Entertaining Your Guests With The Right Kind of Fall Decor

With the beginning of fall comes fun, memory-making plans with family and friends. It’s the beginning of the holiday season in most families so it’s time to get your entertaining “spots” ready for the welcome. We’re breaking down four of the main areas that gather our loved ones and giving you ideas on how to decorate for this rich and cozy season! Take a peek, get inspired and maybe even DIY some of your own pieces of autumnal decor.


1. Chalkboard Art

Hello Fall Framed Art

We’re loving this “welcoming” combination in the foyer. It pops with the color of the walls but the fall-flavored flowers transform the area into a seasonal spirit and the chalkboard art will invite any guests with love and ease.{found on theturquoisehome}.

2. Cozy Feels

Cozy Fall Feel

This is the ultimate collage of fall coziness on display. From the pumpkin pillows on the chair to the basket of blankets and a place to keep your rain boots, we’re in love with all of the details and fall vibes in this space.{found on stonegableblog}.

3. Pumpkin Paradise

Pumpkin Paradise

The focus here is on the pumpkins, which works! From the top to the bottom of the entry table to the fall wreath hanging on the mirrored wall piece, the secret here is the work and combination of all choices.{found on honeywerehome}.

4. Subtle Season

Subtle autumn accents

Create a subtle nod to fall by going in a different direction than the most traditional and obvious choices. White pumpkins, wheat clusters and vintage windows make this a quaint and charming nook for gusts to enjoy at first glance.{found on 12thandwhite}.

5. Fresh Florals

Fresh Florals

Of course, you can never go wrong with seasonal, fresh flowers to invite every single visitor inside your home. Bouts of sunflowers are a great way to say hello, welcome friends and family and give an extra pop of seasonal color.

Dining Room

1. Apple Harvest

Apple Harvest

The basket of apples set on this table set off the season just right in the sweetest and simplest of ways. The combination of texture and smaller details make this a fresh and inspiring space for a lunch get-together.{found on perfectlyimperfectblog}.

2. Gourd Centers

Gourd Centers


Gourds are at the heart of autumn, so it’s only natural that we utilize all the shapes and colors of the pieces – from big to small. And dresses the dining room with this type of stylish comfort is a great way to go!

3. Seasonal Elegance

Seasonal Elegance

There’s a certain bit of charming elegance wrapping up in this dining room but there are also many nods to the fall season. The beaded chandelier, pumpkins, blanket layers and textural pillows offer a beautiful contrast to the room.{found on dearlillieblog}.

4. Fall in Vacation

Fall in Vacation

This spot seems as though its been picked out of the most beautiful bed and breakfast around. Greenery galore, a bit of pumpkin magic and interesting texture, this is a great look for those that experience a warmer autumn.

5. Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes

Here’s another way to create a brighter version of a fall dining room and utilize any natural light around you.{found on fourgenerationsoneroof}.


1. Island Talk

Kitchen island talk

Sometimes less is more and you may want to keep things clean and chic with just a dab of new decor. Take a look at this island centerpiece made with the season in mind!{found on stonegableblog}.

2. Pine Cone Accent

Pine Cone Accent

Tiny accents that can be replaced with new throughout each season are also an easy way to bring in the spirit of the time. These pine cone accents are contagiously charming!

3. Sprinkled Senses

Sprinkled Senses

Take in consideration any nook or cranny that needs something special. Sprinkle small details around the kitchen and create a focus for your guests, over the cabinets or the stove!{found on lessthanperfectlifeofbliss}.

4. Easy Detailing

Easy Detailing

Here’s another modern way of bringing in the fall. Grab some mini gourds and pumpkins and utilize them to frame different spaces of the kitchen.{found on jenniferrizzo}.

5. Mindful Function

Mindful Function

Just because you want to decorate for holidays or seasons, doesn’t mean you need to leave out the function. Adding baskets is a great way to bring in a cozy feel, but make them valuable to your serving process or kitchen organization.{found on thelilypadcottage}.

Living Room

1. Color Rustic

Color rustic for fall

This rustic living room is highlighted and compliment with a very small pop of fall color and textures inspired by the season, making it quite the stylish and welcoming spot!{found on roomsforrentblog}.

2. Traditional Settings

Traditional Settings

We’re in love with this cozy and traditional living room that’s dressed in a bit of autumn flavors. We love how the orange pops off the navy blue accents as well.{found on stonegableblog}.

3. Warm Light

Warm Light

A great way to set the mood and the scene for fall in the living room is with the right lighting. Think about sprinkling some lanterns around the space: mantle, coffee table, etc.{found on thefrugalhomemaker}.

4. Neutral Texture

Neutral Texture for Fall

You don’t have to go with richer, warmer colors just because it’s fall. If you’re inspired by creamy whites, you can use those neutrals but focus on textures. Cottons, pine cones and the like can really make a difference.

5. Chic Masculinity

Masculine fall decor

Take a peek at how this home made the fireplace its main focus and how chic is look all while spreading its fall flair. Black and white is classic and its texture gives it a bit of a masculine energy.{found on designdininganddiapers}.