DIY Herringbone Box – A Creative Way To Add Storage And Style

When I had a baby I knew that toys would be in my home. I did not realize that it would overtake my home. As my kids are getting bigger they are able to organize and put away their own toys. But there is still toys everywhere. I wanted to come up with a solution that worked for me and my home aesthetically as well as functionally.

DIY storage box made of wood with a herringbone pattern
DIY Herringbone Box front view 1024x685

I came up with the idea of a large wooden storage box that could fit under a couch or coffee table. But, to give it a little twist I wanted to add a herringbone design to it.

Materials used for the storage box:

  • 2 long pinewood boards
  • 1 square pine wood board
  • miter saw
  • air nailer
  • small pine wood strips
  • wood glue
  • dark walnut stain
DIY Herringbone Box front view 1024x685

How to craft this herringbone-patterned storage box:

Step 1: Cut the boards to size

To begin with I selected pine wood boards. Two long ones and one square size. For my purpose I made this storage box big, but any size can be done. I cut the longer boards down to two 22 inch and two 24 inch long pieces. The whole box is 7 1/2 inches tall.


Step 2: Use the nail gun to make the frame

To make the corner have a snug fit I used a miter saw, set it at a 45-degree angle and cut the edges of all of the boards. The allows each corner to be flush together for a seamless corner. I used an air nailer to put in nails along the corners.


Step 3: Measure and cut the bottom piece

The square board needed to be cut down to a size slightly. I figured out the amount I needed to cut by placing the box on top of the base board. Tracing the inside of it.


And then cutting along my line, allowing the board to be placed inside the box.


Step 4: Install the bottom piece

To guarantee that the wood would not come apart with larger nails. I cut four small triangles out and placed them in the corners of the bottom. Under the base board. I nailed the 4 triangles into the four corners on the bottom. Then placing the baseboard on top. Creating the storage box.


Step 5: Prep the small wood strips

Now, I could end it here. But like I said, I wanted to make this stand out and look appealing to my home. It is time to add the herringbone detailing on the front. I purchased a group of small pine wood strips 2 inches wide.


I cut a group of them down to 4 inches long. This was the size I thought would be appropriate for my particular sized box. Depending on the size of storage box you would either want longer or shorter ones. Then starting in the middle and working my way out, placing each piece on. The herringbone design is a staggered V shaped weaving pattern. A broken zigzag, chevron like pattern.


Step 6: Glue the wood strips onto the box

I knew there would be some cuts needed on the sides, but to get the pattern organized I laid it all down. Once all were on, I glued all of the ones down that did not need to be cut. Using wood glue and holding down for a few seconds to make sure it stuck.


Taking each piece that was hanging off. I traced a line along the edge, marking where the cut needed to be. When they were cut I glued those into place as well.


Step 7: Stain the box

In order to dress up this toy storage box I selected a dark walnut wood stain. Wear gloves when putting stains on. Take a soft cloth and dip it in the stain can. Wring it out in the can and then wipe from side to side going with the grain of the wood.


If there is any dripping, wipe it down quickly and rub it into the stain. The last few swipes use less stain and longer strokes to make the wipe lines disappear. I put two coats on.

Step 8: Add the rope handles

I could have been done here, but I was wanting to add just a little something more to it. So I decided to add some rope handles on either side for ease of moving the box in and out of its spot. Also the combination of dark stained wood and the light rope is a great look.


I marked where the handles should be. Drilled in two holes.


Pushed the rope through a hole, then tied it into a knot. Repeating on the other side. Allowing a loop to be used as a handle.


Step 9: Find a good spot for your new storage box

And then I decided it was enough. I ended up with a large toy storage box. When put under my coffee table it simply looks like a decorative piece with the herringbone detail. But slide it out and all of my kids puzzles are in there. Ease for them to get them out, and for me to clean up. I could also store extra pillows or a blanket when not in use.


Finding a way to store things, making my home a little more efficient but not compromise my style. Using a herringbone design, dark stain, and rope makes this current and on trend. Combining rustic, refined, and function!

DIY Herringbone Box front view 1024x685
DIY Herringbone Box front view 1024x685
DIY Herringbone Box front view 1024x685