this can underline its beauty and style when placed against a light colour flooring. It is also great for separating the room into distinct areas. Besides, if you want to create a magic atmosphere in your living room or maybe to bring something of the ancient times, the rug is perfect. I love it because it combines in a discreet and great way its usefulness, high quality and design, being perfect for interior decorators. The price of the rug is $99.95.

Get a Sandy Look of Your Living Room With This Wavy Rug

Walking on the beach barefoot is a great sensation as it makes you relax and feel fine and gives you energy to start a new day or another period of hard work. That is why there are so many people walking on the beach either in the morning or in the evening when the sun is not up and burning the skin. Some other people claim this action is beneficial because this is just another form of reflexo-therapy, meaning the sand is giving your feet a relaxing massage. I don’t know if it is true, but I do like this. Apparently many other people do, so the designer of German origins called Michaela Schleypen  designed this interesting Beach Rug that can help you Get a Sandy Look of Your Living Room With This Wavy Rug.


Floral Carpet from Modani

Black and white images are considered to be more suggestive and more beautiful when it comes to art, so many art photographers prefer using the old fashioned way and make black and white photos. Well, apparently some other artists tried their hand at this, since carpet designers from Modani made an incredibly beautiful carpet in black and white. It is the Floral Carpet from Modani, but the name is expressing too little of its look. First of all there are no normal flower patterns on this carpet, as you would expect, but merely half of a stylized “fleur de lis”, the symbol of the French royalty.

The contour of half this flower in carefully traced in white against a totally black background. The carpet has a modern and minimalist design, yet some very nice baroque features that go very well with the royal hints given by the flower shape. It is entirely made of acrylic, so it will not retain water and also will be easy to wash without shrinking or fading colour. The carpet is now available in Modani stores for a very special price of $190 and you will get a really cool home accessory for the money.

Beautiful Fading Noir Area Rug

Last year I was teaching art to small children and I admit I had the time of my life. I played with them and I had fun while teaching them how to get new colours and shades by simply mixing certain colours. One day we experimented all combinations of black and white and arranged them so as to go from shining white to totally dark black, with all the tones in between. The result had incredible visual effect and so does this Beautiful Fading Noir Area Rug. It was designed following the same idea I described above. The rug colour goes from immaculate white to black with stripes of fading tones in between.

This rug is sophisticated in design and pretty complicated, as it is hard to obtain all these colour shades and put them on a rug. The sequence of tones suggests darkness and shadow, day and night. The rug is a total mix not only because of the choice of colours, but also because it is made of 60% viscose 40% wool, which gives it an interesting texture. The rug will be perfect in a modern home and it is available in two sizes: standard and large. The price for them goes between $1,300 and 1,850 on Designers’ Guild.

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