The Berthillon French Kitchen Island

This beautiful piece is Berthillon and it’s a French kitchen island. It’s easy to see the French inspiration. The piece was designed using as inspiration after iceboxes found in French butcher shops of the early 20th-century. However, it’s an original creation with distinctive features.

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The Berthillon kitchen island is hand crafted using old carpentry technique that might be seen as old=fashioned but they can’t be matched by any modern creation. The piece is made of solid acacia and the material, together with the hand-crafting technique and the care result in a beautiful antique, a piece with character and personality that would complement any kitchen.

Even though the design resembles an antique, the kitchen island benefits from modern practicality and functionality that we got used with. It features three small drawers and two spacious cabinets that open from the either side. Each cabinet features a fixed shelf. The design is compact and solid and that’s exactly the charm of this beautiful piece. Add the beautiful antique details and the functional storage space and you get an exceptional piece for your kitchen. It’s also a very practical area for cooking, featuring two 2 3/4″-thick rubberwood butcher blocks on top that offer plenty of room for chopping and preparing the ingredients for a delicious meal. You can buy the Berthillon kitchen island for EUR1302.11.