Using Outdoor Symmetry When Designing The Landscape

Symmetry is not something we ca associate with any particular style.  While it’s true that it greatly influenced the traditional designs, symmetry can also become a part of modern and contemporary creations, especially if we’re talking about gardens and landscape in general. It’s where freedom can take a quiet stand and where symmetry can truly showcase its potential and grandeur.

Symmetry through shapes and patterns


Long and narrow spaces often invite symmetry into their design. This simple patio has a chic, French-inspired charm. The gravel pathway framed by the green fence gives shape to the space.


A lot of different patterns, shapes and elements contribute to the symmetrical nature of this design. Every element has its own place here and they all interact and work together to form a bigger picture.

Wonderful driveway

This cute little house is so charming that it didn’t even need flower beds and plants to stand out. he scale of the design is beautifully chosen and the landscape has a simple and classical look, although it does look ornate.


There’s definitely a pattern here and you see it in the details, the way that the shrubs and the plants are arranged, the clean lines that define each section and also the pool and the whole design and the architecture of the small house.


The outdoor fireplace establishes a symmetrical structure with its shape and design. In addition, everything else follows the same design concept, including the trees which are beautifully aligned along the patio.

Using water features

Wonderful driveway

Symmetry can take many forms and is not always that obvious and striking. The traditional, square-shaped pool is the central element in this landscape and everything was organized around it.

Wonderful driveway

For this Mediterranean estate, the small swimming pool is the defining element for the outdoor areas. The palm trees guard the pool and also contribute to the overall symmetrical décor and landscape.


The pool is placed at the center of a symmetrical landscape composition. The trees are perfectly aligned and the lines as clean and very suggestive. It’s actually a really peaceful design which suits this modern property well.


The traditional design of the pool is complemented by a very detailed and symmetrical design. Everything is well planned, including every single planter and even the colors.


When you also add some tropical greenery around the pool, the whole ambiance changes. Suddenly you’re in a different place and it doesn’t really matter whether the décor is symmetrical or not.

Architectural symmetry


The pergola is the element that ties everything else together. It also makes it more obvious that the bench is placed exactly at the center, perfectly positioned in front of the pond. The trees and the greenery also help emphasize the symmetry of the design.


The two buildings on either side of the main structure make this whole composition symmetrical, although other elements contribute to the image as well, such as the pond, the planters and the way the landscape is organized in general.


The addition of the annex doesn’t really ruin the whole symmetry of the design. The main building has perfectly aligned windows and a traditional architecture that welcomes symmetry and everything that has to do with it.


The way the windows are shaped and positioned throughout is quite interesting in this case. They create interesting visual effects, especially at night. Outdoor light fixtures further emphasize that look.

Green symmetry

Wonderful driveway

Large gardens like this one can really be impressive and dramatic. And, like with any other symmetrical design, there’s always an element around which everything else is organized. That element takes center stage and, in this case, it’s a sculpture.

Wonderful driveway

Just look how simple and peaceful this landscape is. Love the mixture of straight lines, sharp angles and smooth curves and delicate lines. Also, the trees almost completely hide the fence and add to the overall charm.

Wonderful driveway

In order to truly appreciate the overall design of a front yard or garden, you have to step back and admire it from a distance. Only then certain element become apparent, like the way this landscape is perfectly symmetrical and how the house itself follows the same pattern.


Though the architecture of the building is not perfectly symmetrical, the landscape and the greenery in general help put the whole design on the right track. The bay windows work out well in combination with the rounded shapes.

Symmetry with a twist

Wonderful driveway

Modern designs can also embrace symmetry, but often is a more dramatic way, like this gorgeous landscape defined by geometrical lines and strong contrasts of color. The grass pattern is actually an abstract representation of the palm tree.

Wonderful driveway

In this particular case, the overall design is rather eclectic. The house itself has an asymmetrical design yet the landscape doesn’t share the same look. It’s why the two different influences form a perfect match.