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Natural Gas Fire Pits – The Secret For A Distinctive Warm Touch In Your Outdoor Spaces

Spending time in the great outdoors is one of the most popular summer activities. Whether you have a cute little space set in your backyard or you prefer to go camping, a source of fire is always useful. Not just for the barbecue fans, but also for those who like to curl up and gaze at the stars. Today, we bring to your attention a distinctive item that can transform the way you enjoy nature. We talk about the natural gas fire pits, of course.

Natural Gas Fire Pits

When you make the decision of adding a fire pit to your outdoor space, plenty of questions appear in your mind. You might get fired up with many doubts and uncertainties. What type of fuel is best? Which design is more recommended? What model is better for going camping? How do I know if the quality of the fire pit is genuine? How much should I invest in a fire pit? For all these questions and more, we’ve got your back.

Types Of Fire Pits – A Quick Overview

In general, a fire pit is a structure with a source of fire that can also be the accent piece in your backyard or patio. You can choose between fire pits fueled by wood, Natural Gas Fire Pits, liquid propane or ethanol.

The classical models rely on wood burning. The design of these fire pits is often quite simple. You can choose to have an open pit or a type of vessel where you can light a fire in. Check out our article on fire pit rings to know more. Many people consider these fire pits to be the best, thanks to the genuine, raw flame provided. However, a wood-burning fire pit doesn’t just provide authentic flames. You also get smoke, ash, floating embers. These are a source of pollution, nuisance and even danger if the fire is not properly attended. Not to mention that in some urban settlements, laws are restrictive for them.

When we talk about a gas-fueled version of the fire pit, things are different. The design includes a base and a top, so you can even use this type of fire pit as a coffee table (using a proper burner cover).

Also called gas fire pit tables, these structures are safer and easier to use even in urban spaces. You can choose a natural gas fire pit that you can connect to your home’s gas line. Or you can opt for a propane fueled model, giving you more flexibility to take it with you on the road.

We’ll break down for you the advantages and disadvantages of using a natural gas fire pit. We also have a thoroughly curated list of fire pit tables that would look great in your patio. We even have some practical models that you could easily take with you on roadtrips. Keep reading to learn more about some of the best natural gas fire pit options on the market.

Perks Of Using A Natural Gas Fire Pit

As many other household items, a natural gas fire pit comes with a series of advantages and drawbacks. The improvements a gas fire pit brings to your home and life include heat for your space or power for barbecues. And, of course, the visually pleasing note added, thanks to their distinctive design.

From an ecological point of view, a natural gas fire pit provides clean burning. That translates as reduced emissions and toxins emitted during burning. The amount of CO and CO2 produced by a natural gas flame is lower than the one resulted from burning oil or gasoline.

Natural gas, mostly composed of methane, has a low density and rises when released into the air. This means a reduced risk of accidental ignition. The natural form of this fuel does not smell, but a specific odor is usually added. This allows the easy detection of unwanted gas leaks.

Most homes are already connected to a hard-pipe network of natural gas distribution. And that ensures a very convenient supply for the gas fire pit. A constant flow of gas allows you to control the intensity of the flame. And it also removes the nuisance of having to refill a tank periodically.

With an appealing and practical look, gas fire pits are perfect for commercial spaces. They provide a clear flame, leading to less potential for cinder.

From an economical perspective, natural gas fire pits are a better choice. They involve lower costs for operating, being ideal for home owners and more. These types of fire pits are the best option if you need a fire pit that you plan to use constantly, on a specific location.

Drawbacks of Using A Natural Gas Fire Pit

There’s always the other side of a coin and natural gas fire pits are no exception. Deciding to invest in one involves several risks or disadvantages, detailed below.

Visually speaking, the clear flame provided is not very much visible in daylight. So, if you are planning to impress your guests with a massive flame, reconsider your options. A natural gas fire pit will only provide heat and flames for your basic needs of comfort and for cooking.

The low density of natural gas makes the transportation rather challenging. So you can use such a fire pit only on the premises of your own home, hard-piped to the main supply. If you planned to take it with you camping, we recommend you to look into the liquid propane models.

In terms of fuel efficiency, you should consider your real needs. The BTU (indicator of energy consumption) for natural gas is lower than the one for liquid propane.

Finally, unlike other fire pits, a natural gas fueled model requires a professional installation. You will need to hire an expert to connect the fire pit to your main gas line.

Our Most Recommended Natural Gas Fire Pits

Now that we’ve shed some light on what are the main characteristics of fire pits, let’s take one more step. Get warm and cozy and explore our list of recommendations. We bring a variety of models, to ensure you will find one natural gas fire pit to match your taste, decor and budget.

Astrath Concrete Propane

Quad Concrete Propane

A budget friendly option, the Astrath Concrete Gas Fire Pit also comes with a chic design. You can use it as a source of warmth on colder evenings. Or keep the burner covered and just enjoy your coffee with friends outside. Versatile and durable, this gas fire pit table is a stylish addition to any patio or backyard. Delight your guests with dancing flames up to 18 inches on enchanting lava rocks.


  •  safe to use on a wooden surface
  •  cover for burner included
  •  electronic controlled ignition
  •  weather resistant
  •  affordable
  •  adjustable flame.


  • average performance (40,000 BTUs)
  • no interchangeable fuel type option
  • higher costs associated with delivery / shipping.

Lunar Concrete Fire Pit

Quad Concrete Propane

The Lunar Concrete Fire Pit can brighten your days with its design and warm up your nights. With a top performance level and an appealing look, this gas fire pit can play more than the role of a heat source. Transform your outdoor coffee corner using it as the centerpiece. Remove the burner cover and shed light and warmth waves all around. This stylish gas fire pit set includes a burner cover, lava rocks and a stainless-steel burner. Enjoy a warming atmosphere in your backyard. Stay safe and cozy, thanks to the electric ignition and automatic shut-off.


  • safe to use on wooden surfaces
  • available in both propane and natural gas versions
  • prolonged resistance to heat
  • producing flames of up to 24-26 inches high
  • automatic shut off
  •  CSA & CE Certified.


  • no gas conversion kit
  • average performance (40,000 BTUs)
  • high costs for shipping.

Riverside Concrete Propane Fire Pit

Quad Concrete Propane

Easy to blend in your outdoor decor, the Riverside Concrete Propane Fire Pit is full of surprises. The natural-looking design and lightweight structure make this fire bowl irresistible. The concrete bowl, tank seat and protective cover are all part of the package. Turn your patio into a welcoming, stylish space with this appealing gas fire pit.


  • lightweight structure
  • gas conversion feature & kit
  • easy setup for both fuel types
  • adjustable flame
  • safe for wooden decks.


  • single color palette (only grey finish available)
  • average performance (50,000 BTUs)
  • not suitable for harsh weather conditions.

Bispo Steel Fire Pit

Quad Concrete Propane

Transform your regular patio into an outstanding space. The Bispo Steel Fire Pit can help with that, thanks to its out-of-the-ordinary design. Why choose a round or rectangle base for your fire if you can have them both? This handmade fire pit features a rounded rectangular body, manufactured in the US.


  • unique design
  • burner cover included
  • one year warranty
  • all-weather resistant
  • high performance (65000 BTU)
  • four size and six color options
  • gas conversion feature.


  • no gas conversion kit
  • no electrical ignition
  • high-end item.

Winovich Concrete Propane

Quad Concrete Propane

Glass-fiber reinforced cement is responsible for the Winovich Concrete Gas Fire Pit‘s durability. This fire table has a design meant to resist both high temperatures and harsh weather. Natural color variations add to the pit’s charm, making each piece unique. Enjoy a warm atmosphere by the lake, in your patio or backyard. This gas fire pit will look great and provide plenty of heat, making your moments outdoors more than cozy.


  • all-weather resistant
  • sleek design
  • burner cover included
  • high performance (65,000 BTUs)
  • safe for use on wooden surfaces.


  • no warranty
  • requires a  heat resistant barrier for use on wooden decks
  • high-end model.

Billow Electronic Ignition Stainless Steel Fire Pit

Quad Concrete Propane

Break the monotony with the Billow Electronic Ignition Stainless Steel Fire Pit. A fashionable piece, that will burn down all your stress while you enjoy time by the fire. Let your imagination roam untamed, as the Californian waves that inspired this design. Proudly manufactured in the USA, this gas fire pit protects you from getting cold feet. Make the most of your free time and unwind more often outdoors.


  • unique design, handmade details
  • easy to install for certified gas specialists
  • high performance (75,000 – 90,000 BTU)
  • gas conversion feature
  • six finish colors palette
  • CSA Certified
  • hidden fuel tank (for propane version).


  • no gas conversion kit included
  • only 6 hours of burn time
  • high-end model
  • limited warranty (only one year).

Coronado Electronic Ignition Concrete Fire Pit

Quad Concrete Propane

When you want to add a spark of Spanish influence to your outdoor decor, there is a fire pit perfect for you. The Coronado Electronic Ignition Concrete Fire Pit enchants with its classy, sleek design. This high-end rectangular fire table is handmade and manufactured in the USA. It will blend in easily in any setting, bringing a contemporary vibe and providing plenty of heat.


  • durable, weather resistant
  • unique details
  • five sizes and six finish colors
  • performance adapted to your needs, based on size (from 45,000 to 135,000 BTUs)
  • gas conversion feature
  • electronic ignition.


  • no cover included
  • not safe for use on a wooden deck
  • only one year warranty
  • does not include a gas conversion kit.

La Jolla Steel Propane

Quad Concrete Propane

Find the perfect jewel to add the final touch to your sophisticated patio or backyard. The La Jolla Steel Gas Fire Pit comes in five sizes and six finish colors, so you have the freedom to choose. Thanks to its round, classy shape, this fire pit will be a conversation starter, wherever you place it. Designed to last for years to come, this steel beauty ensures you’re warm and cozy, no matter the weather. A high-end piece, this fire pit can resist both extreme heat or harsh outdoor conditions.


  • high performance(up to 135, 000 BTUs)
  • unique design, for an aesthetic addition to any space
  • suitable for use on wooden deck
  • gas conversion feature
  • weather resistant.


  • no cover included
  • only one year warranty
  • requires a heat resistant barrier for wooden surfaces
  • no gas conversion kit included.

Quad Concrete Propane

Quad Concrete Propane

Keep things simple and enjoy pure comfort with the Quad Concrete Gas Fire Pit. Classy and uncomplicated, this low, square-shaped piece is a must-have in minimalist decors. Effortless elegance and irreplaceable comfort, provided by this long-lasting top-notch fire pit.


  • classy, simple design
  • handmade details
  • gas conversion feature
  • high performance (up to 150,000 BTUs)
  • adjustable flame.


  • no cover provided
  • does not include a gas conversion kit
  • no electronic ignition.

How To Care For Your Natural Gas Fire Pit

Investing in a natural gas fire pit may get you fired up about avoiding high maintenance costs. Find below some tips that will help you prolong the life of your gas fire pit and keep it as good as new.

Keep an eye on your gas supply.

To avoid any unwanted gas leak, make sure to verify your gas lines regularly. Call for the help of a certified professional to guarantee their integrity. Besides the stringent smell that is a clear sign of danger, you can also use a solution of soap and water. Apply it on the lines and turn the gas on, checking for any bubbles. We recommend you to shut the gas off if you sense any danger. Also, you can turn off the gas supply when you are not using the fire pit.

Burn gas exclusively.

Keep an eye on the little ones to avoid anything else but gas to reach the flames. That includes paper, leaves and more. These foreign materials can pose a high risk of starting accidental fires. Not to mention that the remains could clog the gas pipe. Of course, do not use your gas fire pit for cooking, unless it is something the manufacturer advises. Avoid lighting fluids or other accelerants, so you don’t burn your patio to the ground in the blink of an eye.

Use an adequate cover.

Even for the weather resistant models, a proper cover comes in handy. Keeping pollen, insects, as well as excessive humidity away, a fire pit cover helps keep your fire burning bright for longer. Try to develop a routine to cover your cooled down fire pit. Also, consider some extra-protection for the installation, during the winter months.

Keep it clean.

You’ll want to do this to ensure the proper functioning and keep your fire pit looking as good as new for longer. You can wipe the pollen or dirt easily, using a simple mix of soap and water to damp cloth. Make sure to check any recommended cleaning methods adapted to your model of gas fire pit. As you can expect, removing spots or stains with a damp cloth is not recommended while the unit is still hot. This is not only because of the burning risks. It is also because any variation in temperature can cause damage to the burners or finish.

Double-check the burner before ignition.

Better safe than sorry, so make sure there is nothing trapped inside the burners. This way, you ensure the ignition will not pose any dangers.

Pay extra attention to the ventilation and exhaust systems.

When installing the gas fire pit, you should get clear instructions on how it should function. Either your contractor or the owner’s manual should give you some ideas on how your fire pit model works. The same principle that applies to the burners is valid for

the ventilation and exhaust. If something seems like it’s not working as it should, turn off your fire pit and call for an expert’s help.

Beware of rust and cracks.

Protect your fire pit from premature degradation. Use sandpaper or a wire brush to remove any signs of rust. Check beforehand if your desired fire pit features a rust-resistant coating, to put your mind at ease. For owners of stone or concrete fire pits, cracks are a more common reason for additional care. Sealing any visible flaws at an early stage will help you keep your unit looking as good as new for more seasons. Not to mention, keeping the finish intact ensures your safety.

Before You Get This Fire (Pit) Started…

That’s a wrap, folks. Our insightful guide on natural gas fire pits is the first step to a cozier outdoor space. After reading this article, you will have a clearer understanding of outdoor heating. From drawbacks to strong points, our list of recommended gas fire pits is a must-read. Don’t rush to take in all this intricate knowledge, read it several times. And let us know in the comments what use you would give to a natural gas fire pit. Stay warm and get comfy by the fire!