Modern Homes That Used To Be Rustic Old Barns

Old barns had and continue to have great influence on the design of a lot of modern homes. Whether we’re talking about barns converted into modern houses or about residences with rustic designs inspired by barns, there’s no denying the fact that just because something is old doesn’t mean it can’t influence new creations. That being said, let’s check out a few barn homes to see what they preserved from the original design and what new improvements they added to it.

Loughloughan Barn

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The Loughloughan Barn is a lovely home located in Northern Ireland. The project involved preserving some of the elements from an existing stone barn and using them in a new structure with a more modern look. The transformation was completed in 2013 and was a project by McGarry-Moon Architects. The new house has a unique character, being infused with rustic details but actually looking like an updated replica of the old barn that used to be on the site.

Italy Barn Conversion

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In the Bomporto region of Italy there once used to be an old barn which had been damaged by an earthquake. The surrounding area is characterized by the presence of other such structures which have been damaged other by time or by natural phenomena. This particular barn was brought back to life and transformed into a chic and modern home. This was done in 2016 by Archiplan. The structure is now a stylish home with a simple and fresh interior, open spaces and gorgeous views.

Alpine Barn Apartment

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There have been similar transformation all around the world. Another inspiring example is the Alpine Barn Apartment found in Bohinj, Slovenia. It occupies an area of 120 square meters and was completed in 2015 by OFIS Architects. The architects had to transform an old barn into a modern loft apartment. They decided to preserve the original exterior and to create a contrast between it and the new interior design. What once used to be a ground floor stable is now a beautiful and inviting family room.

Belgium Barn Design

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Situated in Aalst, Belgium, The Barn is a project completed in Pascal Francois Architects and it represents a new addition to an existing brick barn. The structure is simple and modern but with design elements that visually connect it to the old barn present on the site. Both the interior and the exterior offer hints of the building’s history. As a result, the design is a combination of old and new, rustic and modern, featuring an interesting dialogue between interior and exterior spaces.

Oxfordshire Barn

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England has its own share of old barns, some of which have been converted into modern homes. One such example is the Brotherton Barn located in Oxfordshire and converted by The Anderson Orr Partnership. The transformation was done in 2007 and from there on the barn became an elegant residence with strong connections to its past. The new design doesn’t really stand out, looking rustic and just right for the site. The interior is also a nice combination of rustic and modern.

Cotswolds Barn

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Given its size, we can’t really call this residence a barn. It’s located in Gloucestershire, England and it used to be an old agricultural building. It has been transformed into a family residence with a total surface of 9,700 square feet. It has two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a dining space on the ground floor. The upper level houses two bedrooms and an office. In addition to these, the residence also has an entertainment area, a studio, a library and an art gallery space. The floors are connected by a sculptural spiral staircase encased in a circular glass shell.

New Canaan Estate

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Once a rustic mid-century property, this modern residence in Connecticut, USA was restored and updated by Roger Ferris + Partners. The property now also has a pool, a garage and an art gallery and is known as the Wiley Residence. The architects and clients agreed that it was important to respect the history of the estate and that the new elements had to be carefully integrated into the site and to complement the original house. Some of the original design elements were preserved and left untouched but, at the same time, the whole property was modernized.

Burgundy Barn

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The transformations of old structures into modern homes are often very inspiring. A good example is this old barn found in Burgundy, France. Interior designer Josephine Gintzburger was commissioned to transform it into a home suitable for a more modern lifestyle but without depleting it of its character and charm. That meant the interior had to be eclectic. Original exposed beams and polished concrete floors now give the barn a rustic and industrial feel emphasized by concrete features and classical furniture.

Ochre Barn

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The Ochre Barn is a lovely single family home that once used to be a derelict old barn. Carl Turner Architects were in charge of the transformation and the project was completed in 2010. the owners wanted the structure to serve as a family home but to also include working areas and meeting spaces. Some of the existing features were preserved or reclaimed, including the brick walls and roof tiles. The interior was turned into an open space with various individual functions. The new design is a combination of rustic, industrial and modern.

Redevelopment of a Barn in SoglioView in gallery

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An old and no longer functional barn located in Soglio, Switzerland was transformed by Ruinelli Associati Architetti into a three-story modern home. The original stone walls and the roof were preserved and incorporated into the new design. Because the barn sits on a slope, it appears to be quite small and modest. Its interior, however, is surprisingly spacious, having a total of three floors. The interior design combines raw concrete surfaces and warm wood accents, the result being a harmonious and balanced look.

Ancient Party Barn

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The Ancient Party Barn is a structure found in Kent, UK. It occupies 213 square meters and in 2015 it was converted into a family home by Liddicoat & Goldhill. The goal was to transform the property into a getaway. The owners decorated the barn with beautiful reclaimed furniture and artifacts, making it look charming and allowing it to preserve some of its original charm while also allowing its new owners to feel like home.

Barn House at Lake Ranco

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There are many inspiring examples of old barns that have been preserved and converted into homes. But conversion isn’t always possible. Sometimes an old barn is taken apart and demolished. But even then its story continues. The Barn House used to be an old barn damaged by the earthquake. It was bought and taken apart and the materials were reclaimed and used in three different projects. They are now part of a barbecue getaway in Santiago, a hotel terrace in Colchague Valley and a house neat Lake Ranco that serves as a summer retreat and which looks really beautiful.