Two Prudential Plaza: A Sharp Piece of Chicago’s Skyline

Two Prudential Plaza is the Chicago skyscraper that comes to a single spire on the top. It’s the seventh tallest building in the city and the 28th tallest in the US. It’s newer and taller than the original Chicago Prudential Plaza.

This building is called a “plaza” because it has a street-level plaza with public access and a terraced plaza for employees above the parking garage.

Two Prudential Plaza Building History

Two Prudential Plaza

Two Prudential Plaza stands 995 feet, making it the closest building to 1,000 feet without going over. It has 64 floors above ground and five below ground.

Real estate investment firm BentleyForbes currently owns it. The main contractor was the Turner Construction Company. The firm Loebl Schlossman & Hackl designed the building with Stephen T. Wright in charge of the design team.

Construction began in 1988, and the structure was completed in 1990. At the time, Two Prudential Plaza was the tallest reinforced concrete building. Its distinctive spire shape was built by stacking chevron setbacks.

Two Prudential Plaza has won eight awards, including the Best Structure Award in 1995 at the Structural Engineers Association of Illinois.

In 1992, Two Prudential Plaza became connected to One Prudential Plaza, formerly known as the Prudential Building Chicago. Even without the peak on top, Two Prudential Plaza is the taller of the two. The combined structures are called “One Two Pru.” Together, they have 2.2 million square feet.

Both Prudential Plaza buildings are used for office space. Some office tenants include the Chicago Tribune and the Consulate General of Canada in Chicago. On the lower floors, there are also a few restaurants and an Amazon Go shop.

Underground Tunnels

The two structures take up a city block, and they’re connected to a series of underground pedestrian tunnels known as “the Pedway.” The tunnels lead to stores, hotels, the city hall, and the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) train system.

Business Amenities

Businesses in Two Prudential Plaza have access to parking, car wash services, a bike storage room, a health club, a cafeteria, and mail services. There’s also a terrace and lounge on top of the building for workers needing fresh air.

Two Prudential Plaza vs One Prudential Plaza

One Prudential Plaza (Pru One) was built in 1955, 35 years before Two Prudential Plaza (Pru Two) was completed. It’s 601 feet without counting the large antenna. It has 41 floors of office space.

Despite being shorter and older, Pru One has slightly more floor space with 1.2 million square feet while Two Pru has one million square feet.

Pru One had major renovations in 1990 and 2014, but Two Pru hasn’t had any yet. They’re right next to Aon Center, the fourth tallest building in Chicago.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Restaurants are in One Two Pru?

Giordano’s, Rosebud, Panda Express, and Wildberry Pancakes are a few dining options in the Prudential buildings.

What Movie is Two Prudential Plaza In?

Two Prudential Plaza was used in the 1994 film Richie Rich for “Rich Industries Inc.”

Does One Two Pru Have Parking?

Yes, the Prudential Plazas have 325 parking spaces for tenants and visitors. Parking costs between $14 and $38, depending on when you visit and how long you stay. You can reserve a spot.

What’s Near Two Prudential Plaza?

Aon Center, Millennium Park, Maggie Daley Park, the Chicago Theatre, the Riverwalk, and Lake Michigan are all within a few blocks of Two Prudential Plaza.


Two Prudential Plaza and One Prudential are linked together, taking up an iconic city block. These structures are mostly used for office space, but there are some public shops and restaurants at the base.

If you look at the Chicago skyline, you’ll recognize Two Pru because of its pointy peak.