Puzzle adaptable furniture from K-NAP

It often happens to buy something but to change your mind after. In most cases it’s too late to return or replace that item, especially if it’s something as important as a piece of furniture. However, with the Infinitely Adaptable furniture from K-NAP that will never happen. Even if you do change your mind, this type of furniture is able to change form and even use. It’s like having two or more pieces of furniture in one.

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As the name suggests, the pieces from this collection can adapt and they have flexible designs that allows them to serve as more than just a simple unit. This collection is a series of contemporary pieces with versatile and flexible designs. The pieces come in bold colors and they would look best in contemporary homes, as accent pieces. As you can see, the units have minimalist designs and they can be used in more than one form. Just flip them and you’ll get a different piece of furniture. That’s something that can be applied to all the pieces from this collection.

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As you can see, there are three similar pieces that can be used together as a puzzle or as a separate item. They come in bold colors such as red, yellow or purple. Because of their versatility and flexible designs, they allow you change the look of the room in just a second. The collection also includes a less-eye-catching pieces that equally impressive. It’s a seating unit just like the other ones. It has a different design and it comes in a natural wood color. It’s based on the same principle: flip it and see what you get. With such furniture in your home you’ll never get bored.