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Cool Wooden Cube Storage Ideas To Declutter Your Home

Designing your home means choosing various furnishings and décor that will look good in the space as well as be aesthetically pleasing to you based on your own style and taste. It also means assuring that all the pieces in your home are functional. That means making sure you have room for storage and displaying items that you feel are valuable, whether monetarily or sentimentally.

Doing so in a clean, dependable way can both add simplicity and elevate your overall design, and one way to do that without having to think too hard about the various elements and how they work together is with wooden cube storage. It’s an easy solution with more options than you think to help you organize your items with infinite style.

What to Look for in Wooden Cube Storage

The idea of wooden cube storage may seem simple enough, but you have to consider your options. First, you have to determine how much space you have for the unit, and then you have to figure out how much storage you can get out of a unit that fits the area in question and how much you actually need.

Then, you have to decide on style and type of wood, determining whether you want to go with a classic look or a more contemporary design. It’s important to know more about weight and capacity, too, so that you aren’t overtaxing whatever cube storage you purchase. All of this is vital to choosing the best wooden cube storage unit for your purposes.

Top 14 Best Wooden Cube Storage

Cotten Cube Bookcase

The Ebern Design Maestras Cube Bookcase storage unit provides the most basic of designs, so you don’t have to worry about the unit blending in to a particular design. This simplistic, minimalist style works with any other décor you have. The open storage design allows you to choose to incorporate storage bins for tucking away items you don’t wish to display that are still necessary to access with ease, as well as to use the open shelving for showcasing items of importance or sentimental value.

The combination of solid and manufactured wood keeps the cube storage strong and sturdy while also assuring it’s lightweight and easy to move around as needed, coming in at only 48 pounds. The walnut finish has a sleek wood look that works in both a contemporary and classic setting. It can hold up to 11 pounds and has 4 cubes for separate display options. The entire wooden cube storage unit measures 59.1 inches high, 16.9 inches wide, and 13.8 inches deep. It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty for both commercial and residential use.

Cotten Cube Bookcase

The Ivy Bronx McCardle Cube Bookcase storage unit is both functional and stylish, with an updated design that brings in the classic simplicity of a bookcase while adding a more modern, abstract element. The open panel design consists of manufactured and solid wood, so you get a combination that is long lasting and easier to shift into any spot in the house.

You get tons of storage space, with multiple shelves that are contoured and artfully arranged in an asymmetrical pattern, allowing you to put different sizes of material on the 8 shelves, which can hold up to 20 pounds of your favorite display objects. With a cappuccino brown finish, it blends in beautiful and has an elevated appearance that will bring your home into the modern era while organizing your items for a pleasant aesthetic without clutter. The entire cube storage unit weighs 75 pounds, and it requires full assembly. However, the instructions are clear, and the process is easy. The dimensions measure 71 inches high, 35 inches wide, and 11 inches deep, giving you plenty of room to work your magic.

Cotten Cube Bookcase

The Trule Fontaine Mobile Cube Bookcase storage unit creates a great visual with its size and clean, large shelves, while also giving you an easy way to make your storage mobile. The bookcase mounts on five wheels, so you can use it in any room, and you can move it from one location to another no matter what you have stored and displayed on it. When you find the right location, two of the wheels lock, assuring its stability to remain in place without fear of bumping it and knocking something over.

The horizontal cube storage unit requires full assembly, but this is accomplished with nothing more than a hammer and screwdriver. The unit is solid oak wood with a lovely finish, and it’s easy to clean and maintain. It’s capable of holding 22 pounds, so you can display larger, heavier items if you like. Even with hard wood, this wooden cube storage only weighs 55 pounds, and with 6 separate shelves, you have plenty of options. It measures 41.4 inches long, 31.6 inches high, and 15.9 inches deep. The 1-year manufacturer warranty covers both commercial and residential use.

Cotten Cube Bookcase

The Closetmaid Decorative Cube Bookcase storage unit is a very classically designed piece that offers both peace of mind in having plenty of storage room while keeping style elements simple to blend in with any other theme you have in a space. Whether you’re looking for something standard to put in your child’s room or somewhere to display sentimental items in your den, this cube storage unit is a perfect solution. The open cube design has a thick frame, and it comes with a tip over restraint device for reassurance.

The frame is crafted from manufactured wood, while the sturdy shelves are solid wood, so the unit is capable of holding up to 25 pounds. The 8 shelves on 4 tiers can be left open or have bins inserted for hidden storage. The wooden cube storage unit is finished on both the front and the back, and it’s easy to assemble with nothing more than a screwdriver. It weighs 46 pounds and measures 29.9 inches wide, 58 inches tall, and 13.5 inches deep for tons of room to meet your needs.

Cotten Cube Bookcase

The Three Posts Teen Ottery Cube Bookcase storage unit has a very austere appearance that can add class and style to any space, whether in your living room, dining room, or master bedroom. It has plenty of room to use bins for hidden storage or to display anything from books to trophies and valuables to sentimental items such as photographs. While the frame and shelving looks thick and imposing, the frame design is crafted from manufactured wood to keep it lighter weight, coming in at only 60 pounds.

The shelving is hard wood, making the unit even sturdier and capable of handling a capacity of up to 30 pounds. There is tip over restraint included for peace of mind as well with this vertical storage unit. The cube storage shelves are in 4 tiers, creating 8 cubes. The sleek wood finish is classic but works well in a contemporary setting as well. The entire wooden cube storage shelf measures 30 inches wide, 61.6 inches tall, and 16.5 inches deep. It comes with a 5-year warranty that is valid for residential use but does not cover use in a commercial setting.

Cotten Cube Bookcase

The Highland Dunes Millikan Cube Bookcase storage unit is an extremely traditional design that offers elements that are finely detailed and ornate but that are still appealing in a transitional design setting. While the unit looks very much like solid wood and creates a heavy appearance, it’s actually crafted from manufactured wood, so it’s sturdy and reliable but only weighs 90 pounds. With 9 storage cubes and lovely molding on the top as well as down the side panels, the orchard oak finish keeps it light and airy despite its hefty size and look.

The back panel is closed to complete the look, and the overall unit can hold up to 25 pounds. The 3×3 cube design is an almost perfect square, measuring 47.2 inches long, 48 inches high, and 15.6 inches deep. Use some shelves for bins to tuck away unsightly items you wish to store, while leaving others open for display of your favorite things. The wooden cube storage unit comes with a 5-year limited warranty that is only valid for residential use but not for commercial purposes.

Cotten Cube Bookcase

The Red Barrel Studio Avery Cubby Bookcase Cube storage unit is a lightweight and sturdy option that works with all elements of your home design, so you can choose to locate multiple shelving units throughout the house for continuity without them clashing in any space. The manufactured wood construction makes it light enough to handle but keeps it sturdy enough to meet your needs, with 4 shelving tiers that each have 2 cube compartments. This vertical cube storage unit is understated so it won’t overwhelm any area of the home, but it does look good so you can be proud of your purchase choice.

The thin build and clean lines make it the perfect spot to showcase items without calling too much attention, and it only weighs 84 pounds when put together, so assembly with a hammer and screwdriver is easy. The wooden cube storage unit stands 62.8 inches high, 32.2 inches wide, and 11.6 inches deep. It comes with an incredible 10-year warranty for your security that is valid for both residential and commercial use.

Cotten Cube Bookcase

The Wade Logan Charron Cube Bookcase storage unit adds artsy design to a standard, simple construction so that you can elevate your space with one simple furniture choice. This symmetrical design incorporates some geometrical elements, so that while you still get the 8 cubes in a vertical storage shelf, they are separated for a very intriguing appearance that will help call attention to plants, books, photos, baskets, and other items stored within the cube spaces. A combination of solid and manufactured wood keeps the shelf from becoming too heavy, leaving it at just 120 pounds, while it has a capacity to hold up to 160 pounds.

The contrast of the light-colored cubes and the darker separation pieces are stylized for a modern look. The unit measures 71 inches high, 34 inches wide, and 12 inches deep, with each cube measuring 14.5 inches square. Four tiers of double cubes create a standout piece, which comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty that is valid for residential use but doesn’t carry over for commercial use.

Cotten Cube Bookcase

The Gracie Oaks Jordyn Cube Bookcase storage unit has charming, rustic appeal that can’t be beat, as well as tons of storage space, so you can use it for displaying items or add bins with tons of hidden storage for anything from crafting supplies to office gadgets. It has a convenient labeling system, with a space to label each of the 10 cubes, stacked 5 high, for organizational purposes and knowing exactly where you’ve located all your most important items.

Whether displaying pictures and trophies in the living room or holding supplies in your office, this cube storage unit is tall and stately, offering you the perfect solution to your organizational needs. The light brown finish over the manufactured wood frame and solid wood shelves helps it blend into any room, and the sturdy structure holds up to 40 pounds per shelf while only weighing 110 pounds. It measures 71.8 inches high, 34.8 inches wide, and 12.5 inches deep, with additional room on the top for more items to be displayed. It requires wall mounting with the hardware included and is not intended for commercial use.

Cotten Cube Bookcase

The Gracie Oaks Cerryford Geometric Cube Bookcase storage unit is a unique option for your display and storage needs, with the ability to change the design to your liking while incorporating the intrigue of that reclaimed wood look that everyone wants today. The rustic appeal of the brown wood finish, accompanying the construction of solid mango wood and iron, creates a farmhouse appeal that offers classic design elements.

This particular unit comes with two separate cube boxes that can be stacked – as well as incorporated with additional units – in any form you like to create a geometric design that can be perfectly symmetrical or a bit abstract. Partial assembly is required, but all the tools you need are included in the packaging. Together, the wooden cube storage unit only weighs 34 pounds. The 2 cubes are slightly different sizes, with the larger one measuring 24 inches high, 22 inches wide, and 16 inches deep, though you can choose to arrange them either vertically or horizontally. The product comes with a 90-day limited warranty against manufacturer defects and is not valid on commercial use.

Cotten Cube Bookcase

The Ebern Designs Holsinger Cube Bookcase storage unit creates a stylish design that incorporates both hidden and displayed storage cubes so you can tuck away items you feel might appear unsightly or cluttered while displaying those you love. With a solid wood construction, using some metal in the framing, this offers an updated midcentury modern style that will work in all sorts of transitional themes. The finish is a mixture of white and walnut for a unique appearance that is aesthetically pleasing. Each shelf can hold up to 15 pounds, and there are 6 shelves arranged on 3 tiers.

Doors hide most of the cubes, with one open shelf for showcasing the most important or sentimental items you have, as well as the top of the unit available for displaying items. The unit weighs 105 pounds and requires full assembly but isn’t difficult to put together. The cubes measure 14.5 inches square, with the overall unit measuring 48.5 inches high, 31.5 inches wide, and 15 inches deep. It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty that does not cover commercial use.

Cotten Cube Bookcase

The Brayden Studio Bensonhurst Cube Bookcase storage unit is a uniquely arranged geometric design with tons of display and storage space that doesn’t get boring with its simplicity. With rectangles arranged in different directions of different sizes, you can choose to display taller or wider items in the various cubes, giving the modern design tons of character and functionality. The frame is crafted from manufactured and solid wood, while the shelves are solid wood, leading to a capacity of 20 pounds per shelf.

The black and walnut brown finish are sleekly designed to blend into any space with 9 separate shelves available to meet your needs. Whether showcasing photos, plants, and your favorite books or tucking away bins and baskets full of trinkets, this wooden cube storage device is an excellent solution. The entire unit weighs 70 pounds and stands 71 inches high, 32 inches wide, and 12 inches deep. This particular unit is intended to work well for both residential and commercial applications.

Cotten Cube Bookcase

The Soho Concept Malta Cube Bookcase storage unit is both functional and stylish, so you get a product that meets your needs while also elevating the look of your home. Made from manufactured wood, the construction is sturdy without breaking your back with its weight, coming in at 165 pounds, despite its large size. With 8 shelves across 2 tiers, the horizontal design of the wooden cube storage unit keeps the design simple but appealing.

With appropriate planning, these units can be stacked for greater storage space. Each individual shelf measures 16.5 inches square, with the overall unit being 72 inches long, 34.5 inches high, and 16.5 inches deep. The open back panel assures you get the elements of your home design, such as wallpaper or paint color, shining through. The unit comes with a 1-year warranty that is valid on both residential and commercial use.

Cotten Cube Bookcase

The Winston Porter Cotton Cube Bookcase storage unit is a great solution for smaller spaces that need organized storage of both open and hidden shelving units. Whether showcasing family photos or tucking in your treasured volumes and paperbacks, the cube storage unit gives you a way to organize your things in a smaller area. The vertical unit has 6 shelves on 3 tiers that provide alternating open and doored cubes. The manufactured wood construction is easy to assemble, requiring only a hammer and screwdriver.

It’s also lightweight, just 27 pounds, and each shelf has a capacity of 15 pounds. Each individual compartment measures 9.9 inches high and 11.3 inches wide, with the overall cube storage unit standing 31.5 inches high, 23.6 inches wide, and 9.4 inches deep. The wooden cube storage design comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty against manufacturer defects, which is only valid for residential applications.


When you go shopping online for the best wooden cube storage design to meet your needs as well as play to your sensibilities, you’ll find a vast array of options. Knowing that you have sturdy construction, a great warranty, and a beautiful style that matches your home while also remaining functional for your intentions, can really narrow down the field.