How You Can Dress Up Narrow Spaces Using Hallway Runners

Nobody really spends a lot of time on the hallway or on the staircase but this doesn’t mean these transitional spaces don’t need to look chic and beautiful.

Hallway Runners

If you want the ambiance to go from neutral to welcoming and pleasant, the solution is very simple: use a hallway runner with visual appeal.

How to choose the size of a runner rug

To choose the right size rug you should first measure the space. Match the runner to the shape of the hallway. Here’s a few other tips:

  • leave some space on all sides of the runner rug
  • pick a runner that’s flush with the doorways
  • center the runner even if it doesn’t cover the entire hallway

How to choose the color and pattern of a runner rug

Pick the color of the runner based on the area’s décor. If the walls are painted a neutral color consider a vibrant rug. If the space is small, brighten it up with a light-colored runner.

Take into account the durability and maintenance of the runner. Pick a color that can hide the wear and tear and doesn’t show every bit of dirt.

Use a striped runner to make a hallway seem longer. Pick a pattern that makes the space look balanced.

For a modern hallway consider a runner with a geometric pattern.

If you want the area to have a vintage or bohemian vibe, pick a floral pattern.

For traditional spaces use oriental runner rugs.

The best runner rug materials

When you choosing the material for a runner rug you must be practical. Sure, you want the rug to look good but it has to be durable as well.

The best materials for runner rugs are synthetic fibers. These are durable, low-maintenance and easy to clean. They can resist moisture and spills and they don’t fade.

What is a stair runner? And Cool Design Ideas

A stair runner is installed over hardwood or tiled stairs. It’s not as wide as the stairs and it covers their middle section.

Carpet runners are installed on stairs for safety reasons. They prevent the stairs from being slippery. They also make the stairs more comfortable to walk on.

Stair runners also help to absorb noise and they add color, pattern and style to the stairs.

When choosing a stair runner you have two main options: a pre-made one or a custom-made one.

Granite plastic runner

Granite plastic runner

The Granite runner is made of recycled plastic from old bottles and other similar items. It has a modern design with large stripes that go in a gradient from black to gray and beige. You can get this environmentally-friendly runner rug in 4 different sizes.

Rope runner rug

Nautical charm striped painted runner

The Rope runner is designed by Pauline Deltour. It has a simple look inspired by traditional Japanese tatami mats. The rug is made from cotton rope which gives it a textured look. It’s hand-woven.

Textured Boho rug

The Boho rug is made of natural wool without any color added to it. The contrast and beauty of the design is given by the texture. The rug combines a flat-weave base and a hand-knotted pile. This gives it a bohemian look.

Contrast with dark floors.

Nautical charm striped painted runner

A hallway with dark-stained flooring could use a runner in a bright color like white and yellow for the contrast.

Undulating lines.

Nautical charm striped painted runner

A hallway runner can either stand out with its print/pattern, its color or its shape. This undulating form really brings out the minimalism of the whole design.


Nautical charm striped painted runner

White can sometimes be a little too bright and pure so a nice alternative can be to use colors like cream or beige. They look exceptionally well when combined with shades of brown.


Nautical charm striped painted runner

Use a kilim as an accent piece for your hallway. These tapestry-woven accent pieces can be the perfect way to bring warmth and texture into an otherwise very plain space.

Colorful designs.

Nautical charm striped painted runner

Don’t be afraid to welcome color into your home. A brightly-colored hallway runner can really spice up your home’s décor. Use vertical stripes to emphasize the shape of a long and narrow hallway or horizontal stripes for the opposite effect.

Matching walls.

Nautical charm striped painted runner

Match the hallway runner with the walls to create a unified look. Symmetry can also make a long hallway look more inviting.

Pastel colors.

Nautical charm striped painted runner

A nice way to brighten up a hallway is with pastel colors and variations of white. These shades are very soothing and perfect if you want to balance out a dark floor.

Rustic charm.

Nautical charm striped painted runner

Pick a rustic hallway runner for a lodge cabin, mountain retreat or a cozy cottage home. It will look great in combination with the exposed wooden beams and overall design.

Chevron stripes.

Nautical charm striped painted runner

A chevron pattern is the dynamic version of simple stripes. A nice option for a hallway that has a simple design with clean lines and contrasts.

Persian rugs.

Nautical charm striped painted runner

Persian rugs are known for their intricate decorative patterns and use of earthy and red-based colors so they can make a traditional hallway feel part of the house and extra inviting.

Black and white.

Nautical charm striped painted runner

To keep the décor simple, decorate a hallway with a black and white runner and paint the walls white. Break the monotony with an interesting pattern, not necessarily stripes.

Rope accents.

Nautical charm striped painted runner

For a beach house or a breezy retreat, this type of hallway runners would be just perfect. Its rope or burlap-like design and texture have the casual look the space needs.

Zebra print.

Nautical charm striped painted runner

Use a zebra print runner to add cheer and energy to your hallways. However, keep the rest of the décor as simple as possible. The bold print is enough.

Bohemian flowers.

Nautical charm striped painted runner

Floral prints and patterns usually have a vintage or traditional look but they can also make a space look modern or tropical. This Mediterranean hallway shows you how.

Simple stripes.

Nautical charm striped painted runner

Given how versatile and timeless stripes are, you can take advantage of that when decorating your hallway. Combine a striped runner with a clean and simple décor and turn the walls into galleries.

Painted staircase runners.

Nautical charm striped painted runner

Traditional homes usually had carpets or rugs on the staircase. Although the idea persisted in modern design, the staircase runners are purely decorative and actually painted on the stairs.

Nautical charm striped painted runner

You can also paint a thin border to make the runner look more real and to also emphasize the design. As for the color, usually the simpler the better.

Nautical charm striped painted runner

And since you’re painting the runner on the stairs, you can personalize it however you want, for example, spell a message using letters on each step.

Nautical charm striped painted runner

The runner can be symbolic so it doesn’t really need to respect the usual dimensions. These blue stripes are a perfect design for a beach house with nautical charm.