Creative Rug and Flooring Ideas for Home Decor Updates

Designers know that the right flooring and floor coverings can make or break the style of your room. Myriad flooring ideas were on display at the 2016 Architectural Digest Design Show and we saw plenty of enticing materials, finishes, patterns and designs for both flooring and rugs.

Cadorin Group of Italy showed this wood floor with an adorable gold detail inlaid in the wood. If a parquet pattern or an intricate inlay isn’t your style, one that has a small detail might just be enough added interest for you.
MFP flooring options
Manhattan Forest Products had plenty of options for wide plank flooring, including one in metallic hot pink.
MFP pink metallic
Only for the truly courageous designer — or homeowner — this unusually colored flooring stands out even more thanks to the metallic sheen. Somehow, it still has a rustic feel, likely because of the wood grain and slightly worn down appearance.
MFP leaopard floor
If not pink isn’t for you, perhaps animal print is more your speed. Equally bold and daring, this print , if used as an accent in the floor, could be interesting.
walking on wood herringbone
Herringbone floor designs are hot right now and Walking on Wood had plenty of options for the style. The bespoke floor company, based New York and London, uses the finest wood species from around the world. Each custom floor is made in the company’s workshops in the United Kingdom, where it is cut, stained and finished.
walking on wood inlay
When it comes to wood floor details, inlaid design are popular. This particular design is classic and be be a good base for a traditional style of home decor.
walking on wood parquet
Parquet is an equally hot trend for 2016. It’s more versatile than an intricate inlay from a design standpoint and would work in almost all home decor styles.
west flooring booth
All sorts of parquet designs are available and we were drawn to some of the ones presented by West Flooring and Design. A favorite is the basic windowpane design because of the way the grid appears to overlap.
west flooring panels
Wide plank flooring is available in a wide variety of colors and styles. It’s one of the most popular choices among homeowners this year.
west flooring planks
The wide plank style also comes in various widths, generally anywhere from 3 to 6 inches wide. The design brains behind West Flooring is Peter West, who relishes the intricacy of complex designs. His inventive technique, and a drive for perfection are yielding some really beautiful floors!
West flooring selection
Not all flooring has to be smooth or have a vertical design in the planks. These flooring samples from West show a variety of textures, styles and colors.
west flooring t4xturd look
This unusual textured wood has added interest from its color variations, pattern as well as texture.
Castellux gray rug
Hide rugs are rather common but this one from Castelluxe is wonderful thanks to to the tiny silver studs outlining each square. Leon Deutsch, Castelluxe’s founder, like to use natural materials.
Castellux navy
This stunning piece is made of individual rug sections that can be assembles however you desire. Although it started out as a rug design, Castelluxe staff explained that it could also serve as a spectacular headboard.
castellux octagon
The Piazza pattern is a modern update of a traditional Italian geometric design. The cowhide rug, like most of the Castelluxe line, is available in a variety go sizes.
Castellux rope rug
This is a fun rug, made from a cord that is squiggled into a pattern. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it would be a fantastic starting point for a stylish outdoor living space.
Castelluxe knotted
The same type of cord also makes up the this knotted pattern.
Castelluxe samples
Available in varied patterns, from geometrics to stripes and abstracts, cowhide rugs are durable as well as easy to clean.
castelluxe stipe squares
The Blocco pattern comes in different color combinations but we love this one thanks to the pink stripe.
castelluxe wave hide
Castelluxe’s wavy design rug is very sophisticated, particularly in this palette of gray and neutral tones.
Castelluxe pillows
The company also carries hide pillows that complement their rugs. We love the hide pillows, even if you don;t have a hide rug. The geometric pattern, especially in the monochrome selections, are very stylish.
Cold Picnic Rug with gray
The duo behind Cold Picnic produce these minimalist rugs, among other items. Apparel designer Phoebe Sung and print designer Peter Buer created a line of textiles, macrame home goods, leather accessories, and handmade jewelry. “Cold Picnic’s work explores imagined and misremembered landscapes, and the effects of time and the elements upon their surfaces,” explains the Cold Picnic website.
Cool Kitchen Rug
Either hung on the wall as art or laid on the floor, their rugs are at home in modern or contemporary home decor styles.
jan kathy galaxy
We’re definitely in love with the rugs from Jan Kath. This particular one from the Spacecraft Collection is a favorite we saw in Toronto at IDS. The colors and celestial pattern are a stunner. Kath’s designs are handwoven in the Himalayas, India or Morocco.
jan kath dark space
Even in a more muted, subdued color palette, the space-themed rugs are as spectacular as the heavens themselves.
jan kath perian
Kath’s modern treatment of a traditional design is very interesting. The splotches of color that seem random remind us of moss that grows in patches amid a shady patch of grass.
jan kath color detail
The over-woven sections in his “Erased Heritage” series look a bit like islands and landmasses on a map. The abstract shapes over the traditional Oriental carpet style is fresh and modern.
jan kath pillow closer
Besides being beautiful, they look very inviting. You just want to pro down and make yourself comfortable.
jan kath pink detail
Here’s a closer look at the detail in an Erased Heritage series rug. The bright color and abstract splotches take away the traditional formality of a classic Oriental rug.
Orely animal rug
Iranian native Bahram Shabahang of Orley Shabahang creates these artistic, creative carpets using long forgotten techniques that were used to make great masterpiece antique rugs. This is the Meyghan Rug from his Animal Collection.
orely natural
Neutral and rich thanks to the varying patterns, this rug would be appropriate for every home design style.
Orely pattrn
We love the bold geometric design in this earth-tone rug.
orely selection
Shabahang’s Collections offer designs that will appeal to most anyone. HIs hand-crafted rugs can be colorful, art deco, abstract or traditional. These are rugs that will definitely become family heirlooms.