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Striking Carpet Designs That Will Update Your Home

Textiles make homes feel lived in. Whether it is your bed linen, drapes or furniture’s upholstery, fabric gives any room a certain softness. Hardwood floors, along with laminates and ceramics look great but can feel a little cold. The addition of a rug will help soften a room’s appeal and make it feel warmer.Nevertheless, nothing quite competes with carpet to create a sense of welcoming glow. And carpets do not need to be very plush to get the effect, although deeper piles will feel luxurious, particularly underfoot.

Traditional carpets were made entirely from wool but nowadays wool blends are much more common. Indeed, purely nylon and polypropylene make perfectly acceptable carpet materials. Nonetheless, wool blends are easier to dye than man made products, so most contemporary carpets are commonly made up of at least 20 per cent of wool.


Impress Your Guests With A Unique Carpet/Area Rug

Carpets and rugs are important accessories and accent pieces for any home’s interior décor. They are often used to add color to a room and they can also be focal points in certain cases. We have selected five models that will surely impress all your guests and that will give character to your home.

Wooden rug.


5 Things to Keep in Mind when Choosing an Entryway Rug

Call it a foyer, an entryway, an entrance hall, but whatever you call it, it’s the space between the great outdoors and your well-thought-out home that’s not always easy to style. This can be particularly true for rugs, because you must consider not only the natural elements, but also the style of your home…and tastefully merge the two.

Because, in case you’re wondering, yes, there will be mud on someone’s shoe when they come through your door. Yes, a child may dribble some ice cream from his cone on his way outside. Yes, someone’s wet footprints will find their way across the rug as she runs inside to grab her forgotten purse. Below is a brief guide in choosing the entryway rug that is right for you:


4 Ways Of Turning Your Floor Into An Eye-Catching Display

Most of the time, people spend a lot of time making the walls of their home look beautiful. They use wallpaper, stencils, artwork and many other methods just to make the walls look beautiful and eye-catching. But the flooring is just as important as the walls. So let’s see how you can make this portion of your home look interesting as well.

Use a colorful rug.

For example, one simple idea would be to opt for a colorful rug. It would be a nice choice, especially in the case of a room that has a simple or neutral décor. The rug would be a very nice accent feature and it might even become the focal point. The colors of the rug should match the rest of the décor so that the room looks harmonious and has a cohesive interior design.


How (and When) to Layer Rugs

Rugs are like shoes. They are a seemingly insignificant item that has the incredible ability to make or break the entire ensemble. It’s amazing, the influence of these floor-level pieces. For many of us, it might seem difficult to choose the right rug – do we go neutral? Patterned? Neutrally patterned? Bold? Geometric? Persian? It’s hard to know. Sometimes, however, the answer lies in using not one rug but multiple rugs. In the same space. Layered like a beautifully delicious parfait is layered.

How is this done? The layering of rugs, I mean. How do we go from cautiously choosing one rug to confidently tossing several on the floor in the same space? The following article provides several examples of layered rugs and why they work in their space:

Smaller rug over a sisal (or other natural) rug.

This is a classic rug-layering combination, particularly with a Persian rug. This setup is quite lovely when a beloved accent rug might be too small for a space or when a large sisal or jute rug is too, well, solid. I love how a garden stool acts as coffee table here, thereby emphasizing the Persian rug even more. Also, if eclectic is your style, this look will be at home in nearly any of your spaces.


The Versatility of Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are known for their detailed symmetrical patterns and multi-colored nature. Despite the busy-ness of the patterns themselves, these rugs often read as neutral and can provide just the right amount of visual interest to make a space really sing. They aren’t confined to living rooms, either – Persian rugs are as versatile in use as they are in design.

This Persian rug, coupled with strategic chair placement, defines and connects both living spaces here. The rug, an integral component of the closest seating area, ties beautifully into the far seating space by coordinating with the orange accent wall. Perfectly at home in this eclectic living space, this Persian rug adds a warm pattern that seems to fill the room.


5 Rooms Featuring a Zebra Print Rug

I have often dreamed about going on a safari in Africa. That is because I like the thrill of hunting and the emotion of the expectation, not because I like killing. Actually I don’t know if I would be able to kill, but I would go on a safari just to admire God’s creatures and their natural environment and maybe to watch them run free and hunt without fear. I guess it is in our genes to like hunting and everything that is connected to animals because we, people, have always been hunters.

Well, that explains why most people still like and use animal print on their rugs. They do not kill animals for this any more, as the rugs are made of wool or synthetic materials, but the pattern is still popular and it has been so ever since real animals were skinned for making these rugs. Here are five Rooms featuring a zebra print rug that we love and I am sure you will, too.


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