Art Ideas for Adding Special Touch to Home Decor

Mention home accessories and most of us think about vases, pillows and knick-knacks — we don’t necessarily come up with art ideas.  One of the most dramatic accessories you can add to your home, however, is indeed art. It doesn’t have to be a painting or piece that you hang on the wall. Other art ideas are hand-crafted vessels, sculptures and installations that you can incorporate into your home decorating. Your budget and space are the only limitations when it comes to art for your home.

Alison Jacques Gallery vessels
These pieces by Takuro Kuwata of Hiroshima, Japan are playful, unique pieces that are great art ideas for your home. The are available through the Alison Jacques Gallery.

When planning your home decor, working around a piece of art you already own is one way to incorporate art. Looking at art ideas and then acquiring pieces is another. Let’s take a look at some new and innovative art ideas for sculptural pieces you could add to your interior decorating.

Alison Jacques gallery vessel detail
This is the Red-yellow-slipped platinum-drop caterpillar by Takuro Kuwata. Its shape definitely evokes the feeling of a colorful caterpillar.
Alison Jacques gallery vessel detail2
Porcelain objects like these are great art ideas for a colorful statement in any room. This untitled piece by Kurawa was on display in Miami during Art Basel.
David Nash
British-born David Nash is a an internationally acclaimed sculptor who uses wood products and other natural materials to create unique art pieces. If you have ample space in your home, an installation would be a great art idea.
Fuzzy ball object tabletop
Scale is something you should take into account when considering art ideas for your home. If you live in a smaller space, too many accessories or art pieces will look cluttered. One statement-making piece such as this sculpture would work well in a minimally decorated space.
Fuzzy ball object detail
The detail of the sculpture is most intriguing. If you’re not given to big, colorful pieces for your home then this is an art idea you might like.
Galerie Thomas Schulte Alice Aycock
A dramatic piece like this polyester resin work by Alice Aycock is also a great art idea for a a modern home decor style. The voluminous folds give an illusion of movement and feeling of dynamism to the work. “Waltzing Matilda” was created in 2012 and is available through Galerie Thomas Schultz.
Galerie Thomas Schulte
For people who are fans of technology, there are great art ideas that demonstrate the intersection of art and technology. This is a 3-D printed plastic sculpture by Argentinian artist Fabian Marcaccio. It is also available through Galerie Thomas Schultz.
Galerie Thomas Schulte2
Marcaccio’s recent work uses digital and industrial techniques to “infuse his painting process with spatial and temporal concerns. The results are environmental paintings, animations, and “Paintants” that combine digitally manipulated imagery, sculptural form, and three dimensionally painted surfaces,” explains his artist’s statement.
Giraud uneven vessel
Glass is another versatile art idea. It doesn’t have to be clear and shiny or even look like a traditional vase. These vessels by Brooklyn glass artist Thaddeus Wolfe use his signature glass techniques, which make for “a rough texture and a form reminiscent of Brutalist architecture, in particular.” He uses a special molding process, then carves through the layers to reveal the stratum and interior colors of the glass.
Hostler Burrow object 2
Small pieces make great art ideas as well. Either solo or in a group, this piece by German sculptor Eva Zethraeus looks like coral, and feels like it could be alive.
Hostler Burrows Object 3
Zethraus explains: “As much as I like the duality of coral – plant/animal – I like the duality of porcelain clay. The fired clay body is strong but the long branches with their subtle flowing look delicate and frail. Many are afraid to touch – because they are delicate or threatening?” Her pieces — including this one called “Bubble Pillow” are available at Hostler Burrows in New York.
Hostler Burrow object
Her modestly sized works — about 7″ by 12″ — are great art ideas for any size space. Her porcelain pieces are thrown, altered and assembled. This on,”Coral Branches” has platinum details .
Cool vessel art
This vessel by the Haas Brothers is enthralling thanks to the juxtaposition of the oddly textured bottom half with the smooth, blob-like top half.
Jurgen Drescher 2
Pieces that are thought-provoking are also great art ideas for you home. You can display works like this one by German sculptor Jurgen Drescher which could be perceived as a social commentary as well. The amorphous, undefined speech bubble can elicit a good deal of discussion.
Karin Gulbran vessel
Karin Gulbran’s work is functional ceramic pots, that are decorated with highly stylized animal images. She is a Los Angeles-based artist.
Louise Nevelson columns
When thinking about art ideas, think about groupings or repetition. These columnar sculptures by Louise Nevelson, an American sculptor, are dark and dramatic. She was known for her monumental, monochromatic, wooden wall pieces and outdoor sculptures.
Michael Glancy vessel
More of a traditionally shaped vessel, this piece by American glass artist Michael Glancy would work in almost any home decor style. It’s a art idea that would be an excellent counterpoint in a traditional setting.
Mindy solomon bacl objects 2
These dark sculptures by Linda Lopez and presented by the Mindy Solomon Gallery in Miami are a wonderful grouping that would be stunning on a white shelf.
Mindy Solomon orange things vessel
Almost digit-like, the layered protrusions on this vessel evoke an odd feeling of being alive.
Mindy solomon preztel object
Another art ideas is a more sculptural piece, rather than something built upon the concept of a vessel. This one by Linda Lopez is part of a series, some of which are called a bush.
Miny solomon back objects
Another art idea is to collect pieces from a particular artist that you love, which that does not mean that all the works will looks similar. Here, you can see that Lopez’s work has different styles.
Niyoki Ikuta Glass slice sculpture
The traditional properties of glass are highlighted in stunning work by one of Japan’s leading glass artists, Niyoki Ikuta. She cuts thin and separate laminated sheets of plate glass, and then attaches them using clear glue that hardens and disappears under ultraviolet light.
Niyoki Ikuda detail
The precision in this glass art is incredible.
painted skulls
If your tastes tend to the funkier side of the spectrum, there are many art ideas that will fit your style. These painted skulls are a colorful art choice for modern or eclectic home decor.
Rachel Uffner coil vessel
Also artful and funky is this vessel by Hilary Harnischfeger. The traditional coil construction, combined with an organic shape and random color application come together in a delightful piece.
Rachel Uffner Vessel
This sculpture is a bit less bold in pigment but still includes a pop of color that would work well to accentuate a mostly neutral home decor.
Rhonda Hoffman object
Definitely on another level of whimsy is this piece from the Rhona Hoffman Gallery by Chris Garofalo. His sculptures “blur the distinction between land, sea and air, plant and animal kingdoms,” explains the gallery.
Seritella vessels
If you like smaller pieces, the best art idea is to group them for more impact. These lovely vessels are from the Jason Jacques Gallery in New York.
Seritella wood pieces
Unusual vessels or objects of different nights go well together in a grouping of art pieces.
Tabletop object
Abstract art ideas include table sculptures that are difficult to define.
wood objects
Ordinary items like reclaimed wood that are transformed into one-of-a-kind art pieces are wonderful home accents.
Victoria Miro Gallery tree
Of course, if you have the budget, you can always invest in art works by famous artists. This tree-like sculpture is by Yayoi Kusama, the avant-garde Japanese artist well known for a wide variety of works. Recently she has gained added attention for her displays for luxury fashion houses like Louis Vuitton.
Victoria Miro tree detail
Dots of all sorts and sizes figure in much of Kusama’s work, giving her pieces an otherworldly flair.

No matter what your budget or your style, you can find art ideas to freshen and enliven your home decor. Remember that what qualifies as art is a hotly debated topic, but in your home, you can go with anything that makes you happy.