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Brighten Your Home And Spruce The Entryway With A Sunburst Mirror

Having a sunburst mirror in your home doesn’t boil down to just gazing into the reflective surface to put on your make-up or do your hair. A sunburst mirror is excellent through its design because of the gigantic frame that makes it stand out of the crowd.

Sunburst Mirror

These mirrors are often chosen for their decorative features, so if you’re the least bit interested in buying one for yourself, this guide will surely provide you with some valuable need-to-know information.

DIY Sunburst Mirror Ideas

Modern and Contemporary Distressed Accent Mirror

Next up, we wanted to talk about a few DIY mirror tutorials that will teach you how to make your own sunburst mirrors, in case you’re a DIY passionate that would love to try this out instead of spending money on a ready-made product.

Modern and Contemporary Distressed Accent Mirror

If you want to make a sunburst mirror whilst spending only $4 on materials, The Frugal Homemaker will teach you how to do it. The project is really simple and uses a mirror, 50 paint sticks, and a wood embroidery hoop. If you want to take this project a step further, you can also choose to invest in some silver or golden paint, add glitter to the frame, or embellish it as you see fit. We just wanted to mention this project because it’s fascinating to see that you can make such a cool mirror with such a minor investment.

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Modern and Contemporary Distressed Accent Mirror

Lovely Etc. has another amazing project in store for you and teaches you how to make a sunburst mirror using scrap wood. This project requires that you gather several pieces of scrap wood that are about one-inch max in thickness, different kinds of paint, twine, wood glue, plywood or cardboard to make the backing, a chip brush, wire, a picture hanger, and a jigsaw.

What to Look For

When you’re looking to buy a sunburst mirror, the rules for shopping are pretty much the same as they are for choosing just about any type of mirror. What sets a sunburst mirror aside from the other categories is the unique shape, design, and thickness of the frame, but these are all things that you have to keep in mind every time when you go mirror shopping. That means that, before you spend money on a mirror (be in sunburst or some other model), you have to take into account the following aspects:

  • Mirrors are divided into multiple categories, depending on how or where they are placed. Since our topic of the day is sunburst mirrors in particular, these are
  • Mirrors are also chosen depending on which room they’re placed in. Sunburst mirrors work well in bathrooms where you don’t need the additional storage space that a cabinet-mirror would otherwise provide. They also work well in the bedroom, especially with vanity mirrors. However, they are mostly chosen for hallways and living rooms, where their huge frames and small reflective mirrors can serve their decorative purposes really well.
  • Mirrors are available with different kinds of frames. While some models are frameless, a sunburst mirror will usually have a frame made from metal, wood, or glass. Wood options are available in a wide variety of styles, glass frames are better suited for contemporary setups, and frames made from metal have a more industrial and rugged appeal.
  • Make sure that the hanging system of the mirror is sturdy and that it can support its entire weight. Keep in mind that these mirrors can be quite heavy, especially due to their large frames that are made from heavy materials.

Styling a Sunburst Mirror with Your Existing Decor

Sunburst mirrors have a very specific frame design and the details might make it seem impossible to style them properly with your existing decor. However, here is a list of tips that might come in handy if you’re the least bit interested in getting one or several of these mirrors for yourself:

  • If you like to have plenty of pictures hung up on your walls, you can use the sunburst mirror as a central decoration for them. Simply hang the pictures all around them, in either a symmetrical fashion or scatter them around for a messy, yet very cozy appeal.
  • If you have a fireplace, hanging a sunburst mirror above the mantle is also a great idea. It helps create a shocking factor, especially if the room happens to have a chandelier hanging from the ceiling.
  • Sunburst mirrors are the perfect addition to an eclectic decorate home, and serve as a great accent piece when placed between two windows.
  • If you really want to create a wow-factor inside your home, you can choose sunburst mirrors of several sizes and different frames and place them together on a single wall.
  • If you have a modern-style home, know that sunburst mirrors are available in a variety of sizes and frame options, and they can easily replace a bedroom mirror in case you opt for one that’s large enough for your needs.

Gorgeous Sunburst Mirror Ideas

Kissling Glam Accent Mirror

Modern and Contemporary Distressed Accent Mirror

Measuring 37.5” H x 37.5” W x 1.75” D, this mirror comes with beautiful details that are worthy of an elegant home. It has a starburst golden frame with a beautiful finish that simply draws attention every time you walk into the room. It comes with MDF backing and four hanging tabs that hold the mirror in place. The keyhole hanger located on the back makes it really easy for you to hang the mirror as soon as you unbox it.

Glam Beveled Accent Mirror

Modern and Contemporary Distressed Accent Mirror

Coming in strong at 36” H x 36” W x 1.38” D, this is another sunburst mirror that just splashed with personality. You have four frame color options to choose from, including antique brass and oil-rubbed bronze. It comes with the hardware needed to install it, including D-rings located on the back of the frame. It’s made from recycled materials and works really well with mid-century modern home designs.

Scriven Traditional Wall Mirror

Modern and Contemporary Distressed Accent Mirror

What could be more beautiful than a shiny reflective giant flower placed on the wall of your bedroom or bathroom? This 51” H x 51” W x 4” D gem feels more like a piece of decorative wall wart rather than a mirror, since the mirror itself only measures 11” H x 11” W. It comes with a metal frame that is designed to look like a collection of flower petals, offering an elegant and modern design to feast your eyes upon.

Bengal Starburst Modern & Contemporary Accent Mirror

Modern and Contemporary Distressed Accent Mirror

With a more industrial look to it, this is the kind of mirror that you’d likely come across in a tastefully-decorated studio apartment or a home that’s centered around steampunk decorations. It measures 39.5” H x 39.5” W x 2.75” D and has a frame that’s made from manufactured wood, scattered in multi-dimensional planks around the body of the mirror. It works perfectly well in entryways and adds a natural touch wherever you decide to place it.

Jarrod Sunburst Accent Mirror

Modern and Contemporary Distressed Accent Mirror

If you wanted a mirror that looks like the sun, you’ve got it. With playful rays that form the sunburst silhouette and an eye-catching design that bound to impress you and everyone around you, this mirror measures 40.9” H x 40.9” W x 1.2” D overall, with the actual reflective surface being 7.75” H x 7.75” W. the frame is made from metal and solid wood.

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Flinchum Sunburst Traditional Accent Mirror

Modern and Contemporary Distressed Accent Mirror

For those of you looking for a sunburst mirror that fits a rustic decor, we have this perfect little suggestion. Well, it’s not that little considering the fact that it measures 26.25” W x 2.5” D. It does come with a natural wood frame that looks just gorgeous, but it doesn’t include the hooks needed for wall-mounting (it’s compatible with picture frame hooks).

Segers Eclectic Accent Mirror

Modern and Contemporary Distressed Accent Mirror

If you wanted a sunburst mirror with a more modern and more luxurious appeal to it, then you’re going to love the Segers. It measures 27” H x 27” W x 1.5” D overall and comes with metal drops that provide a shiny and reflective surface to enhance the light inside the room, but also to make it look more contemporary. Due to its construction, this mirror is compatible with multiple wall colors and decors, and excels through versatility and elegance.

Geraghty Sunburst Decorative Wall Mirror

Modern and Contemporary Distressed Accent Mirror

The design of the Geraghty mirror is probably the first one that comes to mind if someone would ask you to describe a sunburst mirror from the top of your head. It is a 36” H x 36” W x 1” D mirror that comes with cast iron spikes all around the center, finished in brushed gold for a more modern and a more elegant look. You can remove its center, as the mirror is connected to the frame through a series of clips located on its back.

Orion Starburst Wall Mirror

Modern and Contemporary Distressed Accent Mirror

The Orion starburst mirror has such a versatile design, it can fit into a multitude of different existing decors, from industrial to modern. It measures 36” H x 36” W x 1.25” D overall, with the dimensions of the actual mirror center being 8.75” H x 8.75” W. The metal frame comes in a copper finish and features silver accents that reflect light and add a little sparkle to the room.

Glam Beveled Accent Mirror

Modern and Contemporary Distressed Accent Mirror

If you’re interested in glam sunburst mirrors, this AllModern option might be straight up your alley. The double-layer spindles that radiate from the center of the mirror manage to create a stunning 3D effect, in a mirror that measures 32.5” H x 32.5” W x 2.5” D overall. Due to the golden finish, you might think that the frame is made from metal, but it’s actually designed from engineered wood.

Ethridge Accent Mirror

Modern and Contemporary Distressed Accent Mirror

With an almost hypnotizing effect, we bring you this gorgeous sunburst mirror with curved rays that create a stunning dynamic effect. This 32” H x 32” W x 1” D dramatic mirror is a wall-mounted piece created with solid metal available in a shimmering golden finish. Since it weighs one pounds, it’s easy to hang pretty much anywhere. All the hardware needed to hang this gem is available with your purchase.

Yorba Accent Mirror

Modern and Contemporary Distressed Accent Mirror

Handmade by artisans and decorated by a beautiful metal frame with a golden finish, this mirror is yet another piece that serves as a focal point to a wall that would otherwise be dull and empty. Measuring 43” H x 40” W x 4.75” D and weighing almost 18.5 pounds, this is not the lightest or the smallest mirror around, which is good news because it’s all the more reason to consider purchasing it as a statement.

Chauntel Glam Accent Mirror

Modern and Contemporary Distressed Accent Mirror

There are a lot of words that we can use to describe this sunburst piece: glamorous, elegant, shiny, luxurious, modern. But, above all, it’s a piece that stands out and draws attention, and that is exactly what you want a sunburst mirror to do. It’s made with three layers of acrylic teardrop accents that radiate around the center mirror like petals on a flower. The mirror measures 34.5” H x 34.5” W x 1.4” D and is designed with a metal frame and beautiful gold finish.

Jebediah Handmade Cuzco Eclipse Wood Wall Mirror

Modern and Contemporary Distressed Accent Mirror

We’ve noticed that a lot of sunburst mirrors tend to have a similar design, but this is surely one that breaks the patterns. The Jebediah wall mirror measures 22.75” H x 22.75” W x 2” D and has a beautiful hand-carved design made from cedar wood and bronze leaf. Taking you back to the days of colonial Cuzco art, this wall mirror combines the aesthetic power of the sun and the moon, symbolizing the ellipse shown by this Peruvian artisan piece.

Sunburst Metal Accent Wall Mirror

Modern and Contemporary Distressed Accent Mirror

This 39.8” H x 39.8” W x 2” D Mercer41 mirror has a design that’s so beautiful and so specific to this particular style, it’s impossible not to associate it with a bright sun. The metal frame is painted with an antique gold finish, shimmering each time natural or artificial light happens to reflect on its surface. The tribal design and the symmetrical frame make this mirror perfect for boho-style homes.

Modern and Contemporary Distressed Accent Mirror

Modern and Contemporary Distressed Accent Mirror

If you’re in love with sunburst mirrors with golden frames, then we have one last product in store for you. This Mercer41 mirror adds a decorative touch to whatever room it’s placed in. It measures 35.5” H x 35.5” W and, while it may not be the largest mirror we’ve talked about today, it’s certainly large enough to draw the attention of whoever walks in the room. The frame is made out of wood and has a weathered gold coat of paint applied to it.


What is a sunburst mirror?

A sunburst mirror is what you would call a decorative item and a mirror, both in one product. It’s basically a smaller mirror that has a huge rounded frame around it which, seen from afar, pretty much resembles the shape of a sun with rays bursting out of it. The frame is often the highlight of the mirror itself, which is why a lot of people choose sunburst mirrors for their decorative purpose and not because they actually need a mirror for usual purposes.

How do you make a sunburst mirror?

Making a sunburst mirror isn’t all that complicated once you understand what the main design concept behind such a product is. If you check out our section on “DIY Sunburst Mirror Ideas”, you’ll learn more about how to make a sunburst mirror.

Where do sunburst mirrors hang?

Unlike other regular mirrors that are usually hung in bathrooms and bedrooms, a sunburst mirror is usually placed in hallways and living rooms. That’s because the beveled edges are so exquisite, the mirrors are mostly seen as a decorative piece.

What is the best quality mirror?

In order to determine if a mirror is of poor or high-quality, you need to check out the following features: the quality of the glass, the thickness of the mirror, and its silvering. A quality mirror should always have glass with a flat surface, provide even reflection, and a thick coat of silvering.

Bottom Line

The market is not stranger to beautiful and quality sunburst mirrors, so all you really have to do is determine what model in specific would best suit your home-decor. Make sure that you buy mirrors with sturdy frames and quality hanging systems, so you can enjoy your beautiful new mirror for as long as possible.