Cool Rugs That Put The Spotlight On The Floor

It often seems like a room just isn’t complete without a rug. As soon as you add this piece everything changes. The rooms suddenly feel different.

Cool Rugs

There are a bunch of really unusual and cool rugs on the market to choose from if you want to change the mood in your home or if you think a room could use a cheerful and unusual accent detail.

Some play with shapes and proportions, others use colors in really interesting ways and others are so intriguing you can’t even decide what’s their best feature.

Types of rugs

Most rugs may look similar but chances are they’re quite different. Rugs can be of several different types based on criteria like production method, style, material, and so on. Here are some examples:

  • Hand-knotted rugs – These are the most expensive ones. They’re made up of thousands of knots hand-tied to create intricate patterns.
  • Hand-tufted rugs – They’re made using a tool called a tufting gun that punches fiber strands on a canvas stretched on a frame.
  • Flatweave rugs – These rugs have no pile and don’t shed. They’re made on a loom and are quite thin and expensive.
  • Hooked rugs – They’re handmade using a needle-like tool and are woven on a canvas. They’re quite cheap.
  • Machine-made rugs – These rugs are woven by machines using different types of fibers. The process is quick and automated.
  • Braided – They’re made by tying pieces of fabric strips together and their thickness can vary. They’re also two-sided.
  • Area rugs – Area rugs are the most versatile and can be used in almost any room. They come in lots of different shapes, sizes, styles and patterns.
  • Runners -They’re long and narrow and designed for hallways and other similar spaces.
  • Outdoor rugs – These are heavy-duty rugs made from weather-resistant materials and made for outdoor use.

Cool Rug Materials

The material of a rug influences its durability, look and feel. It’s important to know the difference between them in order to pick the best type.

  • Wool – a natural fiber often used for handmade rugs. Wool rugs are easy to clean and they hold color well. Best for high-traffic and social areas.
  • Silk – has a sophisticated and luxurious shine. Silk rugs are delicate and difficult to clean. Best for low-traffic areas and bedrooms.
  • Cotton – inexpensive and often used for flatweave rugs. It stains easily and doesn’t hold color well. Best for casual areas.
  • Jute – cheap, natural, and with a strong texture. Jute rugs are often used underneath decorative rugs. Best for high-traffic and sunny areas.
  • Synthetic – this includes materials like polypropylene, nylon, polyester, and viscose. They’re cheap, easy to clean, and fade-resistant. Best for high-traffic and outdoor areas.
  • Leather and hide – durable, easy to clean, unique but awkwardly shaped. Best for low-traffic areas and bedrooms.
  • Faux fur – a cheaper and environmentally-friendly alternative to real animal hide. It’s made of synthetic blends and looks luxurious. Best for bedrooms and casual spaces.

Cool Rugs To Spruce Any Living Room

Rug made from bamboo silk

Rug made from bamboo silkView in gallery

Bamboo silk is made from sustainable bamboo plants and mimics the luxurious look of silk. This gives the Illusion rug a sophisticated look in an eco-friendly package.

Bamboo rug with a parrot design

Bamboo rug with a parrot designView in gallery

The Jungle rug is made of sustainable bamboo silk and has a soft and velvety texture. Its luxurious design is complemented by a simple shape and a quirky parrot detail in the middle.

Modern two-tone rug

Modern two-tone rugView in gallery

The Simple rug made of bamboo silk has a minimalist and modern design. It features a two-tone pattern split by a 3D dashed line for contrast.

Bold Stripe rug by Arthur Erbesser

Bold Stripe rug by Arthur ErbesserView in gallery

If you want a rug that can become the focal point of the room, The Stripe designed by Arthur Arbesser is it. It has a very bold design with multicolored stripes at different orientations.

Forest-inspired rug

Forest-inspired rugView in gallery

This forest floor rug will turn your living room into a relaxing jungle, if there even is such a thing. It’s the perfect accessory if you’re trying to create a themed décor and you can combine it with a color palette based on green and earthy tones.{found on angelaadams}.

Cuddly playroom rug

Cuddly playroom rugView in gallery

Super comfy, soft and friendly, this rug has an odd shape and combined a multitude of different colors. It also uses patterns in a chic way. The texture and overall color palette make it a wonderful option for a playroom. {found on dgd}.

Custom made rug with a nautical theme

Custom made rug with a nautical themeView in gallery

This is a custom-made rug designed for a nautical-themed living room. It’s easy to imagine such a rug in a beach house. {found on anthonybaratta}.

Overlapping geometric shapes

Overlapping geometric shapesView in gallery

A juxtaposition of different-colored squares gives this rug a 3-D look. It could be the bold accent piece your modern living room needs but it could also look great in other spaces as well.

Traditional stamp rug

Traditional stamp rugView in gallery

A stamp rug is not for everyone but it can look really interesting in a traditional setting with a few antique pieces around it. It’s a really unusual design which could look interesting in a library, office or even in a hotel.

Abstract 3D pattern rug

Abstract 3D pattern rugView in gallery

Although this 3D design is abstract, a whole range of shapes and features can be distinguished. You can pretty much let your imagination go wild. I can’t imagine anyone getting bored with such a rug.

Geometric statement rug

Geometric statement rugView in gallery

The graphic design on this rug makes it stand out in a simple way. The colors are not the most striking but combined with the pattern they become really vivid.

Oversized video game controller rug

Oversized video game controller rugView in gallery

This would be a perfect rug for a game room. It has a retro design but, at the same time, it’s very modern. There are several other variations, also with video game-related designs.

Geometric cowhide rug

Swimming pool carpetView in gallery

Cowhide rugs are not exactly the most eye-catching type, unless, of course, they look like this. This one resembles a chaotic puzzle. It takes apart the classical design we all know and puts the pieces back together in an unexpected way.

Themed rug with a fun print

Themed rug with a fun printView in gallery

It would take a special type of décor to accommodate such a rug but, if the environment allows, it would look really cool. Perhaps a waiting room in a hospital or clinic would be a nice option.

A sofa cover that spills into a rug

Swimming pool carpetView in gallery

The Sofa Floor Rug spills over the sofa onto the floor and serves two functions: as a sofa cover and as a rug. It’s hard to say whether such a design would be practical or not but one thing is certain: it looks really cool.

Giant wood slice area rug

Giant wood slice area rugView in gallery

Would you put a slice of wood on your floor and use it as a rug. Of course, you would it was as soft and comfy as this one.

Puzzle rug that you can take apart

Puzzle rug that you can take apartView in gallery

If you’re the type that enjoys mixing things up from time to time and gets easily bored with the existing décor, then take a look at this rug. How fun would it be to take it apart and put it back together, exactly like a puzzle?

Colorful crayon rug

Swimming pool carpetView in gallery

This rug combines bold colors with playful images and beautiful textures. It’s something you could put in the kids’ room, in the playroom or maybe even in your home office if you want something cheerful.

A rug made of faux stones

A rug made of faux stonesView in gallery

If you want to let nature in without actually doing it, try this rug. It looks like a pathway made of pebbles but it’s actually pretty soft.

Town map rug with roads

Town map rug with roadsView in gallery

Swimming pool carpetView in gallery

Imagine how much fun the kids will have with a carpet like this one. It’s like a miniature town, with roads, houses, parks and everything else.Available for $150.

3D colorful ball pit rug

Swimming pool carpetView in gallery

I could imagine having this rug in the bedroom. It would be so cozy and so fun and the perfect touch of color for the décor.{found on fancy}.

Sunnyside up egg rug

Swimming pool carpetView in gallery

And speaking of fun designs, feast your eyes on this delicious rug. It’s the Eggs carpet and it’s easy to see where it got its name from.

A piano-themed accent rug

Swimming pool carpetView in gallery

Enjoy playing piano from time to time? Try doing it on this rug! It has a really creative design and given the simplicity and the black and white color combination, it would fit in pretty much any décor.

Statement polar bear rug

Swimming pool carpetView in gallery

I find this rug to be really sad. The constant reminder that polar bears are dying because of us is not something I’d want in my living room but the rug could be perfect for other spaces, preferably the ones that need to make a statement about the matter.

Faux indoor pool rug

Swimming pool carpetView in gallery

Maybe your home can’t accommodate an indoor pool but this means you should just give up on the idea. This rug is titled the Grand Grans Splatch and it can help you achieve your dream…in a way.


What size should the living room rug be?

Choose the rug in relation to the overall size of the room and the sofa. It should be 8’’ wider than the sofa on both sides.

How to clean a rug at home?

It’s best to do this outside. Vacuum the rug on both sides, apply shampoo, rinse the rug and let it dry. Bring the rug back inside and vacuum again.

How to keep rugs from sliding?

You can use accessories like rubber waffle rug pads, rubberized shelf liner, felt pads, gripper tape, hook and loop anchors, carpet tape, silicone caulking or rug pins.

How to clean a shag rug?

If all you want is to freshen up the rug you can use dry shampoo granules. For stains use absorbent rags and for thorough cleaning use a steam-cleaning machine.

How to clean a cowhide rug?

Use a mixture of water and shampoo to clean the stains. For grease stains use a brush and scrape in the same direction as the fibers. Clean liquid stains immediately with paper towels or rags.

What size rug to put under a king-size bed?

Pick the size based on how you want the room to look. The rug can only be as big as the bed frame or big enough for the bed or a part of it, nightstands and a bench to fit on it.